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Monday, August 4, 2014

The End of & Painting Buddha

The End of & Painting Buddha

It is official, people!

We are sorry to regret to inform you that & Painting Buddha are dead....

Or.... ARE THEY? 

Well, maybe we are not dead, after all ;)

But big, big changes are taking place at the Painting Buddha HQ - and two of them are that we finally got rid of our old store (which is probably the cause for my bald head) and we will be closing down the Google blog as well. All future blog entries will be on our new blog!

Both, the Painting Buddha Shop and a much more powerful version of a blog / site have been merged! 

The shop is dead! The blog is dead! LONG LIVE THE SHLOG!

But wait, there's more! 

For today, news of Painting Buddha's death may have been exaggerated, BUT we have similarly exciting news in the next couple of day. 

In a way, Painting Buddha is really dead. Replaced by a much cooler version of PAINTING BUDDHA! 

And to celebrate this momentous event, we have brought back very limited supplies of the Painting Buddha Season 1 Mega Box and the Painting Buddha Season 1.1 Supporter Box

Only 42 of each are available - when they are gone, Season 1.1 is finally sold out - forever! 

Also, we reached 1,000,000 views on this blog last week - you can't begin to imagine how thankful we are! And that is why we offer a 4,20€ discount on all orders over 42€! For the next 1,000,000 seconds! (11+ days) ;) 

This is probably a good time to follow us on Facebook - great things are afoot! 

From all of us here at Painting Buddha: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! And thank you all for your continued 'Sharing & Enjoying'! It may just be a mouse-click for you - but you Sharing & Enjoying what we do with your friends keeps us going!


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