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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Best Bang since the Big One on the 3rd Rock from the Sun

Sector: ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
Solar System
3rd Rock from the Sun

I love TV shows. BBT, Star Trek, Firefly, 24, Alias, Weeds, Breaking Bad, ... I watched dozens of them - in full. Stuff like Stargate (10 seasons), Friends (10 seasons), DS9, Babylon 5, Voyager (5-7 seasons) at least 4 times full... 

If I am not listening to music, I watch stuff on Youtube, Series or Movies. And I am always angry at the bad quality they make me pirate... I think I will change that as Collateral Damage of the REVOLUTION... How does that sound? Give me 42 weeks.

Rocking along on the third rock from the sun! 
Watch the revolution at This week: 
The REVOLUTION REVELATION paradox - the Best Bang since the Big One! 
(not me, the REVOLUTION... I am trying though...)

Coming soon

for advanced Hitchhikers of the Galaxy

Bring a friend, because you should never hitchhike alone

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