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Monday, May 13, 2013

Massive Giveaway - YAG SWAG Stretchgoals!

We welcome our 500th subscriber: 


Daniel unlocked the first YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK free stretchgoal: 

Happy Monkday everyone!
(well after 3 hours of sleep that is all the cunning linquistics I could conjour up :D)

I trust you all had an exciting weekend full of win - and if not, Don't Panic! The presman and his galactic crew are here! And we really and truly love giving stuff away.

Someone somewhere seems to hate our latest giveaways so much, that he decided to hardcore sniper Ben's Diorama on Coolminiornot (from 9.8 to 8.4).

That achieved two things: 

1) makes us laugh diabolically (who cares about the score)
2) makes us up the ante... MORE GIVEAWAYS (take that!)

Almost 100 people of you have shared our spectecular little YAG (yet another giveaway) over the weekend. Although we knew that our happy monk diorama by Ben Komets is an awesome prize to win, we did not expect this massive reaction to our post - especially on the blog's historically 'slow' weekends. 
So let me take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you. 

Two things I noticed. 

First thing I noticed is that about one quarter of you have shared the wrong post :D But as Sun Tzu said, its all the General's fault if the rules were not understood ^^ You're good, you're in the draw ;)

Secondly, I noticed that we are both at almost 500 likes on Facebook as well as 500 followers on the blog. 

So I changed the rules slightly and added MORE SWAG! :D

Giveaway summary

From the giveaway stash so far, one lucky reader can win "The Happy Monk" diorama - painted by Ben Komets. Two of you can win the 'Happy Monk' in a limited white-metal cast, one of you can choose between a Games Day Ticket or a limited Dark Angel Codex. And so far, the final winner can win "Brotherhood of the storm" - a limited OOP novel from Black Library about the White Scars. 

New Rules

Now this is not "New Rules" with Bill Maher, but just to make things easier (and up your chances for winning!) these are the new rules: 

#1. Between now and the date of the Giveaway*, EVERY like & share on Facebook or on your blog counts as a 'ticket' to win something from the prize pool. More shares, more tickets, better chances. 

#2. Similar to our 42 Giveaways extravaganza we will keep adding more prizes to the pool. Between now and the Giveaway* the prize pool will gradually grow. 

It won't be 42 giveaways this time, sorry, but I am sure I can find some rare and hoopy stuff in my 'Forbidden Closet of Mystery' for you to want to win real bad :D

* First shipping day of our Season 1 DVD Set, approx. 4-6 weeks from now

Stretchgoal YAG swag

Kickstarters often offer 'stretchgoals' - extra goodies when they reach a certain goal on pledged monies.

We add stretchgoals that money can't buy to our YAG (yet another giveaway) ;) 

500 Followers Stretchgoal

Now, 500 followers is harder to achieve... So the giveaway must be special. Special indeed.

If we hit 500 followers by our drawing date, we will add (drumroll) a Forge World Imperial Armor Modelling Masterclass (Volume One) to the stash, one of the best modelling guides money can buy. Wait - money can buy this? That's not special you think? Well, this one happens to have been signed by the full Forge World Design team ;)

555 Likes Stretchgoal

If we get 555 likes on Facebook - something I think is very close ahead, we will add a strictly limited (1000 worldwide) Limited Edition High Elves Army Book to the  prize pool.
And yes, of course these army books were sold out in no time ;)

Coming up - Faeit 212

I am currently in the process of conducting an Interview with Gary (Natfka) from Faeit 212 on what's the latest news on his site - I hope we can get this out by tomorrow. DVD set status

We are in the home stretch for our first DVD set. So far everything is going according to our (new) plan and we expect shipping of our DVD in about 4-6 weeks. By next week we hope to give you an official release date. Keep your fingers crossed ;) 

*** SHARING this post on Facebook will be your ticket to the YAG SWAG. ***

Share & Enjoy!


  1. FRACK ME!!!!!!

    Ok, this is getting VERY SERIOUS. To my previous LOVE FOR BEN KOMETS APPEAL, I have to add new stuff:

    1. Volomir's FB page:
    2. Rafael García Marín's page:
    3. Volomir's Blog in English:
    4. El Blog de Volomir (Volomir's Blog in Spanish):
    5. YAG SWAG share on my FB page
    6. YAG SWAG share on Volomirs FB page

    And remember that I have tatooed myself "I WANT A MINI FROM BEN KOMETS" on my skin by carving it with a blade on my ass (and now mein asche ist in Flammen). To that tatoo I have just added "HIGH ELVES TURN ME ON AND I WANT THAT BOOK". Cutting my balls now make even more sense since I won't be needing them anymore because I will eat flowers like elves from now on.

    1. You do know that you should not smoke those HIGH elves... :D

  2. Done in FB
    What about share in G+?

    1. For this giveaway we can only consider FB shares, but Karma will increase exponentially when you share in Google+ ^^

  3. Just the comment about Bill Maher deserves a like on facebook (that I will do especially for this occasion- yes I am that old fashioned)!!!!

  4. Oh dear, spamming my Facebook like a Champ... See you later Guys...:)...

    (That´s 2 Tickets, right? :D )...

  5. I was also thinking about putting some Notes on strategically relevant trees... Printed around 500 of those suckers, so that´s 500 "Shares" right there, stimmts? :D

    1. We need notary proof for every tree including google map locations and pics - or it didn't happen :D

    2. Did I mention that -besides being the Thirteenth Incarnation of the Mighty Ghypsie King- in an earlier life I have been a Notary? Maybe Two? :P... I am sure it counts! :D

  6. as usual, involving FB makes everything more messy. and not to mention un-buddah-fair for us one-account-only people bo-hoooo ;P


  8. i have no how can i participiate ????

    1. By getting a Facebook account ^^ :P

    2. i did otherwise and that has to count :P

      check my blog :P:P

    3. I have no facebook und will never get one, so I use chance two pray ;-)

      Good luck for 500+ likes.

  9. Consider it done ;)

    Alredy got some Likes and Shares ;P

    I have to say that I hope to grab one of the books. Don't ask me why :P But It would be nice to get one of the minis :)

    I'm waiting for more news connected with the DVD set.
    Fingers crossed :) I'm waiting for more of your projects.
    Keep doing what you are doing guys !

  10. Bin dabei...

  11. Done and done, Mr. President!

  12. Et hop

  13. and in

  14. Fantastic! I just liked and shared on FB & Twitter. Congrats!


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