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Monday, December 17, 2012

REVOLUTION video file #3 - "A New Beginning"

Heeeeey :) 
I am getting better at this - the rendering of the video was done at 4:42pm ;) Almost 4:20! 

This is part one of at LEAST two videos that I will release today. 

The rendering takes very long - and the time estimates shown vary wildly and are not even remotely connected to our current space-time. 

In this video I tell you that has nothing to do with the 'new' company... I will reveal the new COMPANY NAME. That's right. It is NOT ;) 

Surprise, surprise! ;) 

I hope you enjoy this video! I would expect the next one to be up in 2-3 hours, but I cannot guarantee that. Check my google+ page, Facebook (here and here) or Twitter to find out as soon as I posted the new video!

#3: is dead? Time for "a new beginning".

I will also try to straighten the backdrop foto which angles weirder than my appartment actually slopes... :D

OK. The video is uploaded to YOUTUBE... I decided to put it in a separate Post after all! Make sure you watch the INTERMISSION I put up while you had to wait ;) 



  1. hahaha you got me hooked there Mr. Z! Can't wait for more info!

  2. Replies
    1. i7. 3.8GHz. 16GB ram. 8TB Raid 10. SSD Scratch disk...
      The machine has to render a 10:42m video... It states there is a little over an hour to go. It says that for two hours now :D

      I think all that chromakeying and colorkeying to replace the background really bogs things down... Time for a REAL studio ;)

      at 8:00pm CET it said one more hour. +Upload to Youtube. I would say ETA around 9:30pm...

    2. Overclock it! Should be able to handle 4.5 GHz. Mine does. ;-)

    3. Dir trau ich auch noch zu ein Studio zu kaufen!

    4. I actually plan to build a real recording studio as soon as we have offices next year (scheduled for March/April)... We got most of the equipment already, just need a hoopy room ;)

  3. before you had time to tell us not to go to the new store's site, I already had it open in a new browser. You are right, there is nothing there for now.
    I'm glad you are finally putting out some solid information about the 'revolution' I've been on the edge for a while.

    1. ^^
      We tried setting at least a background graphic, but apparently the hosting company needs another day or two to set things up...

      Sorry about that - but I did not want to delay things more than I already have... ;)

  4. Nothing to see on the homepage.:-( I hoped you was lying. :'(

    1. Everything I ever said was a lie. Including this. :D

  5. WTF? Really nothing, NOTHING at! :-)

  6. Mang you know what a guy wants lolol I am waiting anxiously for the next video and the 21st the end of the epoch and this mysterious 1st product :D

  7. also congratulations on hitting your 420 mark mate great work :D

  8. Uploading to YOUTUBE right now - a matter of minutes! ^^

  9. Subscribed now on your Youtube aswell. :)


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