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Friday, May 3, 2013

Forgeworld News: something Necron-y to pile on...

Hey guys and gals!

Forgeworld News

Death Ray Thingy
After the hectic news in the last few days I wanted to take it slow today and kick back, watching some documentaries and building either my FW Fellblade or one of the two Necron Tesseracts the guys at Forgeworld sent me in exchange for a large number of little pieces of paper. 

In these emotional times we take a lot of comfort in the cold logic of zeros and ones that the Necron Empire has adopted as their basic communications protocoll. 

Forgeworld just announced two more Necron Pylons, now they have a total of three. 

Heat Cannon
Necrons have perfected three weapons for killing their opponents dead. We have the Death Ray Necron Sentry Pylon, the Heat Cannon Pylon and the favorite of young blury mathematicians - the Gauss Exterminator.

Like the price of 46 GBP, the pylon base is the same for all three, only the weapons array is different from pylon to pylon. 

First I need to paint 6 Monoliths, 36 Destroyers, around 200 Necron warriors and my two Tessaracts. But THEN I will get me a pylon! =]

Spot the Gauss Exterminator - Comment below: Which one is it :D
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  1. It's the right one ;)

    By made any experiences with finecast so far. Just took a closer look at two blisters if the same miniature in the store and was shocked by all the bubbles and deformed parts in there.

  2. Keep em coming Zaphod!
    Always a pleasure to read your articles...even the most quirky ones. ;-)


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