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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 Interview with Natfka from Faeit 212

Interview with Gary/Natfka from Faeit 212. 

Good morning, you good, free people of the Internets!

Natfka from Faeit 212 took the time for an exclusive little interview with on his current status, schedule and plans for his new site, after GW's Legal Department took him down last month.

In the grim present of the 2nd
millenium there are only
Legal Departments.

ZB: I know you must be tremendously busy right now and I appreciate the time you take for this little interview. It was about 2 weeks ago that Games Workshop filed a DMCA claim against your site Faeit 212. Like all of your followers, I guess all you got when you tried to log on that day was "This blog was removed"

GK: I had just landed in Salt Lake City Utah for the Valhalla event put on by Blue Table Painting, and was waiting to be picked up at the airport. So there was a lot of confusion at first as to what happened. I had an hour drive up to the lodging for the event, so I spent most of that time filtering through what had happened. A lot of that trip was spent on the phone with Larry from Bell of Lost Souls, and trying to ascertain exactly why and what was going on. 

Google did not send any notice that the site was taken or was to be taken down, only that there was a DMCA claim against a post that had been put up. There still has been no notice the site was to be taken down, only that an article had been moved into draft form.

ZB: Oh, so you did not even know it was taken down then? When I saw the post from Larry of BoLS on Facebook about Faeit being down and BoLS landing page to be affected as well, I immediately checked what was going on (within a minute of Larry's post on FB). As soon as I checked for Faeit, all it said was 'this blog was removed'.

When you realized that the Blog had been taken down - where you actually able to access any of your files or was everything just 'gone'? Was there any chance to contact someone at Google? I am sure a lot of people would be interested what they can actually do in this kind of 'worst case' szenario.
GK: Everything was just gone. Google has been slow to respond to my counter claim, but that is all still in the works. Its been taking them 2-3 days to respond to any email on the subject of my counter claim. 

ZB: So - do you have access to your Google Blog content now? Can you salvage the hundreds of posts you had there?

GK: I do not have access to my Google Blog content atm. I am working through that though, but it is not necessary for me to move forward to have it. 

ZB: Wow, that blows. So, what is your take on the 'legality' of that DMCA claim? As far as I am concerned, you posted pictures from some Chinese guy who photographed the White Dwarf. The 'Copyright' on that picture clearly lies with the photographer, so really the legal dispute should only be between GW and that person - at least that is my opinion. I mean, if you look at the content and sensitivity of Wikileaks I find it almost unreal that GW would take such a crass action. Did you consider legal councelling?

GK: As to my understanding of the legality of posting the pics, I have been advised that they easily fall under "fair use" in regards to news and commentary. 

ZB: Yeah, I agree with you. Maybe we should all start hosting our stuff in Sweden or Iceland - GW would have absolutely no way of taking those contents down as their Internet laws protect such news.

But let's look ahead. I know you are busy getting your new site at your own server up. In your last video on your Youtube channel you indicated you might be up back up by Monday this week - is that schedule still holding? There's got to be a lot of work!

GK: The new site is going to take awhile. I announced this morning in video that the new site is behind schedule, and I am hoping to have it up the last week in May. Until then I am setting up a temporary site so that I can start posting up immediately. Eldar information should be coming in here soon, and I want to be on top of it.  

ZB: Yes, the Eldar rumors are going wild - and I am looking forward to their new walkers and flyers... We all hope you will be back soon as your site has always been one of the most up-to-date sites with regards to rumors and news and - if I may say so - one of the most entertaining.

So it seems you will continue your tradition of Gaming News, especially on the GW/FW front. Will you also change things or add things to what you have done in the past?

GK: I think the primary thing, is that a lot will stay the same. I will still handle news and rumors for Warhammer 40k. That alone is a lot of work to do. There are also some more hobby/community works that I have been working on behind the scenes, and will finally launch with the new site. Of course I will be adding other games systems to new site as well, but for readers only looking to 40k news and rumors, it will be easy to navigate.

ZB: It sounds like your new site will be bigger and better - and not that far away. That's awesome news. Is there anything you would like to say to all of us who are waiting for your quick return?

GK: Just be patient. Right now even I do not know all that will transpire or make the new site. Sometimes you have to let the professionals be professionals, and offer up what they think would work. I really like who is working on the site with me right now, so I have a lot of confidence in the future of the site.

ZB: That sounds awesome! But now for the final question: GW took you down for posting some unreleased High Elves pictures. If I got my hands on an unreleased GW picture, let's say the full Eldar release pictures taken by some dood with an iphone and I sent them to you.... Would you post them before release?? :D

GK: As for pics, as you can guess, they are mostly out. There are some legal kinks I am working through.

ZB: Thanks, Gary, for the interview. We know you are busy and we appreciate your time! You are a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is! Please keep us posted!

GK: The current status and up to date information of course will be posted on my youtube channel until a temporary site is up. Even then, the youtube site is the best place to find out the latest for site news. Personally, I prefer to report the news, rather than be the news, so I look forward to getting back to things as usual.

We here at will do everything to support you so you can rise from the ashes...                
      a Flamespyre Phoenix. No pun intended...

Yesterday, Natfka released this video update on his Youtube channel about whats going on: 

Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel for the latest news fresh off the press... We will continue coverage on the latest developments as well, so if you like that kind of stuff, please consider subscribing :) 

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