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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[0:42] Questions to Zaphod the Tin-Collector

Today I will make it simple... 

Sometimes you do something. 

Sometimes the result does't change no matter what you do. 

Sometimes noone truly knows exactly why that is... 
Sometimes unchanged results can change everything, still...
Deep Thoughts are deep.
Sometimes the answer is not 42 
Sometimes its as easy as Yes or No!

Hint: it's mostly "Yes"

Result of the giveaway: I will give away another Assault on Black Reach Box today. Like the one yesterday. It is sufficiently precious to me to be a good prize.

The Question format you have to post below is different. One comment each. Comments should be YES or NO - others are disqualified. The question today is: 

"I ask you, to ask me ANYTHING you want except for: What exactly are you doing? What is the revolution? What is the GIVEAWHAT??" (and anything along those lines)...

Asking me will give you the chance to win a SUPER-RARE Black Library Collectors Edition Sword. Would you ask me a question for it? Any question? About Life, the Universe and Everything? Even "Coke or Pepsi?". I will make a video response and give you a shoutout!" (This sword is enormously precious to me.)"

I would challenge two good friends of mine to ask me a question. They know who they are. I promise I will answer their question as much as I can. 

Just answering yes or no will give you the chance to win. No has the same chance as yes! 

Oh! And you will only get the "remaining" box: Either German or Englisch. 

And last but not least: You can forfit the right to the sword so I can keep my preciousssss collectors items. I know you are a good guy! Pleeease! :D

German translation tomorrow - I am too tired... Revolution keeps me awake ;)
Deutsche Übersetzung morgen - Ich bin zu müde... Die Revolution hält mich wach :)


  1. Replies
    1. Should the comment be yes/no, or should your answer to my question be yes/no?

    2. If im meant to ask you a question, I will ask: 'would you share pictures of your collection with us?"

  2. No, just comment YES or NO if you want to participate. That's all you need to write.

    One time.

    All other comments will not participate ;)

    1. yes - you would aske me a question if you could win the sword

      no - you would ask me no question (but still qualify to win)

  3. Replies
    1. Shane is always a shining example of how to participate in the community. You can break the tension of the strict YES/NO votes by posting *clap* here. Or any other form of encouragment...

    2. lol :D il pat myself on the back shall I thanks Zaphod

  4. Replies
    1. No, I dont want to win, that would be sheer waste,

      but I want to ask you a question:
      Can you explain the thing with the question more exactly,
      I dont understand it. *confused*

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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yes, well maybe, no, it depends...I think JEIN!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Do you believe in a thing called love?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Yes
    My Question: What is your favorite (if you have one) 54mm+ mini that you have NOT yet painted but dream of doing so? Referring to Pegaso, Alexandros, Andrea, Yedharo, etc, etc...

  12. YES
    (sometimes I need a sword in the office...)


    will there be a split in space-time continuum, which will beam a god joker to another planet?

  13. Moin!
    Schwert....? Wär schon fein.....ABER viel wichtiger ist Deine Frage!
    Zu Deiner Frage wieviele Hühner täglich sterben müssen kann ich nur sagen - DEFINITIV ZUVIELE!
    Nö, ich bin kein radikaler Vegetarier aber mit ein bisschen Vernunft bezüglich unseres Ernährungsverhaltens wäre uns wohl allen gedient.
    Und so einen Kack wie Wurst mit Bärchengesichtern, Partywürstchen und sonstigem Kram mit dem man Lebensmittel aus Lebewesen zu Spielzeug degradiert braucht die Welt definitv nicht.
    Wo wir doch schon bei REVOLUTION sind:
    Ein-, zweimal die Woche fleischfrei bringt niemanden um - ich habs im Selbstversuch getestet (nachdem ich jahrelang ganze Bauernhöfe leergefressen hab) und hilft uns allen.
    Wer mehr wissen will fragt Onkel Google....

  14. Yes Yes Yes

    i have tonns of questions to the president an hope to meet him personally soon cause i have a big bag of questions

    so Y E S !!!!

  15. No, so many people have questions for You I won't take Youe presiuous time ;)

  16. Yes! What have you cut in half with this sword?


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