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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is YOUR secret nerd power, Ruler of the Galaxy!


An archiologist friend of mine posted this on Skype. It expresses pretty well, how I feel sometimes :) Presman style!

Thank you, Luke Daywalker for this inspiring and totally non-boring link! I challenge all Lintillas to marry this man!

Update 1: This may become the Company Promo Video :D

Update 2: I added a question, please reply to it below:
Which video inspires you more the visual/music Sci-fi video or the lyrics/music Bob Marley Video?

For no chance to win nothing at all, not a dingo's kidney - just for fun - please comment how much of a hero nerd this video makes you feel!

If you want to win, go here.
TELL ME which nerd you are and why you secretly with your super nerd powers control the Internet.

I have a secret STRETCHGOAL for something you will get for ABSOLUTELY FREE if we hit 420 COOL reasons why YOU are a HERO NERD and reveal your mad secret nerd powers to the world. I hope I get a lot of IT nerds here! :D 

Oh: Archiology-SciFi-Teaser! Mayan Calander found to be RIGHT! Batteries replaced after scientists tried setting it on fire.

Talk to ALL of your nerd friends.
Ask them to join us. 
Nerds of all tribes unite!
Together we will cause a NERDQUAKE!

Get up! Stand up! 

>>>>>>> <<<<<<

 Was ist eure geheime galaktische NERD POWER? Warum verdient ihr den Titel RULER of the Galaxy? Zu gewinnen gibt's nix. Nur Entertainment :)


  1. lol that was awesome def feel like running around like a jedi lol me id definitely control the web with the powers of Neo as it wouldnt be hard lol reach a hand through to the troll and squeez and twist "no more troll" lol

    1. Movie Script - Working Title: 42nd Sense
      "I see the strings in the Matrix" while I breath out condensed air...

    2. Update V0.42
      "I see DEAD strings in the Matrix!"

    3. lolol or Then Number 42
      "Everywhere I look, everything I see, absolutely everything adds up to the number 42. its everywhere I cant get it out of my head. I must know what is the answer to THE NUMBER 42" :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Once again (typo):
      There is only one answer to this question: 0x2A

    2. Psssst.... Wanna know the Question? :D

  3. As a real life rocket scientist I believe in scifi!

  4. Which Video inspires you more? The visual/Music of the first Video or the lyrics/Music of Bob Marley?

    Are you a visual or an Audio Nerd? Post in your reply here!

    1. Audio is great, and visuals are great too, but they're the best when they work together.

  5. both the music though not what I listen to preferably although it was up beat their for motivational, were as the constant onslaught of visual memory's of movie's that I treasure (the shout out to Robo cop and the pause with Wall-E was the my favourite parts)from my earliest days of watching sci-fi movie's.
    But also Bob Marley is yet inspiring in his own right it is hard to try and find a judgement based on inspirational value, there for I shall just state which video I enjoyed more, which has to be the sci-fi mash up had me laughing and remembering all sorts of movie's I had totally forgotten about :)

    1. Cool title, REVOLUTIONARY #7. Your honorary title is hereforth "SHANE THE MAN!" (spoken MAINE) :D

    2. lol i like it Shane the man it shall be lol

  6. Which movie?
    The first one!
    very simple...sitting here at work and cant hear music! ;)
    But also at home I prefer things, I can see....its more important for me!

  7. I have seen all those movies. I liked most of them. That was a lot of fun to watch. They are inspiring to think about the future and consider what might come.


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