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Friday, December 14, 2012

[~4:20pm] Almost nearly there...

OK - Editing going much better than yesterday... AND I figured out some other coooool function in Adobe premiere... Its like a giant playground for me...

That means that the Video might be around 42 minutes late today... or later. Again.. BUT - it will come tonight (one way or the other ;)) SOWWY...

I know what you are thinking...

But believe me - it is going to be worth the short wait! 

I promise you a mad ninja cowboy miniature as compensation!

I am laughing so hard at what I am cutting here, that I can't even control the volUME OF MY KEYBOARD!

Won't be long, I promise... I turned off the heating and opened the window at -7 degrees - so that my i7 can render EVEN faster :D

In the meantime PLEASE watch this video that the mad ninja sculptor Stefan sent me. It actually explains more than every video I could ever make. Music is awesome.

Johnny Cash - A satisfied mind



  1. Aber orginal so muß ich ausgesehn haben - Mensch menno :-))

  2. Hehe... I have a VERY FAST PC.

    But the mad ninja effects I used for the 2nd video surprised both my PC and myself... It is still scheduled to render over 1 hour...

    BUT its worth the wait. I laughed so hard about it, even though I knew what I was doing... Or was I :D

    I just hope the Renderer does not crash again... ;)

    Stay tuned!


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