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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Hobbit - Games Workshop


Games Workshop has released a teaser video for November 24th - apparently the day they will release the new The Hobbit range.

Unfortunately, besides an animated map, you don't get to see anything.

Here the Video. GW has somehow managed to disable embedding of the video on fansites... oO.... Oh well... The good old hyperlink will guide you: This way

This is a list of the alleged products that will be part of the release.(

Guten Morgen! 

Games Workshop hat ein Teaser-Video für den 24. November herausgegeben - offensichtlich der Tag, an dem das The Hobbit Sortiment vorgestellt wird.

Leider gibt es außer einer animierten Karte so gar nix zu sehen. 

Hier das Video... GW hat es tatsächlich geschafft, das Einbetten der Videos auf Fanseiten zu verhindern... oO ... Na gut... Der gute alte Hyperlink wird euch leuten:  Hier gehts lang.

Hier die Liste der angeblichen Release-Produkte (


  1. Hmmmm

    The list is long and full of new miniatures and i fear GW will then leave off the older range what means all the LotR Gamers especially the War of the Ring gamers like me will be pissed then :D

    let erm come :P

  2. Here is the list of the initial release, including the Limited Edition box:

    Also had no problem embedding the video..


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