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Saturday, December 8, 2012

[0:42] BLOG recommendation: Pins of War

Blog Recommendation

In these exciting times of Revolution I just wanted to share a blog with you which I have enjoyed tremendously over the last couple of weeks: Pins of War by Zweischneid.

Pins of War (by Zweischneid)

And what if I told you that YOU could be #42 who likes the site??? I thought I was #42, but apparently, I was one short :D

Check it out - it is a really well made blog!

Share & ENJOY!

Post your membership number below. I will give away a limited miniature to a random subscriber of Pins of War who posts here. :) 

Zaphod gives stuff away now for people joining other blogs???? OK. He IS crazy. :D
Oh, and Zweischneid knows nothing of this ;) サプライズ!

My last recommendation was (t)raumschmiede 2.0 by Farbfanatiker. Check it out, great step-by-steps on there!


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