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Friday, November 30, 2012

SotR - B52's & REM

We are very busy working all night to use the cover of darkness
to create our REVOLUTIONary product.

Our shift will be over long after you started your day. 

We do this for you. Because of the following Great Artists.

Think "WHY". WHY did Zaphod chose these songs for the Revolution.
WHY in this order?


The secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!

WHY is this the best Quality I could find on YouTube?
Why? You rock, LOBSTERs!

(This is a shoutout to all my friends at ALDI! JOIN THE REVOLUTION! :D)
Don't panic - I am as crazy as always!
Gibt's LOPster noch? :D Version 42?
Ich hab ja immer gesagt: 7 W-Fragen.
Warum? Warum? Warum? Warum? Warum? Warum?

Update: Für ein paar meiner letzten Antworten musste ich 9x WARUM fragen.

The B-52's: Rock Lobster

Why Private Idaho? What has the Big Z found?

The B-52's: Private Idaho 

Why Planet Claire? Where is Zappi looking for women?

The B-52's: Planet Claire

Shiny happy people requires no "WHY"

R.E.M. and the HOT KATE: Shiny, happy beings!

Has the big Z lost his marbles?

REM: Losing my Religion

Or is he mad?

The Lost Choir - Mad World (R.E.M. - Mad World)

The last Video made me cry. I pledge to donate profits to their organization. 


Moloko: WHY are YOU so far away?
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