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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interview with Faeit 212's own Natfka / Gary!

Hey guys! 


This is a fun interview with Gary (Natfka) from Faeit 212 and was conducted with Blue Tabletop Painting. Gary talks about the Takedown of his site Faeit 212 by GW and his plans for the future. 

There is a little too obvious and too much Blue Table Marketing in these vids, but we will forgive them, as they conducted the video and put it online. You can stop watching the vid at around 5 minutes, if you are only interested in the relevant Faeit 212 part.

In short Gary told as what we already knew - Games Workshop filed a DMCA claim with Google and effectively took Faeit 212 down. Gary is as baffled as we are at the 'strategy value' behind this. 

The good news is: He will be back - one way or the other.

In the interview, Gary stated that there might be a chance that the 'old' Faeit 212 could come back unchanged - that could indicated that he is thinking about filing a counter-claim with the DMCA. IF that works that would be a pretty bad blow to GW's over-confident legal department. After reading up on Copyright Law, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and some free press related laws, I am quite confident, that GW actually overstepped their legal boundaries with their claim.

We should all keep our fingers crossed ^^.

Thanks to Candy Man for sharing this with me. I was quite literally on my way to bed when I got the message on Facebook ;) 

You didn't really have time to read my nightcap article about more fun about clever GW decisions. This news came up like 30 minutes after I posted the nightcap article.

* Personal breaking news *

Gary played ULTIMA ONLINE which is where he got his name Natfka from.  I played UO on and off for 15 years, starting with the beta 1997 ^^

Natfka's reputation is now 42.0 (+0.3). :D

Anyone else played UO?
(I was on Great Lakes and chances are, I stole all your stuff)

But now I am gonna hit the hay - the internet news kept me up 3 hours over my self-prescribed bedtime for today!

Nite guys & gals!



  1. Horrible sound. what made them record that in there? Thanks for the link. :)

  2. Maybe there were some mermaids just out of frame ^^
    Really only worth watching up to around 5 mins. Not much information in there, but then again, after GW brings down the DMCA hammer you should be stunned for a day or two.

  3. Good to see you were not abducted Natfka. I started on the interwebs with UO as well. Back on a dial up connection. I played on Chesapeake and later on the Asia Pacific Server under the monika Garrett Jax. Good to hear that you will be fighting the DCMA. Look forward to seeing the site up again.


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