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Saturday, December 1, 2012

SotR - JOIN! For the Age of Opression is now nearly DONE!

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On the third day we went to bed at 9am, the light came up and we had to stop because of it. Of course, we could put something in front of the windows, but that would involve at least two inconvenient movements... Working through the night is so much easier.
So at 1pm some postal dood with NO towel felt that I would be chosen as the person that is allowed to open the door for him at this early hour... DINGDONG... 

I missed the last step on the ladder to my high-bed (not sure what they are called in english). My painting studio is underneath my bed. :D I almost broke my ankle. 

A fellow Revolutionary slept happily like a little girl on his mattress in the living room, which coincidentally is still totally void of any living room furniture, most importantly, a sofa. He was smiling happily in his dreams. Creepy.

I wandered off to open the door. Noone there. I was not needed. 

Then I went back to bed, determined to get up at 2:30pm sharp. The light already fades then. 

At 5pm my comrade woke me playing this song really loudly: 

For the age of Opression is now nearly DONE. 

You have all seen it, haven't you
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or if you avoided arrows to the knee

Visit Malukah, follow her BLOG and tell her Zaphod Beeblebrox from - a crazy Galactic Nerd with a REVOLUTION sent you! I want to work with her! You are all hero nerds, I know you love her, too!

We broke the last chicken sausage and ate it raw and watched songs we like for an hour.. With Coke Zero. Then we ordered an even more awesome Breakfast: Sushi, Pasta, Pizza and Chilly Cheese Hotdogs. Breakfast.... Revolution Nurishment!


That spawned a creative 1 hour session about how we can fit even more MUSIC than already planned into our project. I want all of you to be very excited about the things to come! 


I will not even ask you to join in this post, you know what to do and how to do it. Please tell your friends and family. It will be worth it, we promise.

And of course, we are Nerds are all so in Love with Malukha, that I have to give you a few more of these songs. I have definitely watched ALL of them over 42 times so far. True story, Bro!

Thanks for reading! 

(I would love to hear from Malukah - maybe someone has contacts to her? 
I'd love HER to join us!)

Can you resist that smile? Its impossible. Its OVER 9000!

And finally this happily smiling Revolutionary:
He can come hang with us, anytime, too...

I found that music describes best what we are all about.
So there will be more coming your way :) 

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The Marketing Division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

And some more free songs.

So - if I hear ANYONE EVER say that computer games turns nerds and make them hurt others I SWEAR I WILL KILL A FLUFFY KITTEN!  


(c) tumbler

What do you THINK? 
Let me know in the comments! 


You think ONE beautiful woman is not enough for you to join the REVOLUTION?




  1. Ok, Mr. Presman Luke Daywalke will come around during the last week befor christmas to inspect your work ;)


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