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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sowwy... I bweak a pwomise...

Sowwy... I am going to bweak a pwomise...

How kould I let zis come two zis?! 

Wonderwabbit should have KNOWN!

I have a zpecial - not-veakday-convession to make tomorrov mornink, yaa?.
At 0:42 Cee Eee Tee. 

Cute widdle teasing Kliffhanger Wonderwabbit is
cute, widdle and - as a matter of fact - teasing.
How wonderful, wabbit :) 

Couldchawouldchashouldcha forgive this wabbit? 
Comment below. 

Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line

Really you should. Their leader is a total nutcase. 
Mostly harmless.


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