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Monday, December 3, 2012

[0:42] Frakk the Global Crisis! - Opa Presman Style

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I know how many of you feel... I FELT the same way until recently...

But you know what?

You can't spell ... Victory! - without this!

Victory... You are doing it wrong... 

Neither can you spell Peace without the middle finger... John can do it....

And so can this rather pleasant looking,
anonymous bipedal carbon based life-form
of the female variety.


I have a Canon DSLR, too... WHY DID I NEVER TAKE SUCH PICTURES! I WANT MY MONEY BACK! ... (no, just kidding, I love my Canon :))

Yes, Nikon's nice too :D
 You know how I feel when I hear and see all the gloom caused by the "Global Crisis"?

This is what I vowed on the CRISIS:

I know, I know... 
I said "giveaways only on weekdays..." 
Its Saturday and I feel like giving something away.

I think the global crisis paralyzed us all. We don't need that information! We don't need no thought control! No dark sarcasm on the TV! Hey, Crisis! Leave our kids alone! All we are - are breaking bricks from the wall...

Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line!
(Sowwy no autoanswer yet!)

Do you let yourself get down? Or do you get up? Stand up? Stand up for your right!

Have a great weekend - no - have a STRONGBEGINNING! That's better! Do you see what I did there? I FIXED it! :) 

I ain't not no of dem fire-starting folks, you hear!? We are a COOL Revolution!

This one goes out to the ones I love, 
Zaphod xoxoxo

Awww! All is full of love now! What a great way to start the weekend - or the week (if you were out and about having a life on the weekend, not like me, "Hero-Nerd" :D)

Björk says: "All is full of love!"

(A just question, sir!)

P.S: Ooooh, almost forgot... You can win... can win.... hm..... so much to chose from! ... Something personal...... OK!

You can win my PRECIOUS Pink Floyd limited Edition "Pulse" - with a little (not-so-much-flashing-lately) LED. I promise that I will try to fix the LED before I send it out to you :)

I will also thank you with a personal letter. AND you may chose any Revolutionary Number above 42 of your liking. I will reserve it for YOU :) You could be 666. 69. 5318008!

You know what!? I just had an idea... ALL of the winners of ALL giveaways will receive a personal letter and can choose their number. 

THAT is so cool! I want that too..... Damn, excluded from competition.... sadpandazappi.jpg.

Go, write something in the comments... ANYTHING!, I am so excited! :D 

(Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line)
(Sorry still no autoresponder yet :) )

I had way too much fun for one post...
Sorry... Weekends do that to me :D

Spoiler: Great things are afoot.


  1. I have tried to translate the text of the young Asian lady :-) But is it correct?
    結婚私ったら... 嬉しい = Marriage my cod… It is delightful!

    1. It was actually wrong :) I am a bit rusty with the MIME Keyboard ;) But I think it would be delightful to marry my cod. :D

      You have now unlocked the personal title "Presidential BABLEFISH" - something we will give the chance for others to unlock as well ;)

  2. Something in the CS power of two series would be excellent. 64, 128, 256, 512, etc...

  3. 1862...and not to forget..."irgendwas"^^

  4. I wonder why noone wants my revolutionary ID: 666

  5. I am thankful I don't watch TV to be inundated with the financial crisis bla bla bla. If the revolution will be televised, I may just miss it. So please post it on your blog too. thx


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