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Thursday, December 13, 2012

[4:20pm] Please stand by...

...we are experiencing technical difficulties...

Maybe we don't try hard enough! Hm...

Don't Panic!
The REVOLUTION will resume momentarily.

Give me an hour or two ;) 

In the meantime WIN 32 out of 42 running GIVEAWAYS!


  1. No I can't wait any longer ...... Noooooooooo :'(

  2. Do you know how late it is? ;-) I'm still waiting.

  3. Render render render :D
    Trying to work out how to put multi-language Subtitles in the video before uploading it to Youtube... I might just have to skip it for this video ;)

    The video itself is ready. So not much longer! Let's say... 9:42pm :D

    1. OK. I just jinxed myself... Render crashed... And again :D
      Definitely no subtitles today!

      Maybe there is a way to add them to Youtube later :)

  4. Who needs subtitles? Just show me the video ;-). OR TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THE REVOLUTION. WAAAAAA :-P.


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