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Saturday, December 22, 2012

REVOLUTION video #8 - Final Shop Testing

Good morning everyone! 

WOW - what a response! My Skype was ringing constantly up to 4am when I finally decided my batteries were depleted... 

4 hours and change later, they are FULL again! 

Here one more time our product presentation from yesterday

Now I received these two questions most: 

NEW: does NOT work, DOES work. We will update the records ASAP. :)

1) I don't see anything on - just a white page. DA FUQ?


We decided to pull the plug on a previous hoster a few days ago because of performance issues and now are hosted at Mittwald. And they have some magic machines, because they are blazing fast. And their service is incredible. 

BUT we had to reroute the DNS entries. That just takes a second. But the Internet needs to catch up - and that can take up to 24 hours. Well, more like 12 now, I guess... I know Australia already had the site yesterday and someone in Germany actually snuck in an ORDER while I was testing how to set an item active... It was not longer online than 42 seconds, I swear... :D
2) Yeah, I see a startpage... "Comming soon" trollface.jpg - THIS SHOULD BE RESOLVED

It has to be you "saw" a comming soon startpage. Right now, you will see this: 

We are currently testing our shop and work out the little kinks like inconsistencies with text blocks and stuff. The shop itself (buying items) works great.

We will make it pretty in the next days, leading up to December 31st. Like our Minis, the shop is "Work in Progress" :D

The shop should go online today. If it does not look completely smooth please forgive us :) 

Oh. TEASER ALERT: The SUPPORTER BOX will have a few 'tickets' in them. Example: ONE of you can win the position of "Galactice VICE PRESIDENT" for a Season (2 months). And you get the same benefits that I have: You can vote with us, you can speak and listen. And you get no money. Just like me :D How cool is that!

Of course there are MANY MORE crazy ideas in the big box. ANNND stretchgoals. But those will be revealed starting January 1st.


Please share my thoughts and ideas on forums and blogs that you use. Talk about our vision of a better way to do business with your family, your friends, your teachers, your students.

And while you are at it, don't forget you can win a BUNCH of crazy stuff until January 7th.

Short break

I will stay home the next few days, but I need to take a little break. So no new videos until December 27th/28th. I will continue to post and answer your questions, though.
Mele Kalikimaka to all of you - wherever you are! 

All will be good. The REVOLUTION is here.

Walk off the earth? Wanna see my spaceship?

XOXOXOX, Zappi :) 


  1. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

  2. Hey Zaphod,

    als ich gerade einen Blog-Post über dein Projekt und den Shop verfasst habe, ist mir aufgefallen, dass man den Shop unter erreicht, aber NICHT unter

    Ich baller das www oft aus lauter gewohnheit davor und hab mich gewundert.

    Gruß, Zaku

    PS: Und jetzt geb ich dir Geld für DVD´s *g*

    1. Jo Zaku! Danke für den Hinweis! Ich bin auch gerade reingekommen und musste feststellen, dass nicht funktioniert... Wir werden das so schnell wie möglich beheben.

      @all right now ONLS '' works. '' DOES NOT YET work. We will fix this ASAP. ;)

      Sorry for the inconvenience!


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