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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The flaw in my teasing thoughts...

Deutsche  Kurzzusammenfassung am Ende
Greetings beings! 

I was there the day Zaphod Beeblebrox was wrong

Some of you have found a flaw in my evil teasing schemes....

You did not tell me, because fixing the flaw would decrease the odds of YOU winning the two Limited Edition Chaos Space Marine codices. (Seriously - I will only give the books away in the post at that link. You may still comment here, actually I would like you to, BUT this may or may not win you anything...)

How clever of you....

But I AM Zaphod Beeblebrox, BABY!*

I found the flaw it myself... And today I am going to fix it. WITH ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

But I did not want to get up to do it. I slept 15 hours after working on the Revolution for 58 hours straight yesterday. And it was not the only 42h+ day in the last weeks. May have been like 6 or 7 recently.

In short, I am totally beat and I did not want to get up to fix the flaw in my plan...

We know not to use images from other companies on our sites. That would be wrong. Still we 'borrow' some of them all the time, because we only have MS Paint and no mad design skills... 

Today I want to steal a picture from a blog I follow: From the Fang (A space wolf blog). It is an awesome blog, very well done, I enjoy it a lot. Check it out... Now he might be a little angry for me stealing his picture, BUT I think if you all visit his blog NOW and even consider SUBSCRIBING to him - he might forgive me. 

I would love to hear from you, Cardinal FANG! :D Bring the comfy chair!

Now, some time ago he posted this picture: 

Its a picture of a limited edition dark vengeange box. I needed a picture and I was too lazy to get up, go to the next room, take a picture, come back, plug in the camera, copy the image, put it on picasaweb and then link it to this post. 

I did it presidential style - I stole it. And hope my fellow nerd won't hate me for it ;) 

So... What do I need the picture for?


The Flaw

Of course, I want you to share this blog with your friends. But if you did, they would participate in the draw with dozens of ideas about the GIVEAWHAT. 

Not only would their comment decrease the chance of you winning, but they might even guess the GIVEAWHAT right! No, you don't really want that! You want it all for yourself.... Its your precioussss....

So here is how we fix it - DARK VENGEANCE - The Friendship Edition: 

Please tell your friends to come here. Share and Enjoy! 

In the OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY THREAD (I cant say it more often than I already did) your friends would lower the chances the person that you brought here writes something like this.

"My friend BawlingOrk42 got me here. My guess for the GIVEWHAT?: a signed Justin Beaver anthology".

Now what good would that do? 

Yes, you have lowered your chance to win the book. 

But you just opened up the chance for YOU AND YOUR FRIEND to walk home with a limited Edition Dark Vengeance Set EACH. And then you can play them against each other :D How cool would that be?

If you bring 10 friends, you got a 10x chance to win a set for you. Of course your friends can bring their friends too!

You see where this is going... Some call it viral marketing. I call it EPIC TEASING GIVEAWAYS ARE EPIC. :D

So here is a new rule for the GIVEAWHAT GIVEAWAY

Rule 7. Vengeful Friends

Please bring your friends here. In the GIVEAWHAT post (you know where): Write "XYZ brought me here." and both of you are eligible to win the a Dark Vengeance Limited Edition box EACH. 

Did I promise to start the REVOLUTION with the biggest Giveaway ever? Yes, I kinda hinted at it ;) 

I think you got stuff to do.  Make it so!

*actually I am not. I am just an imposter

Kurzzusammenfassung der Regeln. 

Bringt eure Mal-und-Tabletop-Freunde hier her.
In den Kommentaren zu diesem Posts (nicht DER hier), schreibt der von euch gebrachte Freund "BigBadBrush42 brought me here". Er kann natürlich versuchen, den GIVEAWHAT zu erraten.

Sollte euer Freund dann eine Dark Vengeance Box gewinnen, gewinnt ihr automatisch auch gleich eine. 

Sorry, dass ich nicht die Zeit habe, den gesamten Text zu übersetzen. Die Revolution ruft :D


  1. Replies
    1. Welcome to, Malthus! Glad to have you! And good luck with the giveaways!

      Please also post "cspyke brought me here" in the CORRECT thread for this giveaway@

      That goes for all other "friend referals" as well :)

    2. Thank you!
      Its a nice little blog you ave going on here...can't wait to see what the giveawhat is.

  2. My friends over at Platoon Britannica brought me here indirectly through their posts, does that count! ;) Even if it doesn't, happy painting to you! ;)

  3. disel24 from Dakka Dakka brought me here. Hmm... guess I better go post here:

    In the right thread.

  4. NO ONE brought me here. I found it by myself. I hope that's ok for as well. I am one of your presidential stalkers. I always know, where a new Blog of Z is coming up...So It would be a shame if SOMEONE would have brought me here.^^

  5. Bacms brought me here - and the water is fine!

  6. Was mich hierher gebracht hat?
    Meine Genialität im Umgamg mit den neuen Medien?
    Hab extra für die Teilnahme an den präsidialen Spielen einen Google-Account erworben (wer das für nicht spektakulär hält sollte erst mal in mein Alter kommen ;o) ).
    Eigentlich bin ich selbsttätig hierhergekommen weil ich die Seite interessant und den Autor witzig finde auch wenn ich in der letzten Zeit komplett den Durchblick verloren habe was hier abgeht und sich mir, mit meinem über 30 Jahre (in Worten "DREISIG") alten Schulenglisch, viele der englischen Texte nur begrenzt erschließen.

  7. The Internet brought me here! seriously I think I saw link to your blog on massive voodoo..

  8. To be serius not a direkt friend but the Community Das Bemalforum and Mister Zaphod himself brought me here with his nice comments about my work etc...

    so i dont know if that counts but after i made Masterminis dot net the Blog of the month on my Blog and i checked my Blog statistics the readers of my Blog checked that thread 127 times and so i guess i brought some friends here

    but i dunno if that counts
    i hope :D

  9. Platoon Britannica sent me. Particulary DarkMessiah as he's been telling us how great your idea is :)


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