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Friday, November 23, 2012

WIN: Be one of the 420! Plus pimpin' title!

Most importantly: Mad Enticing Teaser Ninja Skillz

For this weekend I would like to ask you to think about what would happen if tomorrow the leaves that are STILL on trees were legal globl currency. Just as a thought. 

Preface: Have weird Idea, recognize the truth

My vision of the perfect Matrix: Real Life is a game based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that some Hooloovoo plays on a membrane in the 11th dimension, pulling the strings... I would never log off. I would even stop eating nomnomnommy steaks. 

The truth is, there is no steak!

Chapter 1: Create context, make sure, people don't think you are crazy: 

If anything, please regard everything that happens on this site from now on as one of three things: 1) Science Fiction. 2) Hardcore Nerd Satire. 3) What I consider to be incredilby hoopy, funny and silly. Some people may not get it at first. 

I may be crazy, but I am not mad. Even though my mom - inspite of increasing doubt levels - has not have me tested. 

Please Share and Enjoy a Hitchhike through my private Universe in my office!

Chapter 2. Put a stake in the ground. 

For resons of convenience and future reference I claim the Galaxy for every being and thing and string in it. Don't Panic! I brought cool miniatures and nerdy stuff in exchange for your trouble. Everything belongs to everyone and noone. Everything and Everyone in it deserves to be treated with respect. MAKE IT SO! And: Don't Panic! The VOGONS are on the way to take over Bureaucracy. 

And now for something completely different: 
Chapter 3. Promise hoopy titles to the revolutionaries.

In our Revolution, it is important to understand people for who they are. We assign titles to them that they can earn.

For example: My titles for my position in the Revolution are: "Galactic President", "Big Z", "Zapjah Beeblelion", "Missing link", "Big Giant Head", "Zaphod Beeblebrox", "Zappi", "HOOPY BEING", "HOOPY FROOD", "BEST BANG SINCE THE BIG ONE"*, "JUST ZIS GUY, YOU KNOW", "BARTI", "MIKE" and "JUNIOR" for my mom. There will likely be more.


"Ford", "Prefect", "Arthur", "Dent", "Dentrassis", "Galactic Brads" "MARVIN" and "My Preciousss" for my kids and "STAY THERE" for my dog, so I can confuse him by shouting "Stay There! Come here!" and he'd be all like "DA FUQ, DOOD! CHILL!". Instead of "Stay there!" as a command I will teach him "FLY!" and he has to drop to the ground. Maybe some day I will startle him so much that he begins to fly. Awesome plan is awesome.

Some of you can share some of my titles with me. Example: You could be "MIKE" or "JUNIOR" or voted "BEST BANG SINCE THE BIG ONE". Some of you can share titles of my wife and family later, such as "PRIME DIRECTIVE" or "7 of 9". But you gotta earn them ;) For free!

*no claim for truthfullness, no challenge of status quo intended! Its like Golf, guys... You don't have to be good at it to enjoy it!

**now, that one is hopefully true!

And you can collect many unique titles by supporting or criticizing our Revolution  - titles that represent a unique YOU. 

Most of it for free. And I will tell you about what we think about the concept of "cost", later...

So today's giveaway is that: A title of your choice. I will give RND(4,2)=5 UNIQUE TITLES OF YOUR CHOICE AWAY. Please only post 1 Title, I will choose myself. (5? I always knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the universe).

Write REVOLUTION in the subject to JOIN THE REVOLUTION (Galactic Lemming Phase - that is a TITLE TOO! THIS ONE will be VERY PRECIOUS AND RARE!) Only you will have access to certain merchandize later! And of course, you earn more special titles, too, according to your number. Ticking Ticket is ticking... For free. No strings attached (except for those stuck to the 11th dimension). 

Be one of "The 420"!

Maybe you should read up to this point to stay current with the Revolution with an inside perspective!

Starting Monday: Get to know the Revolution - Where we tell you all about how we tick - but not about what we do! (yet)

Ab Montag: Lernt die Revolution kennen! Wir erzählen euch wie wir ticken, aber nicht was wir machen (noch nicht)!

 Ihr könnt einen von 5 EINZIGARTIGEN Titeln gewinnen. Schreibt einfach EINEN Kommentar unten rein. Ich suche die Gewinner selber aus. Den Titel sowie HOOPY STUFF könnt ihr kostenlos benutzen, wenn die Revolution vorüber ist. Ihr habt später Zugang zu ganz speziellen Produkten nur für euch! Einige sogar kostenlos! Und vielleicht sogar portofrei!

Schreibt "REVOLUTION" im Titel und schickt eine E-Mail an "JOIN THE REVOLUTION"


  1. I only got one to reprisent myself lol "CRIPPLED BRISTLE" lol always look to the bright side of life lol

    1. Love it... Maybe I should have saved "FATTY MCBASTARD" for myself... but it would be a vanishing title as I decided to lose a few dozen kg :D

    2. lol awesome and good luck with your endeavour I hope you succeed and keep us updated mate i am behind you 100% mate :)

  2. "Stay There! Come here!"
    hahahaha, I could pee myself... quickly to the restroom... too late, arhhhh ;)

    Greetings, "3" or "blue egg" or "the shackled enforcer"

  3. I would´nt be Solmar if i don´t say: BRUSHRAGE!! WOAAAHH!

  4. I think I would like to be Slavemaster...

    1. You don't appear to me as a slavemaster... Maybe I need to talk to your wife! :D

  5. Oooo, then I like to be the one who frees the poor slaves. My title could be: Mistress of the society of Effecting the Abolition of modern Slavery.

    1. How about "Elvira - Mistress of the Dark!" :D

    2. Oh, btw: Congrats on wanting to buy the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Reading the book will help you understand me ;)

  6. Matt Cexwish, what can I say... Make a Wish...:D... Wishmaster... Its all good!

  7. I'd like to claim "Towel Enthusiast"

  8. "Hakim" because i love the book "Der Medicus"...or simply Doctorfish....or just Skyle would be fine as well^^

  9. "Survivor of the Apocalypse" !! or "Zombiemaster".

    Whats bether than Zombies? YES - more Zombies!!

  10. Dawn of the Revolution:-). I'd like that.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. mhhhm thats not that easy as i thought but i will try....

    Slave of Paint

    thats it


  13. The Mediocre Miniature Painter who Prepares more than Paints


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