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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


First of all let me ask you this Question: 
Do you WANT a revolution? 

Watch, Dance wildly. Get into the mood for a REVOLUTION!
Like their video and tell them Zaphod sent you ;) 


Bad news: Noone guessed the GIVEAWHAT right in Giveaway #1 (as expected, who would have thunked)
Good news: This means I will randomly draw TWO LUCKY WINNERS for TWO limited Chaos Space Marine Codices (ltd to 1000 worldwide!)

Check the GIVEAWAYS menu on this blog for the other 42 awesome rare limited hoopy giveaways. (There will be more this week, to make it 42).

But now... 
I have teased, amused, annoyed you since November 14th, my 42nd Birthday. Now some of you begin to slowly realize that there seems to be a cunning plan behind all of this.. 

And you sense, that I am truly crazy. Don't believe it? Watch the video. 

I have a present for EVERY ONE OF YOU. 

The GIVEAWHAT!? - Zaphod IS crazy... Belgium, man...

(b/c my paintingbuddha youtube refused my 15+ minute video, I uploaded this to my youtube and will migrate it later :) Sorry for the inconvenience!)

There will be no REVOLUTION video tomorrow, I want this to sink in for a day. 

However, I will produce some in advance, so I can sleep better at night :D

Thank you for Sharing & Enjoying this!

And because YouTube would not let me upload a 15+ minute video I got this song for you that made me happy in this time of sorrow :D


You could help the REVOLUTION by subscribing to our PaintingBuddha YouTube channel - this would soon(tm) enable me to upload longer videos.

See? Helping is FREE! :D


  1. I feel liberated. Keeping this secret for so long was hard for me :) Now I can enjoy it as much as I hope you do :)


    1. I was thinking maybe you would give away the first company.. but I couldn't think of how so I thought it was silly!
      Proves you should always go with what you think is right.. haha

      I'm looking forward to seeing this 'product' very much!

  2. Mein Präsident!.... Italien seht dich zum deine Füßen.... aber um was geht genau??

  3. lol awesome video mate, I love your business plan and guide line's, and cant tell this is something you have put a lot of work into. And never in a 100 years would that of been my guess for the giveawhat, one question though if someone had of guest right what exactly would that mean to be given your company, you have me quite intrigued lol you are one hoopy person. Thanks for all your work and a round of applause for the big hearted Zaphod lol you big softy :D

  4. Why do i keep seeing Belgium everywhere ^^

  5. This sounds so great. Your Idea really made me happy. :-)

  6. Good luck on the company! can't wait to see what the product is. (You really like teasers don't you).

  7. Woot Woot

    ...and finally the President made the Goal....wich is ( to talk in management language ) CUSTOMER & COMPANY FIRST....i guess you know what that means big bear ;)


  8. So very very cool, what a great idea.


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