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Friday, November 30, 2012

SotR - B52's & REM

We are very busy working all night to use the cover of darkness
to create our REVOLUTIONary product.

Our shift will be over long after you started your day. 

We do this for you. Because of the following Great Artists.

Think "WHY". WHY did Zaphod chose these songs for the Revolution.
WHY in this order?


The secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!

WHY is this the best Quality I could find on YouTube?
Why? You rock, LOBSTERs!

(This is a shoutout to all my friends at ALDI! JOIN THE REVOLUTION! :D)
Don't panic - I am as crazy as always!
Gibt's LOPster noch? :D Version 42?
Ich hab ja immer gesagt: 7 W-Fragen.
Warum? Warum? Warum? Warum? Warum? Warum?

Update: Für ein paar meiner letzten Antworten musste ich 9x WARUM fragen.

The B-52's: Rock Lobster

Why Private Idaho? What has the Big Z found?

The B-52's: Private Idaho 

Why Planet Claire? Where is Zappi looking for women?

The B-52's: Planet Claire

Shiny happy people requires no "WHY"

R.E.M. and the HOT KATE: Shiny, happy beings!

Has the big Z lost his marbles?

REM: Losing my Religion

Or is he mad?

The Lost Choir - Mad World (R.E.M. - Mad World)

The last Video made me cry. I pledge to donate profits to their organization. 


Moloko: WHY are YOU so far away?
Share & Enjoy!

Here's HOW:

Now NEW and with IMPROVED autoresponder.
Void where prohibited.

SotR - 6:30 pm - Time for a "Revolution"

*** Revolution update *** Email Autoresponders added.
If you like re-JOIN for personal your auto-spam-message.
You don't have to though, I got your email, you get your number :D
There is no number in the Autoresponder, either.
write "REVOLUTION in the subject
SotR - Songs of the Revolution
With BOTH: Galactic Cereal MixUND: Galactic Breakfast Bacon Stripes

"Why do Revolutionaries get up at 6 in the Morning? "
"Because a few years ago, stores in Germany closed at 6:30." 

Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line. 
(Still no auto-responder, but your number will be assigned to you manually. )

Please SUBSCRIBE to this blog to WIN

(The Marketing Division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation)

6:30 pm. 

Breakfast with Coffee, M&Ms and sour worms almost over. 

We must use the cover of darkness and the absence of light to perfect our project. Sleep scheduled for 10am - the light comes up and our project crumbles to dust. 

Curse, you, speed of light! Gather! CREATURES OF THE NIGHT!

A revolution?

"But... did you not promise your mom to find a wife and raise a family in 42 months?
Do you have time for a REVOLUTION right now?
The WORLD is gonna end soon, you know... Maya..."
(A concerned Archaeologist)

Do something for Zappi! 

Share the love! Bring your friends, your families, your enemies, your teachers, your colleagues! 

I wonder if my mom would accept Children of the Revolution as grandkids :D

Another German Hoopy Export


cotr <<at>> beeblebrox >>dot<< de

I will consider adding them to the playlist. I will create an extra thread with all YOUR song videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) and post your NAME and the reason you write for WHY you think this is a good REVOLUTION song. :) 

Post the song you sent me in the comments for others to comment on as well! Get to know each other by exchanging songs! Just for shits and giggles. :D

Sowwy... I bweak a pwomise...

Sowwy... I am going to bweak a pwomise...

How kould I let zis come two zis?! 

Wonderwabbit should have KNOWN!

I have a zpecial - not-veakday-convession to make tomorrov mornink, yaa?.
At 0:42 Cee Eee Tee. 

Cute widdle teasing Kliffhanger Wonderwabbit is
cute, widdle and - as a matter of fact - teasing.
How wonderful, wabbit :) 

Couldchawouldchashouldcha forgive this wabbit? 
Comment below. 

Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line

Really you should. Their leader is a total nutcase. 
Mostly harmless.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Songs of the Revolution IV - Plastic Passion

Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line!

SotR - Is this the real life?

Songs of the Revolution - SotR

Tell me just... HOW MUCH this has moved you...

One of you wins this:
William Shatner CD Set

"Seeking Major Tom!"

"REVOLUTION" in subject please :)

[0:42] Morpheus addresses concerns about giveaways

Deutsche Übersetzung unten
Ich hoffe bis Mittwoch alle anderen Artikel auch übersetzt zu haben!
Sorry, dass das so lange dauert ;) REVOLUTION! CHAOS!

Das ist die Revolution! (Nevada Tan)
Songs of the Revolution - Spotify

Goooood Mooooorning GALAXYYYYY!

I heard some critical voices about our Revolution Giveaways: "You only do a few giveaways for your scheme to up your subscriber numbers so you can sell advertisements and Google Adwords!"

That is a valid concern. Let me address this by stating this: 
  • Yes, I want more subscribers. I want EVERY gamer and painter to know about this. Because I think what we are doing is frikking awesome :D
  • No, there will not be a few giveaways. There will be MANY MORE.
    Like an epic giveaway EVERY DAY until the GIVEAWHAT is announced
    Every weekday at 0:42h there will be a new giveaway.
  • Thirdly, I hereby promise this to all of you: This blog will forever be free of Google Adwords or any kind of  other paid-for advertisement. I will only do so if YOU allow me to, later. 

    There is only one exception: If I ever get sponsored stuff or sponsored stuff to give away - I will of course thank the sponsors and mention them in shows and reports. Why wouldnt I! ;) 
A real revolution needs no trinkets such as advertising money...


JOIN the revolution with the word "REVOLUTION" in the subject line. Please note: Right now the autoresponder is NOT working, your mails have been received. MANY of them! 

5 of you will win a CD from Aussie-Rocker Pete Stark for free. I have just contacted him and bought 5 of his CDs which are on route here as we speak. Just leave a comment about what you think about the above information :)

And once again - because I have definitely heard this song much more than 42 times over the last 42 hours... Its on Hot Rotation in my presidential Juke Box...

Zappi :)


Really, Spongebob!

Please subscribe to this blog!
Please like here, +1 here and like here


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[0:42] Visions of 42

Today's Prize: WIN a mint condition, limited 

2x Games Workshop SPACE HULK!!!!

1st Chance: 
Write in the comments below: Do you have a favorite number? Why? Is there anything else you started noticing when you bought something?
Every comment and reply is a 'ticket" - the more you discuss, the better

2nd Chance: 
Send me images of 42s you find. Every picture is a 'ticket'.
Send your images to visionsof42<<AT>> beeblebrox >>dot<< de

Does this ever happen to you?

I got a Car2Go card a few weeks back. Car2Go is a network of rentable cars (SMART) in many cities. All you need to rent a car is a card and a 4-digit PIN. One of the reasons I don't really need a car anymore...

I never noticed those Car2Go Smart's before - but since I got the card, I see them everywhere... 

Weird isn't it? Everone has that. Could be a car, a song, an image, or a number. 

Like 42. 

By now even the most unattentive reader must have figured that the number "42" means a lot to me. 

Its silly, there are many other great numbers out there... I know.

All through my life and especially since I work on this project, the number 42 seems to be everywhere...

See some of the examples I mean - Some of them have unbelievable stories. True stories, Bro!

Find some examples in my every growing Picasa-Web Library.

Send me images of 42 to visionsof42<<AT>>beeblebrox>>DOT<<de for your chance to win a GREAT PRIZE today - I won't reveal what it is yet ;) Every single picture counts as "1 Ticket". Please make sure you own the rights to the pictures! If there is a story to be told, tell it bro! Write me, what number has a special meaning to you!

I will post all postable entries either in a blog entry or a video - with mentioning of your name, so please include the name/aka, country and city in your email! :)

Like all other giveaways, this one goes on until we reveal the GIVEAWHAT? If you like, you can comment that you participated. 

And don't forget to JOIN THE REVOLUTION. Can you FEEL IT COMING?

Please like Pete Stark's music videos on Youtube and like him on Facebook, tell him that Zaphod from sent you there! I want to work with him on our project and -
you could help just by liking him like me :) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Really short


1) Please help my love, Games Workshop, to accept true love in their heart. :D

2) Please check out my giveaway summary at - consider becoming a member. Please respond to my thread.

3) Please LIKE Pete Stark's FB page - tell him I sent you there. I love his performance of "In the year 2525". I am already in contact with him (thank you guys already!) and every click will get us closer to some sort of cooperation. IMPLICIT HINT: You should be VERY excited that there are international musicians in my plan. VERY. 

4) PLEASE share this on your own gaming or painting forums and blogs. Post the link to your BLOG or FORUM post in the comments below (make sure not to double post on the forums, you can always just reply in an existing thread ;))

Giveaway tonight: 2x SPACE HULK - MINT IN BOX. 

You don't know whats going on? 

But you know you can secure your place in the REVOLUTION for free! Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line and join by sending an email to: 

galacticlemming<< AT >>beeblebrox >> DOT << de.

This post is confident, self sufficient and feels it needs no pictures.
Share & Enjoy!

[0:42] Open Love letter to GW and FW.

Make sure NOT to miss today's earlier 0:42h giveaway!
The explanation of the Revolution has started!

I will give away someting new every weekday at 0:42h. Next Giveaway: SNEAK PEAK: 2x limited Space Hulk MINT in foil. Gets you up to 300$ on Ebay. Not as expensive than some of my other giveaways, but totally cool... Interested?

If you want to WIN one of the new limited "The Hobbit" boxes or a The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, tell GW how much you want them to be with the sadZaphodPanda.jpg again - in the comments!

Open Love Letter to Games Workshop's IP department

Games Workshop, my ever lasting love. My first (not quite only, but still #1) love!  

Since you have blocked the possibility to embedd your product advertisements like videos and such on our fan sites and blogs (like hobby stores that cannot advertise the images of your product, another unique marketing/IP protection strategy), I can not help you anymore. You won't let me. Please do not misunderstand - I would love to, but you need to help me help you, too.

I wanted to share the video about the new "The Hobbit" Miniatures. I guess, as always, you are very concerned about negative feedback - and to protect your IP you just avoid exposure. Again, as a marketing strategy very unique, I might say. Noone would think it works well - but I guess something must be working right for you, so cudos to you! 

I think some of the sculpts are great, some are hidious. Hands and legs of some of the scults... :/ 70s-80s style. Others miniatures I just can't wait to get my hands on. It's as simple as that - not every mini in a set needs to be spectecular. I ordered THREE of the limited boxes, THREE of the limited books and THREE of something else which I forgot for about 500 Quid. My Intention as always: Have some fun, spread the word, paint one and play with it, give one away, keep one mint for my preciousss collection retirement fund. All I want is being close to you, sweetheart! :) You need more customers like me - so don't push me away!

But you play it hard... Show the cold shoulder... Keep pushing me away. Apparently you don't want me or others to help you grow the hobby. 

Even if you decide to do this alone, I hope it works out for you. I will keep buying your stuff, because I am the #1 GW/FW Fanboy IN THE WORLD, you hear me... THE WORLD. I love you guys. I am slightly irritated by your IP department. The only Company that uses the "Book on IP" to actually hinder their own sales. Again, very unique, but I guess it is working...

Good luck :) 

Call me, send me an email, even an SMS - if you still see a chance for us to get back together again. Please, let's talk and work this out! And if you don't - I will keep buying your product for as long as my love holds true - until you contact me again!



Live-Comment "Luke DÅYWÅLKER" (TITLE). "Ha! GAYYYY!"

If you want to WIN one of the new limited "The Hobbit" boxes or a 
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, tell GW how much you want them to be with the sadZaphodPanda.jpg again - in the comments!

**this post was misposted... It is the 0:42 giveaway for the 27th. Evil misclick is evil.

Songs of the Revolution (1-3)

Songs of the Revolution (1-3)

"Won't you help me sing..
  ...another song of REVOLUTION?"
Bob Marley - Redemption Song


Please write "REVOLUTION" in the subject line or in the text

What are songs that inspire you? Please leave your comments below!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Songs of the Revolution

My Spotify Play List - Share and Enjoy

- will be updated frequently -

Write "REVOLUTION" in the subject to 

[0:42] Revelations about Life, The Universe And EVERYTHING

Breaking News from the Revolution Headquarter:

Clarification on what da fuq is going on - STOP - Has the Big Z finally flipped? - STOP - ADVISE: READ EVERY WORD CAREFULLY - STOP -


According to Zaphod Beeblebrox, the original "GIVEAWHAT?" yelled "Oh no, not again!" speeding along a trajectory towards the ground before promptly dissappearing in a puff of logic*** - STOP - It was surprisingly replaced by an even more awesome GIVEAWHAT? - STOP - Unfortunately, this one felt rather insecure about its true purpose in life the moment it hit the ground. - STOP - It was so startled by that Revelation, that it forgot to hit the ground and hovered in mid air. - STOP -

Zappi out - FULLSTOP -

<CONSPICUS*** SMALLPRINT><SECRET MESSAGE>***D: KRAM yeH</SECRET MESSAGE> //-- GalacticCryptV0.42 --//***Any Claim I gave the original GIVEAWHAT? a push from the window sill in order not to part with my awesome FULL collection of RACKHAM miniatures are wrong unless proven guilty at the GalacticCourt on Betelgeuze. Void where prohibited

Friday, November 23, 2012

WIN: Be one of the 420! Plus pimpin' title!

Most importantly: Mad Enticing Teaser Ninja Skillz

For this weekend I would like to ask you to think about what would happen if tomorrow the leaves that are STILL on trees were legal globl currency. Just as a thought. 

Preface: Have weird Idea, recognize the truth

My vision of the perfect Matrix: Real Life is a game based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that some Hooloovoo plays on a membrane in the 11th dimension, pulling the strings... I would never log off. I would even stop eating nomnomnommy steaks. 

The truth is, there is no steak!

Logging off

@all: WUT?
ZB: Gotta CARE this stoopid 11th dimension game called LIFE, won't be online long, BRB
@all: KK L8R
*Big Z vanishes in a puff of OFFLINENESS*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Youtube? Gema? Rights? DA FUQ???

Update: Since Klausi, Revolutionary #10 with the Title: "Klausi, the LIBERO" asked and maybe more than 2 others want to know to. The memes were created with

Meanwhile in the unchartered arm of the western spiral galaxy
Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.

Zappi is looking for inspiration for his Revolution on his starship Heart of Gold at Improbability Level of 1:1 constant...

The internet laws censorship forbids me to hear the people sing?



*stories. Early morning typo is early.

If you send me any meme you like about "Wanting to Hear the People Sing" or anything else that makes you angry - either as text, picture or video, please send it to singingbeings <AT>> beeblebrox >>dot< de. I will give a special Galactic Freedom Braveheart Prize out
to the one that I like best -
* send as many as you like *
I will post them all!

With mentioning of your Nickname (so please include in mail)

Comment if you have an Idea for something like this and send me something!

Miniature Painters are like Hobbits, Mr. Frodo...

"Miniature Painters are like Hobbits, Mr. Frodo! 

They have the Galactic Nerd Power to destroy the One Ring, 

and they don't even know it yet!"

(love, ZB in a Samwise Gamgee Costume, xoxo)

hype * psyche * tease

Do you FEEL the FORCE in you? Comment below!
Would YOU destroy the ONE RING???


Update: If anyone wants to join the revolution already - without knowing what's really going on - like the lemmings, write me @ I will assign membership numbers in order of receiving. Please have the words I JOIN THE REVOLUTION in the title, so I can sort them out automatically. I will send each of the first 420 of you signed certificates and two very special documents. VERY SPECIAL. And you get a free life-time-entry to a future social experiment website I have in mind. Its hoopy. Like "Belgium man, that is sooper hoopy! You know where your towel is, dood!" hoopy.

Thanks Tuffy for the idea! :) 
Next one is #10.

"Perfect Marketing Campaigns require Fluffy Kittens. Pat."

Oh, you don't have to be a miniature painter to join a revolution.
We need ever being's body and soul!
So welcome to the Revolution! Can I haz join pleaaaze!

No double threads! Its a nightmare for us forum admins to merge all those posts together!

FREE Stretch Goals: 

42 galactic lemmings in 42 hours

 I will try to get Wil Wheaton ( to join the revolution. I will promise him something very nerdy in return. And a business proposal that pays him 58% of the profits. I will create a rare nerdy collectors item in his honor. Wil Wheaton will get the honorary lifetime number #42, that I wanted. He will get a lifetime supply of our products for free. He can hang with us any time. He gets a special League of Legends Account on the EU West server with private classes (if he needs them). He will receive 420€ worth of RIOT points. I will play PAMPER SONA BOT for him until the BOTs RAGEQUIT - whenever he asks me to.

210 galactic lemmings

I will try to get a DND event with the "DNDWizards Cast"

420 galactic lemmings 

I will pledge to make a company that builds a Galactic Lemming Game within 42 weeks. (If the holders to the name "Lemming" allow us to) The company will then work on other titles too. Free to play. Like 100% free. And you will play for a good cause. Not even stuff you can buy for the game you can buy with money!

Update 12/22: 

Update after 21 Lemmings in less than 420 minutes: 

The 420

I want to explain my ideas to you - but I cannot not explain what our revolution is. That's a secret :D Tease*tease*tease! I love it! :cool:

The following idea is an idea for a business I have. A business that will provide a service for free. A business consisting of communities. All of them. Global nerds causing a NERDQUAKE. 

I will start to reveal this idea to you this year. All for free. 

I will start with the idea. I will document and videocast all decisions, equipment, software, services, people required to make this company reality. Think of it as a slightly meaningful form of "Reality TV".

And I will annonymously introduce you to some of my best friends that I would never have met without the Internet. I will tell you how I met them. How much it cost me. And how they inspired me to this idea because of how they are family. I will use bogus names for my friends. They will know who they are :D 

"Zaphod is just zis kinda guy, you know!"

I ask you to consider this example as an inspiration and motivation for a business idea of your own...

The project will run at least 42 weeks. At the end I will provide a summary with a detailed description of how I did the project in every aspect - thoughts, ideas, plans, stuff you need. 

All for free. 

All I ask you is this: Do you know more than 2 friends that you would want to share this with or EVEN start your own company based upon a crazy good idea. 

Because this is exactly what I did. 

I promise a totally cool item available for every member of the 420 that wants it. I am #1 :D Damn... I wanted to be #42 :D

Be excited! Don't Panic! And don't press this button!

Say "I tried pressing the button although I should know it does not work!"  or "I pressed the button" or whatever you like in the comments and 
I promise one lucky winner a totally hooopy prize :D
Rule: You may lie and still participate!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is YOUR secret nerd power, Ruler of the Galaxy!


An archiologist friend of mine posted this on Skype. It expresses pretty well, how I feel sometimes :) Presman style!

Thank you, Luke Daywalker for this inspiring and totally non-boring link! I challenge all Lintillas to marry this man!

Update 1: This may become the Company Promo Video :D

Update 2: I added a question, please reply to it below:
Which video inspires you more the visual/music Sci-fi video or the lyrics/music Bob Marley Video?

For no chance to win nothing at all, not a dingo's kidney - just for fun - please comment how much of a hero nerd this video makes you feel!

If you want to win, go here.
TELL ME which nerd you are and why you secretly with your super nerd powers control the Internet.

I have a secret STRETCHGOAL for something you will get for ABSOLUTELY FREE if we hit 420 COOL reasons why YOU are a HERO NERD and reveal your mad secret nerd powers to the world. I hope I get a lot of IT nerds here! :D 

Oh: Archiology-SciFi-Teaser! Mayan Calander found to be RIGHT! Batteries replaced after scientists tried setting it on fire.

Talk to ALL of your nerd friends.
Ask them to join us. 
Nerds of all tribes unite!
Together we will cause a NERDQUAKE!

Get up! Stand up! 

>>>>>>> <<<<<<

 Was ist eure geheime galaktische NERD POWER? Warum verdient ihr den Titel RULER of the Galaxy? Zu gewinnen gibt's nix. Nur Entertainment :)
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