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Saturday, December 1, 2012

SotR - Eiszeit (Ice Age), Peter Maffay

Songs of the REVOLUTION? 

(c 2007) by Dr. Skyle :D
Hi Andre! :) 

Noooo, not THAT Iceage. 

I meant EISZEIT. 

We turned off the heating in our little Revolution Headquarter because our sensitive SAMSON picked up noise from the radiator. 

Now we warm up with ice cold hands and ice cold feet. I am even under a blanket. 

All for the CAUSE. 



But I was thinking of Peter Maffay, on of the Greates German Artists alife. Honestly, I only bought 2 of his Albums... Sowwy, Peter :D

No, but Peter Maffay played Guitar on my sisters 30th Birthday. My Mom and her Husband were there, Peter just played for all of us. 

My sister, Tina, worked for Peter's Tabaluga Foundation on Mallorca. Peter himself sells groceries on the local market and helps children all over the globe. 

My parents went to his Finca Party twice. And talked about it for weeks.

I was to afraid to thank him in person, when I had the chance to talk to him on the farmers market. One of the things I now really regret. 

He makes so many people - including my immediate family so happy that I just respect him very very much and I should have thanked him for that. I wonder why I didn't.

Zat is zo veird

What I can do now to thank him is this: I pledge a good portion of our profits to your Tabaluga Foundation, among other organizations we will support.
More on this next week.

Peter started at the age of 16 or so with a guitar, a voice and a dream. For me, he is one song... "Eiszeit", that moved me as a child and motivated me to do what I am doing right now. Two! There are two! Two songs! Another one never wanting to grow up, Mama!... THREE! There are three songs! Es war Sommer about a boy who had an affair with a much older women... I am not saying, but.... 

FOUR! Peter is four things! He has an almost fanatical devotion to the people and he really knows where his towel is.

"Ice Age - when The Oceans sink and The Earth breaks the last man begs for death"

My mom asked me this many times, last on my 42nd Birthday.
"Junior!" (she calls me Junior on which I stopped using the reply "Senior"(old woman) some time ago. Was funny though, for as long as I did it :D)...
"Junior! Don't you want to finally grow up now?"

I always answer this: "Mom, the day I get very serious you should be very, very concerned for me. I will never stop being a nerdy 17 year old. Ever. I promise that!"

"Irgendwo tief in mir, bin ich ein Kind geblieben.
Erst dann, wenn ich nichts mehr spüren kann,
weiß ich es ist für mich zu spät...
zu spät....
zu spät...."
(Somewhere deep inside, I always stay a child. Only when I can't feel that anymore, I realize that it is to late for me... to late... to late...)

Unfortunately in the spur of the moment, I also promised her to take care of myself and my wife and kids, which I have now entered irrevocably in my own "Friendship Agreement with myself" to find in the next 42 months. :/ (I also write all my friend's references in there too! Like Sheldon!)

Kathleen Turner, no she was not my girlfriend!
Kathleen Turner wished she was as hot as my girlfriend :D

Well, and of course now that I hinted at it, you nerds want to hear all the details about the wildest love of my life, I don't wanna brag, but her name was Andra and she was from San Diego. I studied at SDSU for a term. I met her (all dressed in black suit and black cowboy, riding in on my red Virago 750, Black and White Snakeleather Boots for maximum points in style, American Flag Hanky hanging from my back pocket) hat at the New Years Party 1993 at the "In Cahoots" Country Dance Hall in San Diego. My friends and I had the greatest of times there...  This was our song.

If you ever are in San Diego - go! There are only friendly cowboy nerds in there! And BE-AU-TEE-FUL ladies :) Just saying, true story, Bro! I will not tell it again!

Well, I am not gonna show you Andra's picture, but... We went to Hollywood and people asked for an autograph, because they thought she was  Kathleen Turner.... I was 23, she was 36... I am kinda proud of it, so I don't mind sharing :D :D :D I was lucky, because all of my girlfriends where at least this beautiful to me :) Bazinga! The Presman did HAVE SOME life, after all! Who would have thunked! ;)

And yes, I actually did wanna brag. SOMEBODY needed to KNOW! :D

Here, my favorite FALCO Song "Kiss of Kathleen Turner" - you know why now... :) 
(I loved Falco! Most of you know him for ROCK ME AMADEUS!

And here the final song from Peter Maffay. "Es war Sommer" ("It was Summer", after all, it never rains in southern California.)

As you can understand, I would really like to meet Peter to thank him properly and in Person. I would love to record "Irgendwo tief in mir" with him. But I would LOVE like to meet INA (the host of this show!) She is BOTH: hillarious AND hot ;)

Oh, and GEMA! I would pay twice the monthly amount if you do more shows like that voluntarily! And make love to Youtube! Or else!

Enough about me now. Back to the REVOLUTION!


  1. Your post are becoming more and more ramble. I am still wondering if any of the things you write make any sense

    1. As a matter of fact they do :D
      Please consider that we were working 18h night shifts creating our "revolutionary" project... That's what too much coffein, excitement and too little sleep do to you :D


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