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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Follow me!

Oh, Google! You made me happy!  

One of the posts is the first one you find when I search for images with "gold zaphod beeblebrox follow me!". Mad PS skills. NOT. 

I am listed even in front of the Heart of Gold. I feel proud. :) Everyone who knows me well knows, that stuff like this makes me as happy as a cat with a shiny thang!

Danny John-Jules as "Cat"
Source: Red Dwarf Wiki

Will you follow me now and become one of "The 420?"
Only a few more spots to hold that title!

Please Share this with your friends! :) 


  1. Is Red Dwarf worth a watch? It is hard to tell if it is a great show or too out there and crazy low budget to be worth it.

  2. lol CAT was definitely my favourite and and yes bulk it is worth every second if you dont enjoy it something is wrong lol :)


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