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Friday, December 21, 2012

REVOLUTION Update 21.12.

Hey! Exciting News!

In about 42 minutes there will be a short new video (#7) on my PaintingBuddha channel - a table full of the most awesome presents you can imagine. ALL FOR YOU! You just need to grab it, really ;) 

There will be another video tonight, REVEALING our REVOLUTIONARY product (#8) ;)

I will be so relieved when you finally all know what I had to keep secret for so many months now.

Due to performance concerns, we moved our hosting provider at 5 minutes to 12 so the DNS entries might not be updated everywhere - but the goal is to put the shop live tonight. Only the fastes servers for you!

How to keep informed

So stay tuned. Subscribe to my Facebook page (here and here), my GOOGLE+ page (our future home) and to's tweeting birdy. Also please subscribe to my masterminis and paintingbuddha YouTube page, rate, comment and subscribe - so I can finally upload the videos without limitations!

Google Hangout

Later tonight I will also try to hold my first public google hangout. You have to have a google+ account to be able to join. I know most people will be busy driving home for the holidays, but maybe there are one or two of you that would like to 'hang out' with me ;) 

I would love to hear your opinion and questions about our REVOLUTION. 

Is this dood gonna end the world? Naaaah...
Available from Pegaso


  1. ill be zhrtr at nite an bomb you with questions why you ont mail me etc :D

    1. yess it is but i want to send you some things that should not be shared and have to do that i want to work for the Painting Buddha so all my application papers are not for everyones may fin them interesting....remember 5 Years as Store Manager for GW in Flagshipstore Vienna...which means as you would see inbetwenn 6 months in the top Ten international and other business ( The Hobby ) related a complete management education from GW as Store Manager etc etc....
      i say it as long as we have talked...i want be one of the Hexagons :P

  2. AAAHHH video 7 thats me well not exactly lolol :D

    1. I now officially dedicate this video to you, you hoopy frood!


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