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Friday, December 21, 2012


UPDATES: THE VIDEO #8 IS UP on my Youtube channel! 

The according post will be up as soon as YouTube
also lists the video for blogs. (15-45 minutes)


It is done. The rendering of REVOLUTION video #8 - where we REVEAL our 'Product' has started. It will render for about 1 more hour and will be 22 minutes and of course 42 seconds long ;)  

Right now the plan is to release the video by 11:42pm tonight. Unless the World does after all decide it needs to end today ;) 

At this point I want to tell you HOW AWESOME you are! So many subscribed to my paintingbuddha YouTube Channel yesterday and today, that I already received 'unlimited uploads' from Google in record time. The video will therefore be uploaded on my paintingbuddha channel. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) 

So what are the next steps. 

- As I said, tonight around 11:42pm CET (likely a few minutes later, it all depends on the listing speed of YouTube :/), the REVOLUTION video #8 will be available.
- I will write updates on the process (render crashes etc) on TOP of this post so you know whats going on.

Next 24 hours: 

- All through the night I will test our online-shop at

- Depending on where you live you might already see a welcome image OR EVEN an empty shop now or in the next few hours. 

- After successful testing we will activate the products in the next 24 hours. So far, we made dozens of test purchases and they all worked just fine :) 

Between now and December 26th
- like so many of us, I will visit my folks and some of my friends. I plan to post and upload new stuff, but fancy editing is right out ;) (Not that I would call my noobish skills 'fancy')

After December 26th: 
- The Shop will be made 'pretty', that means nicer pictures, nice layout, nice invoices (if there is such a thing as a nice invoice) and nicer receipts. More information, for example on the "Seasons" and our plans for giving money back to the Community will be revealed before New Years Eve. 

1st week of January

Production of awesome merchandizing will beginn

Until the End of January
- The remaining video footage is scheduled to be filmed, edited and cut. 
- The production of miniatures will be finished mid January
- The production of boxes and DVDs should be completed end of February.

March 1st
- Our goal is to start shipping our product early March. 
- Also, on March 1st we have a lot of other GREAT community information for you guys. I promised you that our DVDs are just a small piece of the whole REVOLUTIONARY PUZZLE. 

- Miniature painters will remember 2013. I promise. :) 

Thank you so much for all your support!

We do this for you - and for us. Because we want the most awesome painting community there can be. 


  1. ich bin ja so dermaßen aufgeregt und gespannt....mach hinne nu :P

  2. Replies
    1. Can you see it already? :D Would be funny if Australia was faster than Germany - and it would mean that I need to deactivate it now :D

    2. OK, CIA is en route to have a friendly NDA session with our REVOLUTIONARY #7 - for he KNOWS ;)

      And to anyone else - I took all items offline because I am still testing :D

    3. ich hab nix gesehen und seh nur ne weisse wand :(


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