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Friday, December 21, 2012

REVOLUTION video #7 - 42 MASSIVE Miniature Giveaways

Here it is! Video #42!

Oh no, wait - its #7 ;) I got carried away for a second here ^^

It takes very little time to upload a video on YouTube - but it takes forever for it to be listed so I can actauyll link it on my blog... So if you subscribed to my paintingbuddha YouTube Channel, you would know everything 20-30 minutes before the blog readers ;) 

The minime ninja cowboy miniature got BIIIG!

You can find the giveaways in the REVOLUTION menu tab!

Update on Giveaways & Videos

So while I wait let me give you some important information about the giveaways and the videos. 

The deadline for the giveaways has been extended to January 7th, because I got many comments from people here in Germany that do not understand English enough to understand and participate in the giveaways. 

As you know, I have posted the two longer (and unfortunately most important) videos on my 'private' YouTube channel because I cannot upload 15min+ vids on my paintingbuddha channel yet. I wished YouTube was integrated better, but oh well... I can have multiple blogs, why can't I have multiple YouTube channels? *shrug*

Thank you to all of you who subscribed, rated and commented on my videos - this way I will be 'upgraded' by YouTube sooner! :) happypresman.jpg

Tonight we will reveal our 'product' - in Video #8. We might also have the shop online by then - we changed hosters at the last seconds because of performance concerns - and now we wait for the DNS entries to be redirected ;) If not tonight, you will be able to access our store at in the next 48 hours. 

As indicated in my last post, I will have GOOGLE+ Hangouts in the next couple of days, where up to 9 of you can videochat with me simultaneously :) I'd like to hear from you! (Will start after the Holidays)




  1. Really like your company's logo and name - i hope with it this you will make the Happy Monk by Ben available again in the future - would fit perfectly in my oppinion!

    I wish you some nice Christmas too, Michael - stay hoppy and keep on happy painting! ;)

    1. Thanks Roman! <3 to you and your fellow jungle dwellers :)

      I am sure we can get the monk back in. Maybe we can even sell it off for charity - something we plan to do in the future.

      Mele Kalikimaka!

    2. Of course, I need to talk to Ben first ;)

  2. the sword look's like Archaon's slayer of kings i found this at internet

  3. For a while such a sword was in one of the cabinets in the DRAKENBURG in DÜSSELDORF and yess it is Archaons as hell and was sold over the sub company of BlackLibrary who made those merchandise stuff


    1. Only the best for you guys :) I hope the winner lets me keep it :D We would put it in our museum that of course we dont plan to do ...

  4. I watched all the videos lots of times and I still can't believe this is true. This is a real revolution. I wish more people to be like you are. Whatever your company is going to sell, I'll buy it all. :-)

    Have a nice Christmas!

  5. Replies
    1. hahah... yeah. I keep saying 18% - don't know why... Oh well, I guess we have to come up with a plan where 18% fits into the equation... I already have an idea...

  6. Chef... die italiener wiessen bescheid...

    1. Danke Fabrizio! Liebe Grüße zu Weihnachten!


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