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Monday, December 3, 2012

SotR - Big Bang Hitchhiker Babe's for Nerds: FREE FUNRAISER!

42 secret ideas: There are 42 ideas featured in the Sci-Fi classic "The 5th Element" alone - many of them inspired us to realize cool ideas for our Little REVOLUTIONARY Company.

And you decide which one we prioritzie... How cool is that?
Your support will be mostly free.
Like Earth is mostly harmless.

Everyone that things they can sing like that - stay tuned.

I told you to bring your friends, did I?

Just making sure. 

Will this talented artist become a collaborator of the REVOLUTION?
A hero aria nerdess? Her titles, among others could be
"Presidential Muse" and "Galactic Girl"

Doesn't EVERY Nerd be to be as lucky as her husband?
Picture Prefect Galactic Hoopyness.

Watch this. Be thankful for what you have, be nice to each other. Be nicer to people that have less, ask people that have more to help.

Spoiler: That's kinda like an important concept strategic assest objective thingy ..

My pledge to you:
I will work hard on making Hero Nerds out of you, attractive to the female lifeforms! Like StarcraftII Nerds in Korea!
That may be one of very few chances, guys! THINK!

Can you imagine that there are hundreds and thousands of women that want some guy like this one?

Too bad, I just decided to lose 42kg... :(
No more beef, Bohun! Thank you!

Claim your free personal Hitchhiker Babes by unlocking the JOIN Achievement. Warning: Side effects such as marriage and happy children possible!

JOIN BEFORE March 1st, 2013 AND:
you will receive THESE additional titles:
male carbon-based life forms get the title "Babehunter Being"Female carbon-based life may choose the title "Big Bang Being"

I guess, this goes for non homo sapiens nerdicus galacticus, too, as long as they have an email-address.


The signs are everywhere!

Write in the comments: What kind of device from the future would you want today - and why. Would it be an item or a special power!

Please post below. 

Go CRAZY nerds!

1 comment:

  1. A teleporter. Travells in a millisecond would be cool... You get up in the morning 15 min, before work starts... one coffee, one cigarete, some clothes and you aren't still late...


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