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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Don't Split The Party!" - 2013 comments challenge!

Full Disclosure: 
- No need to read if you are 100% satisfied with your professional and personal life.

- Need to read and comment if you want to win an AWESOME 3-part prize!

Hey, hey! Hey, hoopy froods! Hey!

Have you ever played D&D? Have you ever listened to or watched live D&D programmes

I have. And I do it all the time... Again and again. For years now. I wished I still had my original first edition "Red Box" *sadpresman.jpg*

I just listened to season 1-4 (free iTunes Podcast) and watched season 5-7 of Acquisitions Incorporated's adventures for the umpteenth time... Again.

There are so many things you learn, such as "Don't split the Party!", +Wil Wheaton. Even Dimwit Bronzebottom +Scott Kurtz knows this ;) Unfortunately their party companions Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulic don't seem to have a Google+ page. Yet.
These guys raise millions for children with their organization "Child's Play" - and are among my role models and personal heros.

Buying our product at our store may not result in millions, but it will work with the same spirit. More on this in the next couple of days... 

You can help us roll a natural 20 on our mission.
We give to charity as a standard action.

Splitting the Party in the vicinity of Acid Pit Traps does not only result in a painful death even a roll of 18 won't get you out of. It is also VERY ENTERTAINING. 

You know that on December 21st we started our first of many companies. If you don't know why or how, check out this summary post.

I am going to split the party. Soon(tm).

Like the fabled planet Magrathea, which specialized in the creation of custom planets, we will create very splendid and worthwhile companies. Many of them. 

And of course, I cannot put it all in one blog. The 'place where we learn to be a better painter' has been too chaotic as it is already... ;) You KNOW what I mean.

So at the beginning of January I will clean things up a little. 

The first three splits will be this: 

  • (this blog): Will remain my personal blog and the 'place where YOU learn to be a better painter' - with event reports, painting tipps & tricks and some harmless entertainment. Minus some of the crazy stuff. Some. Not all :D 

    There will be a Google+ Community on paintingbuddha with a separate blog, too.

  • AUOPSLAOPTP: If you asked the question "WHY" at least once in your life, you qualify to join this Google+ Community (separate blog comming soon(tm)). Personally, if you follow ANY blog, I would recommend this one. This will eventually turn into the [j]th company, but at the beginning its just going to be awesome.

  • Funraiser 42: You have no job. You have a job you don't like. You have a job you like but would not mind to do something else. You want to create a company. You want someone to give you a company for free. You need inspiration for your own company.

    You want to live a fun and as a whole worry-free life. You don't necessarily want to become filthy rich.

    OR you want to watch someone who answered one of the above with 'yes'. Take that, Reality TV!

    THIS is the place to be in 2013. This will be the 2nd company I will start and it will be started BEFORE March 1st. Heartfelt congratulations, if you do not feel the need to follow this Google+ Community. Blog coming soon(tm).
If you do not have a google+ account yet, you can get one here for free. This link works WITHOUT having to create a gmail account! :) BAZINGA

If you have a Facebook account and do NOT have a google+ account because you don't trust google, you are DOING IT WRONG. We will explain all the awesome stuff Google is doing right now next year. Stay tuned - it is going to change your online life. For free. 


WIN a 4th edition D&D 'Red Box', a Dungeon Master Handbook (not in picture) and a Players Handbook (not in picture) by commenting below. In the LANGUAGE OF YOUR CHOICE (if available)

Today I would like you to tell me the THREE things that you would like to change in this Galaxy. If its more than three, I take it too :D

We are at 1960 comments now. The challenge is to get to 2013 with this post. So I need 53 of you :) Can we do it? Yes we can! :D

Stay tuned! 

Zaphod Beeblebrox*

*You cant spell Beeblebrox without x's and o's :) 


  1. Here a few of my wishes:
    1) I want to stop the financial crisis.
    2) I want to implement MY business methodology for the 42nd millenium
    3) I want all CHILDREN aged 0-100 to play and paint miniatures.

    And I got a pretty good idea how.
    How about you? What would you like to change?

  2. 1] to stop my financial crisis lol
    2] do something i LOVE as a job
    3] be the best person i can be dad/partner/painter

  3. 1) I finally need to start painting some time ^^
    2) I would replant all the trees I will have to cut down in the near future, so they can survive. I am really SOWWWY little Birdys :0(
    3) I would visit some very good friends, I have not seen for too long!

    Best regards and THX for the revolution^^

  4. 1) To see innovations coming from non-war arenas
    2) To see countries at war to duke it out on table top wargames, where it is easier to find real winners, have real rules, and also support the growing gaming community
    3) To see and realize that free trade and open source can and will work once people give it a chance.

    Good luck with this as always Zaphod.. really looking forward to the new year and how your business methodology works out for you and the rest of us mortals on this rock called Earth..

  5. 1) We absolutely need MOAR time! Give us 40 hours a day! MOAR Time equals MOAR Painting!

    2) Peace.. nice thing!

    3) Does anyone of you know who really killed JFK?

  6. 1) move global economy away from capitalism.
    2) be a better painter (in progress)
    3) not work at a job I hate

  7. 1) I want the people who care about the others to be happier than the ones who don't.
    2) That nobody has to die who is still loved by someone.
    3) That money has no meaning anymore.
    4) To find out if there are aliens somewhere.
    5) That all children grow up in peace and are loved by their parents.
    6) To change the german school system.
    7) A sequel of final fantasy VIII
    8) ...

    1. I will work with priority on these in 2013:
      #1, #3, #5, #6 (worldwide, not just Germany)

  8. I would change MY personal financial crisis *lol*

    yeah and as a good husband and father

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I would change these 3 things in the galaxy

    1) Global prosperity, empower the common man, make sure everyone has enough money to live comfortably and the help to achieve their dreams
    2) Depose corrupt governments in all countries and rechannel money into improving resources and basic needs so everyone has food, water, medicine and education
    3) Set up Titan as a prison planet for hardened criminals, just dump them there, no drain on our economy
    4) Enforce a Galaxy wide ban on the building of Death Stars
    5) Increase the popularity of traditional RPGS, boardgames and miniature gaming/painting to the same level as video games.
    6) Think of other things to improve.....

  11. Replies
    1. You are just twice as determined to change the world! Good for you :)

      Hey, hey! Anyone else, hey! Don't want to win? Don't want to change the world? Where are your comments? ^^

    2. OH and by the way. I will GIVE YOU items #1 and #5 soon. For free. And I am not kidding.

      Share & Enjoy :D

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. 1) I want to add additional 24h in a normal day
    2) Destroy borders in minds – I want to each person in galaxy to realize that You can do everything just start doing it
    3) I want that 3D printing become more cheaper and in each hobby store I just choose in catalogue 3D model that I want paint :P
    ... hm what’s more?.... More DAKKKA...:P

    1. I want #1 too. Always said "if a magical fairy grants me a wish it will be never to have to sleep again" :D

      Number 2 and 3 are easy. I bet we do both in 2013.

    2. I'm happy that 2 and 3 will done in 2013 :P

  14. 1) I want candy.
    2) I want more candy.
    3) I want a lot more candy.

    1. You made a mistake. I am looking forward to your 30th birthday.
      And I will recommend a good dentist to you. ^^

  15. 1) I want to change my job and start doing something I really LOVE
    2) I want to find more time for painting
    3) I would like to start the human race and start brand new :)

  16. 1- I would like to own a 3d printer to make my own models
    2- magically have more time to build, paint and play wargames
    3- start a new gaming system this year of 2013! oh this could be trouble!

  17. 1) I want my 'That-was-easy' red button to stop, or slow it down with atleast 72%, when I press on it during painting models. When I press again, people will hear "That Was Easy" and I painted the model in no-time....for as much as they are aware of. :D

    2) I would like to have portals. Yes...Portals will do me some good. Be it for grabbing a beer from my neighbors fridge while I'm at my desk or to go to that new planet with those awesome aliens to play some intergalatic poker and drinks some Zigknoffs at the bar (WITH paper umbrella!)

    3) What would be great is that the weather would be like we teach our kids. Not a mixup from: now a little bit of this with some sprinkles of that, how about we do crazy and have this now, let's throw in some of these aswell.

    If we're not talking about universe-changing materia it would be the normal thing.
    Have great times with the girlfriend, reading and painting.
    And as I bought me the 5-book set of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'll probably be thinking of you while reading it. You corrupted my vision of Zephod! Where's your second head!

  18. Als erstes ein sehr egoistischer Wunsch: genug Geld um ein Haus zu bauen.
    Damit kommt dann auch der Wunsch, dass jeder auf der Welt ein Dach über dem Kopf haben sollte.
    Und zum Schluß noch ein egoistischer Wunsch: Mehr Zeit fürs Malen (ohne diese Zeit von der gemeinsamen mit meiner Frau abzuknapsen)


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