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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[0:42]* Summary of ALL 32** GIVEAWAYS (ENGLISH)

Only ONE request for over 32 giveaways worth
THOUSANDS of Euros.... 

PLEASE share with your friends on Blogs & Forums

Today: Summary of ALL Giveaways
You should REALLY READ this!
(Deutscher Text hier!)
Greetings, beings! 

" - where we learn to be a better painter"

Really? Yeah right! 

The last couple of weeks, this blog appeared more like "the place where we get really confused"... 

Many of you asked the ONE question I asked myself many times while creating our new company, running the REVOLUTION. WHY?

He looks nothing like me!
And that surprises people :D
Here is a quote from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, where he explains the job of the Galactic President: 

"The president’s job - and if someone sufficiently vain and stupid is picked he won’t realise this - is not to wield power,
but to draw attention away from it."

And that is exactly what I have been doing since November 14th. Drawing attention from what we are doing. I'm glad that is over now! ^^


In the next few days leading to December 21st, we will tell you exactly, what we are doing. How we plan to do it. And most importantly - WHY

*Due to a bad cold with fever today's revalation (well, its kinda a summary of all of the crazy Giveaway posts, really) comes about 12 hours later then scheduled. Sorry! ;)Don't Panic! All Giveaways will be drawn on December 21st. So there is plenty of time. 

On December 21st we will also SHOW YOU what we have been working feverishly on since April of this year. 
And I will tell you what I have been planning for 14 years.

14 years? This is not a typo. True story, bro. More about this tomorrow! 

TODAY I will try to sort out the chaos of the last couple of weeks. Of course, today will also be a new giveaway. 

Today: Win 5x these limited Edition XXX Dwarves
In the comments below answer to win: 

- Have I successfully diverted attention? 
- Were you confused?
- were you concerned?
- Amused? Annoyed? Bewildered?

Are you happy that apparently there is method behind this madness? 

Like all giveaways, its simple to win big on

Now: Sorting the Chaos: All giveaways listed for your convenience - and what you need to do to have a chance to win. If you are crazy like me, read all of the chaotic text, memes and watch all the videos. Will keep you busy at work for hours! :D 

Hint: Read the comments more than the post. The posts are crazy, but the COMMENTS are often times hillarious :D

#1+2, November 15th: 2x Limited Chaos Space Marine Codex, GIVEAWHAT?
  • Limited to 1000 worldwide!
  • 1x Codex - random winner: JUST COMMENT on the post.
    Anything. Preferably related to the GIVEAWHAT ;)
  • 1x Codex - IF anyone guesses the GIVEAWHAT right (a prize I will reveal next monday, if noone gets it) he/she will will the second Codex. If not, it will be given away randomly (very likely ^^)
  • You AND your friend can win a box EACH! Just bring a friend and tell me in the comments. :)
    "XYZ brought me here" is enough for both to win. 
#5, November 19th: 1x Forge World Primarch Angron
  • Post your favorite Forge World product in the comments for your chance to win. So easy!
  • out of production! Mint in shrinkwrap!
  • In the comments write your favorite Game System AND armies. Any system, not just GW.
#7, November 21: 1x ULTRA-RARE!!!! Black Library Collectors Edition Sword
  • It is the only one I have. It is very precious to me... You may opt to allow me to keep it :)
  • Write "YES" or "NO" in the comments. Thats all. You don't even have to know why...
    "YES" means you have something you want to ask me. A question about anything. LIFE, The Universe,... EVERYTHING.
    "NO" means you take the sword and need no answers.
    You may also write the question in the comments instead of just "Yes" or "no" which makes it more fun for me :D
  • Hoopy mystery prize ;)
  • Look at the button on the post. Did you try to push  it? Comment for a chance to win!
#10-#14, November 23rd: Win a pimpin' TITLE!
  • I can't tell you yet, why this is so cool, BUT you can CHOOSE your own title for the time AFTER the revolution.
  • Post your chosen title in the comments below.
  • I will chose (at least) 5 of the best titles. You WILL want them later, trust me :) 
  • The President got his heart broken by Games Workshop's IP department. AGAIN. 
  • Tell GW to love us in your comments for your chance to win :) 
  • If you have a blog or forum, post it in the comments below. I will create a list of ALL blogs later - so people can find you!
#16+17, November 28th: 2x Games Workshop SPACEHULK MINT WHAT? I AM CRAZY!
  • First chance: Please tell us your favorite in the comment and explain why. Mine is 42. I guess you know by now :D
  • Second chance: Send me an image of something with "42" in it to this email-address
  • I will post all pictures with your names. 
#18-22, November 29th: Win a CD by Aussie-Artist Pete Stark
  • Just post anything in the comments for your chance to win! 
  • How about: Your favorite music/bands/artists?
  • Watch the Version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by William Shatner on that post. 
  • Tell me in the comments, how much this has moved you for a chance to win :D
#24, December 1st: Romanes eunt domus! 1x Horus Heresy Board Game!
  • Create your own Revolutionary Slogan. 
  • Misspell it as badly as you can. 
  • You have to participated in ALL giveaways to have a chance to win this!
    (The board game is waaaay cool enough to allow this marketing heresy!)
  • Post it in the comments for a chance to win! 
  • Win an OOP limited Pink Floyd Pulse DVD Box
  • Chose your own revolutionary ID number (over 42)
  • Post anything you like. ANYTHING. For your chance to win.
  • Post anything in the comments. Maybe: Are you excited about "The Hobbit"? (Both movie and game)
  • Post in the comments:
    Guess shape #4 and #5 correct for an extra chance for a The Hobbit - Rulebook! 
  • Every person that participates has a chance to win the game! Even if you are wrong!
  • Shape #4 will be revealed on Monday 17th - it explains A LOT. ;)
So far there are 27 giveaways... Thousands of Euros worth of free stuff.

Am I crazy?

Seems we are 14 short (one is the GIVEAWHAT?) until we reach 42 giveaways.

Stay tuned to see how crazy I really am.  :D

**Let's make it 32 Giveaways, shan't we?

#28-32, TODAY : 5x "I read till the end of this post and all I got was three lousy dwarves...."  
  • Post below and let me know how many of the (so far) 28 giveaways you have entered and maybe which ones you have not entered (and why): 
  • Win 5x limited XXX 30 years GW limited Dwarf (1000points in games!)
    (mint in original carton and shrinkwrap!)

I guess you are right... I AM crazy :D


  1. How many giveaway: no Idea and I am too lazy to count. Why I did not enter in every: I am not intereseted in all... but the dwarfs will be cool for Christmas for my husband. A gift less, that I would not need to buy... did i mentioned, that I am lazy?

    Dear Zaphod, it is too much what you offered, so the keen interest sunk...

    1. hehe.... Wait until you see the GIVEAWHAT. Then everything here will look like worthless trinkets :D

      Enjoy & Good Luck!

      Thank you for your support!

    2. I've been busting to know what the giveawhat will be since it was first mentioned!

    3. I've been busting to know what the giveawhat will be since it was first mentioned!

    4. See how excited I am?
      I'm even repeating myself!


    5. See how excited I am?
      I'm even repeating myself!


    6. I've been busting to know what the giveawhat will be since it was first mentioned!

    7. Hahah :) How about the title "mostly sane" :D

    8. Or "sometimes sane".. sorry, phone + being excited very late :$

  2. I got two questions regarding the Black Library Sword:

    All you have to do is comment. I would love to hear ANY question from you. Anything. But its not required to win - just post a comment in the according post for you to enter :)

    1. Do those questions count as entries?

    2. Indeed ;) Just make sure you comment & reply in the right post ;)

  3. I think about 3 or 4.

    You have successfully diverted attention. I was rather confused, about not seeing painting stuff, but more giveaways then painting and so on.
    I was concerned, yes. I even unfollowed the blog at a given day , but due to missing all the goodness of Hitchhicker hidden hints.

    - Amused? Annoyed? Bewildered? Mixture of all as you can see. ^^
    I'm still trying to convince you of the belief that 27 is the answer to the meaning of life.
    But who am I to force you.

    1. Though I do sence a little disturbance in your belief in 42.
      I noticed a mentioning of the number 27.

      Coincidence? ... I think not. My mission is nearly complete.

    2. ^^ Thanks for your honest, mate!

      Make sure to enter more than just the 3 or 4 giveaways... There are no strings attached! Just plain cool stuff you can grab for free ^^

      After all the events I reported from, November and December's calendar was empty... I kinda 'filled' it... With stuff. :D

      And if you think 27 is the answer - more power to you! Believe is good!

    3. Will do.

      Now that we know what your 'stuff' was for, we have something to look towards. You made me curious. :D

  4. I think I have entered 16 of 28 (or ours that now 21 of 32?)!

    The ones I didn't enter were the hobbit ones.. great book, I don't dig the game though.

    Did you get attention?
    Did you distract people from.. the thing you didn't want us to notice?
    I guess we'll find out when you tell us what it was that we weren't supposed to notice!

    I've certainly been confused, but over all, it's been fun, mysterious & exciting!

    (I think?)

  5. Ein junger Mann suchte einen Zenmeister auf. Meister, wie lange wird es dauern, bis ich Erleuchtung erlangt habe ?
    Vielleicht zehn Jahre, antwortete der Meister.
    Und wenn ich mich besonders anstrenge, wie lange dauert es dann ? fragte der Schüler.
    In dem Fall kann es zwanzig Jahre dauern, erwiderte der Meister.
    Ich nehme aber wirklich jede Härte auf mich. Ich will so schnell wie möglich ans Ziel gelangen , beteuerte der junge Mann.
    Dann, erwiderte der Meister, kann es bis zu vierzig Jahre dauern

    1. I have to translate this, because its true.

      A young man visits a Zen master.
      "Master, how long will it take for me to find enlightenment?"
      - "Maybe 10 years" says the master.
      - "And If I really work hard, how long then?" asks the student.
      - "In this case it might take 20" responds the master
      - "But, I will take any hardship. I want to be enlightened as soon as possible!" urges the student

      "Then" says the master, "it may take up to 40 years".

      In my case it took 42. :)

      Thank you Crownbear. THAT is your title now. ZEN Crownbear. You earned it, wear it proudly :)

  6. So do these "win 2x of X" count as 2 giveaways?

    I think I entered 14?, not counting the 2x the same price twice?

    15 if I count this one.

    Numbers fail me....

  7. hahaha I think I just entered one and I don't remember which one anymore. Too much confusion in every giveaway and little time to read and understand all you wanted are the reasons to blame my lazyness. I'm sorry Zaphod! XD

    1. Its OK. I made the summary for lazy people like you and me :D

      I will have a spanish translation for you by tonight - so stay tuned! ;)

  8. I've entered nothing thus far, and I very much wish I had entered all of them! The reason why is simple, I didn't know about this giveaway...

    1. You can still enter ALL of them - until December 21st :)
      Good luck! :)

  9. I really don't know how many I have entered as I always get confused about what is going on here. But I keep coming back for more do to the awesomeness!

  10. I've entered them all because who doesnt like free stuff?!

    Also I've stuck around because the blog has been pretty entertaining thus far and is great fun!

  11. 11 out of the 16 threads, here is why

    #3+4: I do not have friends
    #9: I cannot create MEME’s from work
    #10-#14: I am not creative enough to come up with a clever title
    #18-22: I am not a fan of that genre of music
    #24: Disqualified because I did not participate in all giveaways.

    1. - Have I successfully diverted attention?
      yes, I spent at least 2 hours reviewing comments and the posts of other people

      - Were you confused?
      a little, I have been a long time follower but a little behind on my rss feeds so this sort of came out of nowhere all at once.

      - were you concerned?
      as long as this has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar we are good.

      - Amused? Annoyed? Bewildered?
      Anxious and excited?

  12. Almost ALL of them... The MEME is in progress^^... and I have no blog to share unfortunately....

  13. I have pretty much entered them all but I didn't want to be greedy lololol, so I entered mainly the ones that I thought I would entice over my friends by sharing. I even feel greedy entering this one but you asked for an explanation so you shall receive :D

  14. Thanks to this post pretty much every single one of them. Still trying to figure out if I am missing something


  15. - Have I successfully diverted attention? Definitely

    - Were you confused? Yes! But I'm glad to find out I am supposed to be

    - were you concerned? No, I am always confused

    - Amused? Annoyed? Bewildered? I'm more anticipating amazement!

  16. I entered six before I ran out of patience and interest...

  17. The answer to every question is yes. You got my attention by creating a blog which seems to be senseless and chaotic, I was confused about the big chaos. and i was concerned amused annoyed and bewildered about the idea which lies behind this blog

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I have no idea what the hell is going on.

  20. I do not want to buy anythin, thank you

  21. very great thing this one

    the right answer and i did and do it...i attend to ALL whatever number it will be now and jet and in the future


  22. Yep, I was well confused and bewildered, but went along for the ride anyway!!

  23. I think I've now entered around 23 of the giveaways. The rest I still couldn't entirely work out what to do!

  24. I've entered 15 so far. They were that insane I've had to sit down and work out what the hell I'm doing while I watch your youtube videos :)


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