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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tank-Painting & Weathering Workshop by Farbfanatiker [Aug 30-Sep 1]

Quick little advertizement for a friend of mine

This goes to all of you who a) speak German and b) would like to learn how you could create your own fantastically weathered tanks and vehicles.

My good friend Farbfanatiker (Martin) is holding a 3-day-workshop in Göppingern, Germany, in the time from August 30th to September 1st. 

Martin has worked on his technique over the last couple of months. And the results of what he painted are awesome! 

So, if you would love to learn how to use an airbrush, how to professionally weather your vehicles and tanks and also would love to have fun with the Fellowship of the Nerds during an awesome workshop, I can only recommend you visit Martin's workshop. 

He is a hoopy frood, who really knows where his towel is. 

If you are interested, the registration takes place in the German forum 'Das Bemalforum'. All you need to do is click here. Also, check out his blog here.

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There will be more news (and additional prizes) this Saturday in celebration of Towel Day!

Stay hoopy!

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