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Monday, December 17, 2012



Since Adobe Premiere has decided to test my patience with hours of rendering work (I am sure there are ways to speed things up, I just don't know enough about it :( ) I thought I give you some updates on other stuff that happened this weekend. 

Enough time to watch this short INTERMISSION:

Oh... Check out HOW OLD TREVOR IS!

You know, it was an AWESOME weekend. 

When I started this blog for real around August this year, I dreamed of a few "goals". I set them very high (I always do that, if I miss hitting the goals, I still get as high as I can get), but two of three were fulfilled already. 

1) I was hoping  for 420 subscribers
2) I was aiming for 100.000 views in 2012
3) I kinda wanted 42000 views in December. 

Goal 1 and 2 were BOTH HIT on the SAME DAY - Saturday!

All I can say is THANK YOU ALL! :) 

100242. What else.

When a friend told me that I had gone over 100k views I checked... And this is what I saw. 100242. I actually had goosebumps when I looked at that... 

10 (letters) + 20 + 12 :D
I think my mom should have had me tested like Sheldon's mom.

Then I got the message that was nominated as "best Blog of 2012" by WAMP. oO...

Wow. I was totally surprised (as I did not even know something like that existed). Honestly, I don't really think I belong in that group (yet ;))... Massive Voodoo, Volomir, Coloured Dust, Sergeant Blackart..... and me... :P This year I don't think I deserve to win - but next year we will try to be nominated again!

Some of my friends got nominated for best sculpts/paintjobs or even products. Please have a look and vote! 


I am a Day[9] follower since Day[1] :D. I recently subscribed to his channel by voluntarily paying 4,99$ a month. I have watched all of his 500+ shows, many of them more than once. I think its just fair to pay him - and 4,99$ a month for quality entertainment is something I am very happy to pay. 

This is what happened a few months ago, when I payed my paypal subscription: 

Four by Two

Four by two. 8. Not quite 42, but not totally off, either... Made me smile... 

Then, tonight, I was so excited about todays videos that I could not sleep. I got up to watch some League of Legends (IEM Cologne) and Starcraft II (Day[9]) shows. I realized that I was not a Facebook follower yet when I saw this: 4241... 

4241 - the universe weeps

Well, you know which button I pressed, you know what I had to do. And you know what my follower number is (if there were such a thing). 
I am Day[4242]... :D

This just made my day and confirmed that I correctly do not believe in coincidences anymore. I mean... what are the odds?

I am now #4242 ;) Could not be happier!

I hope Day[9] sees this some day ;)

OK... And by the time you are done with this post and the video, maybe a quick snack and a drink - there is a 42% chance the video will be uploaded :D

Check here to see if #4 is up!


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