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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Greetings, beings! 

A LOT of people that I told about our company vision (and I mean a LOT) asked me three things:

1) "When can I start to work for you?"
2) "How can I help?"
3) "WHY THE FRAKK are you not putting this on Kickstarter and Indiegogo? You could make a shitload of money!!!"

True. BUT
Let me ask you a question: "What is the main reason for a crowdfunding/fundraiser such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo? WHY would you support a product/startup?" 

Don't get me wrong - I support MANY MANY Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns myself (e.g., Massive Voodoo's awesome Artbook) but I also support independant campaigns (such as the Adrian Smith Artbook). 

In chosing my "investments", I TRY to support IDEAS over PRODUCT. I try to look at what the company will DO with the my MONEY more than at WHAT I GET. What is their VISION? How can I and others BENEFIT from it?

Like Reaper. They sold a bag of plastic miniatures at a great price. I recently held a few of their Reaper Bones minis and would not want to paint them (as a showcase painter). For roleplaying like D&D and stuff they are awesome. Reaper called this the "EVOLUTION of gaming" and made nearly 3.500.000,00$.

I was tempted. But I thought: First I am going to paint my 2000+ Rackham Minis and my 2200+ Games Workshop minis and rather invested the money in Dice Rings, and some art books (see above) for motivation and inspiration. 

I am in the process of writing a script for one of my next videos explaining my thoughts on crowdfunding. But coincidentally*, today I read on Zweischneid's awesome blog Pins of War about his take on Kickstarters. On the one hand, I share many of his ideas on the subject, BUT I also have a completely different view, another perspective on the subject.

Personally, I WANT to buy miniatures.  Miniatures that have the power to turn on the lights - everywhere - but mostly in the eyes of children worldwide.

I want OUR HOBBY to be the light that continues to shine where all other lights go out.  

"I will take The Ring to Mordor." (Frodo)
Looking for the Fellowship - the BRUDDHAHOOD - to help me get there.

Someone told me the Internet is full of mean people and trolls. In Today's World a lot of people would rather pay money to see a crazy German try to change the world and FAIL than to help. You know what? If that is your motivation, i will take your money, too :D 4.2cents from every troll, flamer and mean person in the world... Millions....

If you are interested in the subject of crowdfunding, hop over to pins of War and have a read on this awesome article. In a few days I will add my complete thoughts on this. Right now I am on vacation for one more day ^^.

Sorry - I don't wanna tease. I tell you this all in order to reduce stress and potential health hazards. :D Stress is not good for you :D

Please comment below: Have you bought anything on a fundraiser platform yet? What was your favorite one? What do you like about crowd-funding, what don't you like?

Please +1 posts you like on Google+ so more people see it.

Oh, and if you like this kind of discussion, I also invite you to my Google+ Community I created a few weeks ago specifically for my ideas on this. I will 'kick it off' at the beginning of January. For free. Oooops.

Stoopid Presman is stoopid...


P.S.: Read and comment on yesterdays article. It will give you a CHANCE to understand one of my future projects ;) AND a chance to win.

*The truth is, there are no coincidences


  1. I pledged for "Battle for Alabaster" and for the Reaper Bones Kickstarter, to help the guys at McVey Studio / REAPER make more cool minis. Thats it.

    I will sell/trade/simply give away the minis i don´t need (in my blog, over at spielmanns putty and paint) and show you the minis i kept and painted =)

    And I will have some big fun playing the awesome looking battle for alabaster and using the Reaper Minis in my next dungeon crawl games (Heroquest anybody ?)

    I think it´s a fair deal. They are able to realize some ideas, I will get my fun and minis. Win win Situation.

    1. Yup, I agree. My idea is to turn the win-win situation into a win-win-win or even a win-win-win-win-win Situation. Basically one seller, one buyer and a handful of people who benefit :)

      How does that sound +Drache Zaku? ^^

    2. Sounds to gooooood to be true. I will stay tuned.

  2. you find my comment on Funraiser...the Bruddahhood of Miniaturepainting

    1. I think you will be very happy in 2013 :D

      "People that have VISIONS", some say, "need to see a Doctor".
      I say: "Talk to the Galactic President first :D"

  3. Have backed a few so far..

    Sedation Wars from McVey cause the rules of the game and the models look fantastic.

    Relic Knights cause I like the anime/chibi style they go with. Plus again I can see the game doing well.

    Reaper.. well.. mostly did this one with a mate to pick up some nice models. Plus it was a good excuse to grab some larger models for insanely cheap prices.

    Kingdom Death:Monster.. The more I see the rules, and the models from him the more I want in on this.

    And the crazy german's art book from those guys over at Massive Voodoo. Heard about them long ago, but heard a lot more about them while in Aachen for the painting workshop. And if I am to fly to a painting workshop, may as well spend a bit more to get some inspirational materials for future works as well!

    More to come I am sure.. but which I am not sure yet.

    Rooting for your success more than failure mate.. as always!

    1. I am always happy when I see your Google Analytics Bleep from Istanbul :D

  4. I pledged for freebooter at Indigogo, for reaper, the stonehaven dwarfs and axes and anvils at Kickstarter. I had a lot oft fun in 2012 by supporting this projects and now can't wait for all the amazing stuff to arrive.

  5. I certainly put in too many Kickstarters than is probably healthy (incl. Massive Voodoo!)

    But ya'll know that already!

  6. Also, since you asked on my blog? Is there a way to log in to this site to comment using facebook, twitter, etc..?

    I actually had to set up an entire new website with to get one of those fiddly open ID things, which in turn cannot be connected to.. well.. anything.

    Also doesn't show my gravatar pic :(

    Help would be appreciated!

    1. Yeah, Google blogs are not as versatile as Wordpress blogs... We will launch our own website around March 1st, so right now we don't plan to change to much here.

      So right now you need to subscribe here via google+/google account. But then again, most people have FB, google, twitter,... anyways ^^

  7. I've gone in on a few as well. Mostly to support folks I think have done a service to the miniature community--Sedition Wars and the boys over at Massive Voodoo. I couldn't pass up the Reaper one either, but that was just so I would have 200 models to give to my little one to practice on!

    1. Your 'little one' will be an accomplished painter when all of those models are finished ^^


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