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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[0:42] WIN: Assault on Black Reach (OOP)

Today I want to make it short and sweet! 

Revolution Update: We just finished our "Revolution Headquarter": Walls were painted, carpets were put down, holes were drilled and cables were fitted... It was a lot of work - but that part is done... The Revolution is proceeding according to plan.

I feel great, motivated, happy... so let's do another giveaway - as promised :)

Assault on Black Reach was one of the best starter boxes GW ever made. I bought one in the US, one in UK, one in Germany and one in Japan (I needed the Japanese rulebook!)

The new starter set, Dark Vengeance, two limited edition of which I am giving away here, has gotten even better - which is hard to believe if you look at what your buck got you with Assault on Black Reach. I love starter boxes!

So today, I will give away an Out-Of-Production Assault on Black Reach starter box for you. You can choose between the German and the English Version. They are both mint and still shrinkwrapped. 


These two rules are always the same: 

1. The giveaway will be held on the day the GIVEAWHAT will be revealed. 

2. I will draw the winner randomly using as usual.

3. Please write down your favorite Game Systems AND Armies (multiple) in the Comments and the Replies to this subject. Of course, this is not limited to only Games Workshop - it can be any tabletop gaming system...

Every Comment and Reply counts as a "ticket". 

Good Luck! Next giveaway item: Tomorrow 0:42h.

Please see the "Giveaway" section in the menu for the other currently running giveaways!

WIN THIS: Assault on Black Reach Box: Mint in Shrinkwrap!

Heute wird's kurz und schmerzlos!

Revolutions-Update: Wir haben gerade unser Revolutions-Hauptquartier fertig gestellt. Wände wurden gestrichen, Teppiche verlegt, Löcher gebohrt und Kabel gelegt... Es war eine Menge Arbeit - aber dieser Teil ist nun fertig... Die Revolution ist voll im Plan.

Ich fühle mich großartig. Motiviert. Glücklich... Also: Zeit für eine weitere Verlosung - wie versprochen! :)

Die Sturmlandung auf Black Reach box war eine der besten Starterboxen, die GW jemals rausgebracht hat. Ich habe mir in den USA, in UK, in Deutschland und in Japan eine Box gekauft (ich brauchte das Japanische Regelbuch zum Wörter lernen :D)

Das neue Starter Set, Sturm der Vergeltung, welches ihr in der limitierten Edition übrigens HIER gewinnen könnt, ist sogar noch besser geworden - und das ist schwer zu glauben, wenn man sieht, was man schon bei der Sturmlandungs-Box für sein Geld bekommen hat.  Ich liebe Starter-Sets :D

Heute gebe ich also eine Out-of-production Sturmlandung auf Black Reach box aus meiner Sammlung weg. Ihr könnt zwischen der Deutschen und der Englischen Version wählen. Beide sind noch original eingeschweißt.  


Diese beiden Regeln kennt ihr schon: 

1. Die Verlosung findet an dem Tag statt, an dem der GIVEAWHAT? bekanntgegeben wird.

2. Ich werde den Gewinner wie immer über ermitteln. 

3. Schreibt bitte euer Lieblings-TT-Spielsysteme sowie eure Lieblings-Armeen (Plural) in den Kommentaren und Antworten zu diesem Post.. Natürlich ist das nicht nur auf Games Workshop beschränkt - es können gerne auch andere Systeme sein! 

Jeder sinnvolle Kommentar und jede Antwort gelten hierbei als ein "Ticket".

Viel Glück! Das nächste Giveaway started in 24h, morgen um 0:42h CET!

Es laufen derzeit viele Giveaways (und es werden noch VIEL mehr) - schaut in der "Giveaway" Sektion im Menü oben rein, um euch einen Überblick zu verschaffen.


  1. My favorite game: Warhammer 40k
    My all around favorite armies: Blood Angels and Dark Angels.
    My newly discovered favorite: Chaos Space Marines (with some Khorne daemons thrown in)
    And other armies that I think look awesome: Tau, Orks, Necrons, and Space Wolves.

    1. Okay, update: I just read the background for the space wolves and they are awesome! I have officially decided that my Chaos army is going to be a renegade Space Wolves warband. That way I don't have to pain them that ugly baby blue. Plus, they're just about as close to chaos as you can without openly worshiping the dark gods anyway. Maybe I'll use some of the FW skin wolves as chaos spawn? basically there are conversion possibilities everywhere with this army.

  2. I'm a big fan of 40k, I've been tempted by Infinity, Blood Bowl, and Battle Fleet Gothic.
    40k Armies I've got Necrons and Orks, I've had some Chaos in the past but I found them too hard to paint. Nids are my latest purchases. Love them xenos and the new direction GW is taking them.

  3. My favorite tabletop: chess
    My all around favorite chess army: black
    My other favorite armies: Wolfen, Woodelfs, Orks

  4. Warhammer 40K: Imperial Guard
    Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Skaven, Empire & Tomb Kings (with an old love of Chaos from the "Realm of Chaos" days...
    Malifaux: Neverborn, particularly Collodi, Jacob Lynch and Zoraida
    Eden: Jokers
    Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth
    Hordes: Farrow

    At the heart, though, I'm mostly a 40K player...

    1. Imperial guard is always scary to fight. Their guns are either super small, or gigantic, so you're tricked into thinking you can wipe out their troops and their tanks come in and destroy everything.

  5. Favorite games : Mordheim, Zombicide
    Armies : Imperial Guard, Renegade Militia, Dark Eldar, WFB Empire, Cadwallon militia.

  6. Favorite system: Infinity
    Favorite armies: Infinity: Combined army, Ariadna
    40K: Thousand Sons, Orks
    WHFB: Skaven, Night Goblins
    Malifaux: Ancanists, Neverborn, Ten Thunders
    WarmaHordes: Farrow, Khador, Trollbloods
    FoW: US Paratroopers
    Confrontation: Midnor

    1. Wow, that is alot of systems to play at once.

  7. Favorite System: Warhammer 40k (though I find Battlefleet Gothic interesting)
    Favorite Armies
    WH 40k: Dark Angels (first mini ever painted a flamer tactical... 15 years ago, I believe), Grey Knights (I'm kind of paladin-dependent :p)
    WH Fantasy: Wood Elves, Dwarves, Vampire Counts

    Not the first armies I'd play, but that I like are the Tau Empire (they have the mechas!), but also Eldar and Dark Eldar which, with the more obvious Sisters of Battle, let you build a fully female army and also have a more varied colour scheme.
    Finally, after reading "Know no Fear", I feel I respect Ultramarines more... I just try not to think about the 'movie' about them ^^

    1. I really want to try Battlefleet Gothic. It would be awesome playing a campaign combining BFG with 40k.

    2. I wish they'd remake BFG into plastic, I'd be much more likely to pick it up. Hopefully next year we get a specialist game remade instead of some silly ships game no one wants.

    3. Is it metal now? That seems kinda weird with the thin flying bases they're on. And I totally agree, BFG is 40,000 times cooler than dreadfleet. That Inquisitor game with the 54mm models looks pretty cool too, but mostly BFG.

  8. Warhammer 40k
    Imperial Guard and Tau.

    I like bug guns... I promise i'm not over compensating for anything ;)


    1. Tau have always been interesting to me. I don't think I'd like to play them, but they look awesome. I do like fighting against them though.

  9. Warhammer 40K: Orks, Imperial Guard, Chaos Marines, Space Marines, Lost and the Damned!
    Warhammer Fantasy: Chaos, Bretonnians, Ogres, Goblins
    Epic: Orks, Imperial Guard, Space Marines
    Before I was a Marshall I was a Grenadier: French, Allied
    BattleTech: Davion, Marik, Hansen's Roughriders, Eridani Light Horse
    Car Wars: Mid sized, sedan
    Sword and the Flame: French Foreign Legion

  10. For you cant get away from 40k, and army -the Guard!

  11. Confrontation (2,3 & 3.5e): Wolfen, Griffin
    Infinity: PanO, Nomads
    WH40: CSM, Dark Angels
    WHFB: WoC, Skaven

  12. My favs are as follows :)
    40k: CSM
    WHFB:Warriors of Chaos
    LOTR: Forces of Mordor

    1. I see a theme here. I started with LOTR, but now I don't ever play them. Sauron and the Balrog make great daemon princes though. And Sauron comes with the black mace!

  13. favourite games: 40k, Firestorm armada, Infinity & Warhammer quest!
    Favourite armies:
    40k - Chaos! (death guard & iron warriors!)
    Firestorm - Aquan prime
    Infinity - Yu Jing Japanese sectorial

  14. cool, I wanted to buy one, and now I can win it...:)

  15. Ah fast vergessen|

    favorite game: Mensch ärger Dich nicht!

    Armee: rote Penökel

    1. I will promise you this: Everyone dreams they can change the world. And I will show you how to do it with "Mensch Ärger Dich Nicht!" (engl: Pachisi?)

      42! Join the Revolution!

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  16. System - Inifinity
    Army - Nomads
    Though I do like my Daemons and my Orks as well...

  17. My favorite system is definetly WH40K and army is chaos all the way, orcs would be my second choice :P

  18. Als GW-Kind sind meine liebsten Systeme 40k und Fantasy. Armeen: Tyraniden und Orks bei 40k und Vampirfürsten bei Fantasy.

  19. necromunda. and of course i play goliaths as they match my physical attributes the most, lol!

    1. Yet another game I would be up to my ears in if GW ever get off their butt and make them plastic or put out a new boxed set!

  20. Necromunda - da muss ich mich anschließen. (Allerdings mit Cawdor-Gangern)
    Vergleicht man dieses Spiel mit den "moderneren" Skirmishern macht es immer noch mindestens genau so viel Spaß und das mit wirklich wenigen regeln.

  21. Spielen tu ich schon lange nicht mehr. Reizen wuerd mich da momentan auch eher nur das Dust-"Universum".

  22. Fuer immer unereicht wird aber das 40K-Universum bleiben. Auch wenn ich nicht mehr spiele, sauge ich trotz alledem alles an Background etc auf und bin Dauerkunde bei Forgeworld. Meine alte Libe die World Eaters werden da grad einfach zu vut bedient als nicht schwach zu werden :)

  23. Ohje, ich muß auf meine Wurstfinger achten, was sie da tippen. . . das liest sich ja grausig. . . .

  24. Systems: Infinity, Hordes
    Armies: Yu Jing, Legion of Everblight
    ..and I love WH40k too, but I don't have any army or favourite faction (in fact every army have some uber-cool models ;))

    1. That's true, I don't think there's an army out there that I wouldn't love to paint.

  25. System: Warhammer 40.000
    Army: Tau Empires

    Also Malifaux
    Army: The Guild (for playing) and the Neverborn (for miniature-madness)

  26. System: Warhammer 40.00
    Armeen: Orks, Space Marines und Necrons

    System: Warhammer Fantasy
    Armeen: Echsenmenschen

    System: Mortheim
    Bande: Carnival of Chaos

  27. WH 40k: CSM for Nurgle converting goodness. Orks and Tau because I like the Xenos!
    Malifaux: Guild

  28. WH 40k: CSM for Nurgle converting goodness. Orks and Tau because I like the Xenos!
    Malifaux: Guild

  29. WH 40k: Tau
    Armalion: Thorwaler
    BattleTech: Steiner

  30. that is an hard question. I have started with 40K with orks and now moving to Bloof angels. Orks still are my favourite choice though it is just a shame that 6th seem to kill the assault playstyle. For that reason lately I have been enjoying playing KoW and Malifaux. So at the moment malifaux and my guild crew gets the stamp for favourite game system and faction

  31. My favorite system : infinity
    My army : japanese yu jing

    I'd like the confrontation 3.5 system too

  32. My 2 favourite (can't decide which is the best):
    Infinity- army PanOceania
    Flames of war- British paratroopers

    1. Flames of War looks pretty cool. I'd like to paint up some of the tanks I play in World of Tanks.

  33. I prefer warhammer as a gamign system in which I have a chaos slaanesh army, but for background alone my favourite has to be 40k in which I have been lovingly, if slowly, building a heavily converted adeptus mechanicus army (see - plug plug...)

  34. Necromunda for me, easy to get a gang together, quick to paint and the gang grow and learn abilities as you play game after game. House crawdor all the way.

  35. Warmachine: Khador
    Mag den kalten Russischen Stil.

  36. Warhammer is the only system I have played and my favourite armies are Skaven and Chaos.

  37. Favourite system is 40K, it is what I've played the most. Armies Dirz are awesome, the models, the background, something new and fresh. Like the Wolfen too. For 40K, anything Imperial, particularly the Imperial Guard.

  38. As far as systems go, I prefer regular RPGs to wargames -- World of Darkness (the new rules, not the old ones) and Pathfinder. For wargames, I've only played WH40K.

    My favorite armies in 40k (the only wargame I've played) are Sisters of Battle and Dark Angels, with Imperial Guard and Tyranids tying for 4th (or is it 3rd?.. I never know how those rules work.).

  39. WH 40K - Orks und CSM
    Mit den Orks krieg ich von meinen Jungs meist auf die Mütze - aber irgendwie bringen mir die Kerle den meisten Schbass :-))
    WH fantasy hab ich mal probiert, ist mir aber zu viel Gezauber (nicht mein Ding)

  40. My favorite game system at the moment is:


    I am collecting, painting and playing an Axis Gorilla army at the moment.

    I also play 40K. I have Red Scorpions, Korne CSM Army, Imperial Guard Valkyrie/Vulture army (actually 3 Valkyrie, 3 Vendetta, 3 Vultures). All painted.

    I like Warhammer. I have a pile of metal and plastic that will one day be a Skaven army.

    I have a HUGE Ork BFG Fleet all painted the fleet has 30 Brute Ram ships.

    I have an awesome painted Skaven warband for Mordhiem.

    And I have piles of metal and plastic that one day might be an army for various systems, mostly 40k.

  41. Favorite game: LOTR SBG
    FAV army: Isenguard

    1. I started out with LOTR, but I didn't really play it. I just painted. Is it good to play?

    2. The game is pretty fun if you like skirmish games, i suggest you take another look at it (plus its so fun to recreate scenes from the books and movies!!)

  42. Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guard/Space Wolves/Dark Angels
    Necromunda: Ratskins

  43. My goto game is battletech, any faction will do.

    Planning on getting into 40K with Tau and a vanilla marines army.

  44. WH40k: Demon Hunters (especially the Grey Knights...Kawoosh!)

  45. Favorite system: Warhammer 40k
    Favorite army: Space Wolves
    Been playing Space Wolves for around 3 years now since the new codex came out and I must say that they are brilliant.
    Everything from the fluff to the models themselves is just stunning.
    I also have Imperial Guard.
    ==For the Emperor!==

  46. My favorite game is freebooter's fate and I love the amazones, the gobbos and the pirates.

  47. Hordes: Trollbloods

    Warhammeer Fantasy : Vampire Counts

  48. Helldorado!
    Deamons, Mercenaries and the Chinese Guys ^^

  49. Mein Lieblingsspiel zur Zeit? Teilnahme bei GIVEAWHAT.
    Lieblingsspielsystem? Ich find den ganzen "Ich hab aber, weil ich der Superdupersiebzehnsterne-General von GWs gnaden bin, mit nem 32er Rettungswurf meinen multiweaponability Spare-Hero gesaved und dann, nach dem Path tackeln, mit dem Ultima-Blaster den Groink dermaßen zersmasht, dass der die Würfel gefressen hat"-Kram nicht so wirklich. Fahr aber, auch nach ca. 25 Jahren, immer noch dermaßen auf geile Figürchen ab, besonders wenn sie gut bemalt sind. Und geile Figürchen gibbet von fast allen Firmen (sehr zum Leidwesen meines Kontos und der immer noch ansteigenden Lagerbestände - auch Quatsch - von wegen Leidwesen -geile Figürchen sind immer noch geil).

  50. For Sure it is Warhammer 40.000 with my Imperial Army pure Infantry Army....yess 500 Minis and what have you on the Table ? :P

  51. Favorite Game Systems: War of the Ring, Freebooters Fate
    Favorite Forces: Good Side, Goblins

  52. Dark elves from GW. System i like most ... System of a down ;)

  53. Favourite system Necromunda. Whatever systems I try out thats the one I always go back to amazing game. Favorite gangs are Ratskin Renegades and Cawdor. Other army has to be Blood Angels. I've collected far too many over the years.

  54. Favoutite System: Confrontation , Devourer, Kelts and Arachaon
    Also i have a WHF Dark elfs army about 1500P and 40K Chaos army 3000P at home.

  55. My favorites include:
    Warmachine: Menoth
    BattleFleet Gothic: Tau
    Mordheim: Carnival of Chaos
    Blood Bowl: Chaos
    Necromunda: Delaque


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