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Monday, November 26, 2012

[0:42] Revelations about Life, The Universe And EVERYTHING

Breaking News from the Revolution Headquarter:

Clarification on what da fuq is going on - STOP - Has the Big Z finally flipped? - STOP - ADVISE: READ EVERY WORD CAREFULLY - STOP -


According to Zaphod Beeblebrox, the original "GIVEAWHAT?" yelled "Oh no, not again!" speeding along a trajectory towards the ground before promptly dissappearing in a puff of logic*** - STOP - It was surprisingly replaced by an even more awesome GIVEAWHAT? - STOP - Unfortunately, this one felt rather insecure about its true purpose in life the moment it hit the ground. - STOP - It was so startled by that Revelation, that it forgot to hit the ground and hovered in mid air. - STOP -

Zappi out - FULLSTOP -

<CONSPICUS*** SMALLPRINT><SECRET MESSAGE>***D: KRAM yeH</SECRET MESSAGE> //-- GalacticCryptV0.42 --//***Any Claim I gave the original GIVEAWHAT? a push from the window sill in order not to part with my awesome FULL collection of RACKHAM miniatures are wrong unless proven guilty at the GalacticCourt on Betelgeuze. Void where prohibited

So, we understand that there is a new GIVEAWHAT? prize somehow now. It is infinitely better than those two old, mundane prizes.

In order to not put no more stress on the people that guess the GIVEAWHAT? in this GIVEAWAY, I will now reveal to you the two disappeared Giveawhats.

The 1st, "Oh no, not again!", Giveawhat

I got so many minis - I won't be able to paint them in 4200 years. So I decided to give away my full collection of MINT Rackham Miniatures. All ~800 minis, excluding only 3 busts and maybe one or two minis. Hm... incomplete... Nah... can't give that away... I decided to complete the collection and put them in a Museum instead :) If possible - all painted to perfection - This is just WAY TOO NERDY to give away. 8 out of 9 Points for style.

Purchase prize: ~20.000€ Value estimated >42.000€ (I would pay it, if I had it!).

(c) Picture Massive Voodoo

"Grooooound!" Giveawhat

I thought about giving away my car for free. After two years of Tokyo Public Transport and since I now live in Berlin with a Car2Go card, I don't really need it anymore, although I love it dearly... And I hate going through the hassle of selling it... Its a 2007 or so Mercedes SL350 convertible in really good condition. But giving something away that I really do NOT need? Not quite 42.000€? And its used? ... No!

Only "7 of 9" Points for style. I will put it on ebay or somewhere and hypo-spray-inject the money into our Revolution.

New Giveawhat

If you promise me to bring two or more friends here (I won't verify, I trust you), please continue to GUESS as much as you want in the comments below. I think the new GIVEAWHAT is infinitely better than the two old ones. Honestly. Trust a crazy Person!

Several Million out of 9 points for style.

What do you truly NEED in life?

I realized, I don't need "stuff"...

I hope that clarified the direction in which my company is going and in which you have to guess the GIVEAWHAT. Every comment or response to THIS post or the original recipie post here will have a Chance to win the GIVEAWHAT? Again, leave as many comments as you like, discuss other people's ideas! Every non-troll-post has a chance to WIN THE GIVEAWHAT!

See? I promised you, I would not tease again! A galactic being abides.

The Dude abides...
Homework Assignment: Imagine there is no spoon.

For tomorrow's 0:42h (Tuesday, CET) giveaway I want you to think about what you REALLY NEED or WANT from life. Your personal dream of WHO you want to BE. What would be your personal GIVEAWHAT? genie in a bottle?

I want to be a good looking genie, too!

I will ask you to ask me questions on your thoughts tomorrow.

The truth is, there is no spoon.

In 1977, this song basically tuned my brain to Sci-Fi. 
Listen to it.

Then: Share and Enjoy!

If you want to JOIN THE REVOLUTION - even if you don't understand its full scope yet - For FREE - send an email with the subject "REVOLUTION" to 

Also make sure to get your pimpin' title here


  1. Well I guess that the improved GIVEAWHAT will be a large portion of your Games Workshop/Forgeworld collection. (Also, how did you get so many models?)

    1. 21 years of collecting trinkets like a mad man :D
      My preciousssss :P

      Good thing most of it is in secure storage :D

    2. Good gracious, that would be an incredible giveawhat!

    3. Would you give the secure storage for it as well?
      I dont think it would all fit in my house! :/

  2. lol youve lost me there what fuq is going on mate lol

    1. but in answer to Your question "what do i want be" just a healthy person who gets lots of business in my upcoming commission venture :)but as for the GIVEAWHAT I have no idea i made all the guesses i thoought logical and by all reckoning you are not logical at all lol

    2. lol and I already brought all my friends lol :)

    3. Then it is time for family, teachers, tutors, strangers now!

    4. lol i put out the call but most of my non mini mates are pretty useless lol all i can do is ask and ask have and again i will :)

  3. What I need & what in life cannot be given, it would defeat the purpose.
    One of my life goals however, is to strive & learn in my attempts at miniature painting; to the point where I can class myself amongst the best in the world.

  4. In this thread: GIVEAWHAT? Guesses and discussions only please :)
    TOMORROW there will be time for your personal Ultimate Question!

    1. Make sure to visit Pete Stark's Facebook Page and "like" him! I want to work with him - he is a great musician from Australia!

    2. If your entire collection of rackham was not enough.. The is the giveawhat your entire collection of miniatures (including storage space)?!

  5. Or is the giveawhat the feeling of fulfilment & satisfaction of being a part of the revolution?

    1. Thats the consolation prize for everyone who does NOT win the GIVEAWHAT or one of the many other Giveaways :D

  6. I'm just wondering what would happen if I had a deadly car accident today without knowing everything about the revolution. This would be so sad :-(. I better stay at home until I find out what is happening here.

  7. This GIVEAWHAT is The Hobbit Complete Bundle :)though not as grand as the prior prize it would still reduce me to tears lol :)

  8. Neo was right. There is no GIVEAWHAT!

  9. What the fuck????
    Are you crazy?
    Are you kidding us?

    What can have more style than a complete rackham-collection?
    I´m sitting here and can not believe, that´s serious meant! has been a EPIC giveawhat! ;)
    And the president tells us, the really giveawhat hast more style?
    Can only repeat me...WTF????

    You speak abaout your (unknown) company,
    you tell us from the epic giveawhat,
    Derwish know something about ist (I think),
    it must be something with miniatures.
    And you are a IT-specialist, is that right?

    Ok.... PCs, Nerds, Miniatures....
    Mixing that all togetzer, and it will be a epic giveawhat!!!11
    But...whats the result, thats the question.

    Dont know...dont find the answer.....
    but I´m excied like a child at christmas! :D

  10. Heheh... Glad I could clear that up :) Keep guessing guys - I am a little surprised not more are guessing to win an awesome GIVEAWHAT - more AWESOME than a CAR or even a FULL Rackham Collection! :D Maybe I stunned you :D

    Get your friends and family in here! :D

    1. Maybe it is time to activate the special NERD POWER and spread the word in Forums :)

      Hm... How can I do a giveaway for that... :D Let me think for 42 seconds...

  11. Ma every time I read one of your posts I get more confused. Still not sure what the hell all this text was about. The giveaway they say. The revolution they say. For that I understood there is a prize and that prize is something of value. Although value is subjective so can be really anything

    1. “I think we have different value systems." —Arthur
      "Well mine's better." —Ford”

    2. LOOOL :D

      That one made my morning :)

  12. I hope the giveawhat is a livetime subscription to you "revolutionary" miniature-company where it´s possible to sent pictures of persons, minis or whatever you want. You visualize (scan) the pictures build up automatically in the new developed machine and give us back a perfect 3D minature of the sent picture ?!
    Creative enough?
    I think that´s something every miature painter wants to have!
    Gonzo (Sledge)Hammer :-)

    1. ^^ I would say, so far you are the closest. And still way off :D

  13. And I even guessed a car in the other thread. So close.

    1. haha! :) It was not a car then. And now it is no more...
      It's all about timing :D

  14. "I want you to think about what you REALLY NEED or WANT from life," for me in almost all things - patience.

  15. I think the 'Giveawhat' is/should be a full partnership in the ''revolutionary miniature company' with full creative rights and a share of profits.

    Failing that 42!


    1. I was just thinking a lifetime supply of minis from the revolutionary miniature company. Full creative rights and a share of the profits would be cool though!

  16. I think the improved Giveawhat is a livetime supply whith miniatures, produced or distributet by your own company.

  17. I'm not entirely sure what it's all about or what's going on, but it's fun to read through!

    My guess for the Giveawhat, given how amazing you suggest it may be, is that you've actually managed to breed/create a herd of Ameglian Major Cows - thus providing a long and willing supply of fresh steak for the winner?!

  18. Ok, how about...

    It's a miniature company that's free access for sculptors/mini designers. In order to gain access, you have to sculpt a mini or design a mini that can be rendered in 3D (doesn't necessarily have to be brilliant, but needs to have a degree of form). If you do this, you get free access to a number of other minis that have been sculpted by other people - who have done the same thing and sent them in free of charge to gain access/experience...and so on.

    Everyone else can then just buy the minis, which should fund the company enough to allow it to support/cast the stuff from the up and coming sculptors/designers who are sending stuff in.

  19. Amusing... Zaphod you are off your tits, which a German might not understand.. it means you only have half a picnic. Or you have a light on, but no fucker is home.. Surely you lot use one of them right? ;)

  20. So I'm here, and I'm reading... but bloody hell for the life of me I cannot comprehend quite yet. To quote another source
    "I can't tell if this is brilliance or madness"
    "Funny how often the two seem to coincide isn't it?"


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