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Sunday, December 23, 2012

REVOLUTION - Entry coordinates. ENGAGE!


Hey everyone :) 

I have been working on the shop today. I love the system and will show it to you next year. Maybe some of you want to start your own business? For FREE?
Stay tuned - I got some big news on this subject beginning next year.

Here are some unresolved issues: 
- Right now all items are in English only.
- Right now all of the (un)necessary legal stuff is in German only. 
- the shop is currently only accessible as ''. It does not work with 'www' yet.
- two Bruddhahood Donation items have been added for those of you who want to go Above & Beyond with their support. Of course you get cool stuff in exchange AND a chance to win ;)
- there is more to come over time ;)

Plan for the shop: 
- We will have all texts in German by the end of the year. - We also work on ALL other languages, but there is no ETA yet (other than ASAP).
- There will be downloadable leaflets explaining our mission to all of you (January 2013).
- There will be downloadable FREE content such as artworks, stencils and desktop backgrounds (January 2013)
- ...

The story so far

There are a lot of new visitors and subscribers to the site. We had OVER 9000 views in the last 4 days... That is absolutely mindblowing. Thank you so much!
Here a summary of what's important to all the 'newcomers' - welcome to the Bruddhahood! :D

What if money was not the objective?

- #1: The dream (2:42) -
Zaphod explains why 14 years ago he decided to make a miniature company FOR the community he loves.

- #2: 42 & Magrathea (7:42) - 
A company based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? A company that builds companies? Has the Big Z finally snapped?

- #3: A new beginning (5:29*) - 
Get to know Zappi better. What has Zaphod planned and WHY?
* someone messed this one up :/ D'oh!

- #4: Diff'rent Strokes (10:42) -
What kind of painter is Zaphod? What kind of painter are you? Do you love the hobby to the point of madness & insanity? 

- #5.42: GIVEAWHAT!? (15:42) - RECOMMENDED
Find out what Zaphod has planned to GIVE AWAY and why this leads to emotional instabilities and nervous breakdowns! 

- #6: Antimatter 'n Stuff (16:42) - RECOMMENDED
Zaphod plans to end the global financial crisis by blowing it up with Antimatter. Watch him turn the Galaxy upside down and inside out!

- #7: 42 MASSIVE Giveaways (9:42) - WIN
Find out how you can win BIG! Drawings will be held on January 7th!

- #8: Season 1.1: Target Identified (22:42) - RECOMMENDED
Finally we present to you OUR REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT. We are so happy and a little bit proud ;) 

Asking for feedback

Many of you have already sent us feedback on the blog, our vision, the shop and so on. PLEASE send us feedback! What do you like? What don't you like? How can we improve? We do this for you, so we love to hear from you.

Please send your comments to this email. Every form of feedback is appreciated. And if it is just the order comment of the first person that snuck in an order on the test item. He simply wrote: "REVOLUTION!!!" It made me happier than anything else I have ever read in my life. And earned HIM a special title ;) "Faster than FLOJO". We will explain later, why :D

Thanks guys!


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  1. so we come close to the total global painting Domination

    What else we could wish :)


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