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Sunday, December 2, 2012

SotR - about being a REVOLUTIONARY

A single-digit REVOLUTIONARY member, not #1 like me, is working the acid mines tirelessly at 4:20 in the morning - only to minecraft a great gem for all of you. Like a Baws. 

The President is listening to REVOLUTION songs and inspiring imagery and generally enjoys the offers of a splendid and alltogether very worthwhile Internet. 

Like watching League of Legend casts from the Intel Extreme Masters in Hanover. Or the GSL Finals for CODE S that are currently going on over at GOM TV

Justice of the REVOLUTION - Opa Presman Style! 

If you like E-Teams, 
stay tuned to the REVOLUTION... 

Have you seen this man: 

I watched every episode of Day[9] TV. Many twice. 
I watched #252 definitely over 21 times - practicing along... 
I saw #1 probably way more than 42 times, because it loops over to #1 at the end of the playlist. I could probably lip-sync the first 5 minutes blindly... 

Day[9], his brother Tasteless and Artosis and many other casters and players of all kinds of games live the Ultimate Nerd Dream by becoming E-Sports Players or Casters.
And they make a living of it. 

If you have never watched a Starcraft caster, please go and watch Day[9] and I was one of the first GomTV subscribers and I still got a ticket to watch all of GSL

Right now, the GSL Code S finals are LIVE - you can watch for free... 

GO TERRAN! #1 woooot!

Wait? 2x Zerg!? I knew they were OPed! Spoiler! NERF INC! - SOON(tm)

Now I know that Day[j] is very concerned about the implications that come with the hypothesis j=42. So I must sooth his jangled nerves with a soothing song and beautiful landscape imagery.

Make him forget that anything else matters...

And since we are all e-gamer nerds with many holes in the knee-area of our Jeans, Camo-Pants or expensive Boss suits.... THIS:

Now JOIN the REVOLUTION so you can say this
to your grandchildren. 

Update: This is what happened when I set up my 4.99$/month subscription today for DAY[9]TV

Day[j]... Can you see the signs to?
Please contact me. 

An extreme and crazy German nerd.



  1. lol like you said now that 42 is etched into the minds of all, it haunts you everywhere you go lol j=42 :D

  2. Love Day[9] too, also always watching all his Casts! So much motivational stuff ;)

  3. Hey guys,... if you love Starcraft II or D3 or PoE or LoL or Skyrim or Civ III or Baldur's gate or...

    Contact Day[9], GomTV and TLO as well as TSM, CLG and M5 and tell them about our revolution:

    SECRET REVOLUTION REVELATION: We will put 6% of the profits into the field of e-sports.... BAZINGA!

    SONA PAMPER BOT #1 REPORTING FOR DUTY! And if you ban me I will URGOT YOU!


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