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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great fresh Kickstarter Project: Dice Rings

Hey everyone!

Recently, a lot of established companies that don't really need to raise money for production use fundraisers such as kickstarter or indiegogo campaigns to sell bulk items and let the backers pay the up-front production.

I always like supporting companies that use fundraisers with their original intention: to support people with NEW but lacking funds.

And I just found one like it. Its totally nerdy, so I love it. :D

The new idea is called the "Dice Rings" by the Company "Crit Success".

My main motivation to sponsor them was that they had a 42$ option, claiming this will be The Answer :D

Finally something new! Even if it will be too cumbersome to throw 30 D6 when your Ork Boyz ;) 

What do you think? Are you even a gamer? Do you like this fundraiser? 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Games Day 2012 - France Link Collection

Wegen Zeitmangel nur auf Englisch, sorry!
Aber das Meiste sind Bilder, da  ist das nicht so schlimm, hoffentlich ;) 

Hello everybody! 

I said I would go to France to report from the Games Day. I even bought a plane ticket. And I did not go. Why? I would have looooooooved to go and meet all the guys at Games Day - I heard it was one of the most memorable pre-GD-parties ever. Unfortunately, preparations for our "painting Revolution" on November 14th were just more pressing - we are on a very tight schedule to bring you something that you will have a heard time believing when it hits you :) So stay excited and follow this blog! Tell your friends, too - it is going to be worth it, believe me!

But I digress...

(c) Jean-Francois Hardy, posted on Facebook via mobile
Here one of the first pictures of the winner at GD. On the projector you see the Sword Winner: The winning entry is a "Demigreif" by Bruno Lavallée. Congratulations, Bruno!

Although we were busy with our preparations I checked every available source on the Web for news. Thanks to GeOrc for his Mobile/Facebook messages that kept us connected to the event!

I want to say a "Big Hello!" to everyone who went to France to visit and compete in the Golden Demon there. I will hopefully see you somewhere else this year - maybe Mont San Salvino? ;)

As I did not go this time, the least I can do is create another Link Collection like you have seen from the many other event coverages. So here are the links I found so far: 

Big thanks to Matt

Matt Cexwish has posted the winners and the first three links in a post on our german forum "Das Bemalforum". I took the first four links and winner information from his OP ;) Cheers, Matt! Also, thanks to the soulless birthday ginger Bloodmaster who gave me links 5 and 6 ;)

Link Collection

- Facebook Foto Album (by Gael Pagaille (FB))
Facebook Foto Album (by Christian Hardy (FB))
- Facebook Foto Album (by La Bistoufly Team (FB))
*new* official GW Coverage (Games Workshop)

Please note, that I will update this list frequently. So you may want to come back at a later date to check the fotos out!

Evil self-promotional part

November 14th. The Painting Revolution starts. Will you be there?
Follow this blog now and be among the first to join the revolution!
So much for that ;) Don't tell me later, I did not tell you :D

Winner List

If you know or are one of the winners below: Do you know their CMON Nick? I would add their albums to the names, like you see in some examples below. Please leave the info in the comments! Thank you!

G - David Waeselynck (david waeselnyck)
S - Gauthier Giroud (Graphigaut
B - ? 

Single 40K 
G - William Hemery 
S - Mathieu Pacaud (Meuthieu) 
B - Guillaume Lemas 

Unit 40K 
G - Jonathan Gonthier (Khaine974) 
S - David Gallo (Dave) 
B - Michel Adinarayanin (Jerico

40K Vehicle/Monster 
G - Mathieu Pacaud (Meuthieu) 
S - Michel Adinarayanin (Jerico
B - Christophe Bauer 

Monster 40K 
G - Maxime Ducros? 
S - Fabrice Tran (Caiman
B - Vincent Clement 

Single WHFB 
G - Stefan Kochowski (illusionsrip)
S - Jonathan Gonthier (Khaine974)? 
B - Adrien Leloup (Wolf) 

Unit WHFB 
G - Roque Christophe and Team Hobbyshop 
S - David Small? 
B - David Allanic 

G - Bruno Lavallée 
S - Jérome Otremba 
B - Jean-Marc Brisset 

G - Alexis L'Huillier 
S - Julien Casses (julian.casses)
B - Gael Trouble? 

G - Vincent Bourrier (Angelord
S - Stefan Kochowski (illusionsrip)
B - Mynett Conrad (UK) 

Lord of the Rings 
G - Mathieu Pacaud (Meuthieu) 
S - Bruno Lavallée 
B - Anna `Ija` Shestakova (Russia, CMON)

Blog Exchange Programme

Hey everyone! 

I am currently following over 100 blogs. Daily. I use Google Reader on the PC and FeedlerPro on my iPhone to keep up to date. 

Two guys just approached me to become "Banner Exchange Partners" for a blogger module called "Blog Roll". And I just found out how to set it up... :D

To be honest, right now I only have a "partner" blog with Coloured Dust. (Darek, I will add your Den of Imagination next!). Massive Voodoo is the ONE blog everyone should subscribe to. And Chest of Colors the other one :D Seriously, I like them both and I thought let's do some free advertizing ;)

If you like to set up a banner exchange with me, let me know. Send me an email at junkmail <<at>> beeblebrox ><dot>< de with the title "Blog Roll" (so I can find it in my Spamfolder :D). No need to send me images or anything. I will use the normal BlogRoll functionality like you see above. Links will be posted in most recent update order. If there are any questions, ask them in the mail. 

Please let me know the URL of your Blog, e.g., "" or "". Also, let me know if you have a facebook page for your site, e.g., "". Same goes for Google+ pages. Also let me know if you have a forum, a store or gaming/painting club, if you like.

Cool. :) 

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

aka Zaphod Beeblebrox

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girona 2012 - Images

Hey everyone! 

Girona. A beautiful city with a lot of history. That city's name also rings a bell to everyone who is painting miniatures for competition. Here are a few images from the Girona 2012 miniature painting competition. 

Please note: I have not taken any of these pictures, all images are copyright of the photographer. 

Girona 2012 Photoalbum

Update: In the meantime I found out, where the pictures came from. Here their Forum "Le chevaliers du centaure" 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Black Library: Angel Exterminatus

Hey everyone! 

Black Library has published a new Horus Heresy book which will be available for purchase starting this weekend, even available in some GW stores! 

I really like the Horus Heresy line - and with Forgeworld adding more to that area of 40k, the future is bright. I am really looking forward to the book!

Here is what BL says on their Youtube Video: 

"Perturabo -- master of siegecraft, and the executioner of Olympia. Long has he lived in the shadow of his more favoured primarch brothers, frustrated by the mundane and ignominious duties which regularly fall to his Legion. When Fulgrim offers him the chance to lead an expedition in search of ancient and destructive xenos weaponry, the Iron Warriors and the Emperor's Children unite and venture deep into the heart of the great star maelstrom that haunts Perturabo's dreams. Pursued by vengeful survivors from Isstvan V and the revenants of a dead eldar world, they must work quickly if they are to unleash the devastating power of the Angel Exterminatus!"

Master of SIEGECRAFT? Sounds like my kind of man! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nov. 5th: New Artbook by Adrian Smith!

Hey guys and gals! 

Adrian Smith (you SHOULD know him, if not, its about time) is publishing a new art book called "Illumination" which will be available for pre-order until November 5th, its release date. It is a 160 page full color art book. 

Preorders will receive a limited number signed book. If Adrian does not sell out, the rest will be available for purchase after November 5th. 

Here are two sneak peaks that you can also find on Adrian's Facebook page. You can actually BUY the book directly on the FB page (look at top right: Pre-Order). 

I just ordered my copy at 25GBP. Check it out, I think it is well worth that investment!

all images (c) Adrian Smith

Check out this Blog for an interview with Adrian. I recommend you subscribe to this blog - its got some good quality content and entertainment for you!

Tue Kaae workshop in Liverpool on November 17th/18th

A little bird called "Hölli" just informed me about this...

Great news for you guys in the UK and those with enough available income to spend it on EasyJet or some other carrier ;) 

A workshop with Tue Kaae in Liverpool! 

I met Tue and he is an awesome and fun painter. Everyone that gets to go: Feel envied by me ;) 

Here the forum entry at Platoon Britannica.
Here the email for more info

I think that it should read "". Maybe try them both ;) 

Painting just took an arrow to the knee

Hey everyone! 

I just heard about the first "Skyrim" miniature: The DragonSlayer. I am not sure if this is an "official" mini and for that reason how long it will be available, but I think it looks pretty good. 

The producer, Northstarmodels from Russia has a page with all their distributors - so if you are interested, you might want to contact those. The German distributor does not seem to have the product in stock (yet).

(insert popular dragon shout here)

I will try to get one somewhere... If you know a distributor in Europe that has them, please drop me a line. 

The price is 22.50$ and its a 54mm miniature. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Massive Voodoo Indiegogo campaign

Hey guys, surprising news!

The chief monkeys from the Massive Voodoo Jungle, Roman and Raffa, have started a kickstarter for their own art-book "Figure Art" displaying large, high-quality prints of their best pieces. As far as I understand it, the book will have 100 (!) full color pages.

I ordered two - one of which I will give away on this blog. BUT: Don't wait for the giveaway - get your own copy! Support those guys! They have been tirelessly working to promote the art of miniature painting for the last few years. I for one am very thankful for what they did for the hobby. Are you?

Here the link to their campaign.

And while you see this: On November 14th there will be another big announcement. Right here. And you can be a part of it. JOIN the REVOLUTION!

2012 Newbold Challenge Creative Event - Reminder

Hello everyone!

Once again, i would like to point your attention to an online competition run by Ian Newbold that I announced a few weeks ago. It is an event that is not limited to miniatures as such - but also open to entries such as art dolls, artwork, jewelcraft, painted miniature, painted scale model, eye catching photograph or sculpture and the like.

What is special about this event is, that the Newbold family will donate £2 per entry up to a maximum of £150 to the charity Children with Cancer. Not only that, but the winners will receive cash prizes of £100, £50 and £25 respectively.

You can enter up to three pieces of work - the overall rules can be found here. You can already see the first entries here.

There is only one more week to go! So hurry - for a good cause and for a chance to win!

The seven members of the Newbold Family will choose the entry they like the most - its a fun event for a very good cause!

So I would like to encourage you all to support the 2012 Newbold Challenge Creative Event - and maybe you get lucky and even win something! Its like a win-win-win situation :D

Good luck - and enjoy!

My two entries :) Thinking about the third one, now:

The desert don't talk (look at the bulletholes!)

"Ode to Raffa"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Silence before the storm

Silence before the storm

It has been unusually quite on this blog. Well, there is a reason. We are working hard on planning our painting revolution. This blog will be the place where it all starts and it will start on November 14th (for all of you who don't look at the beautiful banners that keep saying so). 

And the revolution will be much bigger than even I had expected a few weeks ago. 

So please continue to spread the word, we have not yet found all of the "The 420". Trust me when I say that everyone that you get to join us will thank you.

Be patient my friends, just a few more days. 24 to be exact. That's almost 42. For a certain dyslexic friend of mine, it actually is.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I miss giveaways...

Hey guys...

I miss the excitement of giveaways. Really. I like giving stuff out....

So while we are waiting for The 420 (believe me, if you do not join before we hit 420, you will regret it!) I will just pass out one of these suckers:

I got two, not sure what the numbers are right now... Two of what? Ah, yes, its the limited edition Chaos Space Marine Codex which was limited worldwide to 1000 copies and sold out within 3 hours in some countries. I saw one sell for close to 500€ on ebay, most go for 200-300. 

I think I will pass this out around November 14th. The day of the revolution... Sounds good. Good plan. 

Of course, you have to be subscribed to win ;) hint, hint....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you one of "The 420?"

You know someone who loves the hobby but is not yet registered at Talk to them. We are looking for the 420. A group of people that - after the revolution will not only hold the title "The 420" but will enjoy the comfort and benefits of spearheading the revolution. 

Join the revolution! 
Be a better painter!

Ihr kennt jemanden, der das Hobby liebt, aber noch nicht bei registriert ist? Sprecht mit ihnen! Wir suchen Die 420. Eine Gruppe von Leuten die - nach der Revolution nicht nur den Titel "The 420" tragen, sondern während der Revolution den Komfort und die Vorteile der Pioniere der Revolution tragen werden.

Join the revolution!
Be a better painter!

The revolution will start November 14th! Be there!

November 14th

Bring ALL your friends. 
The more you are, the better for you. Trust us.

Bringe alle Deine Freunde!
Je mehr ihr seid, desto besser für euch. Vertraut uns.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Winner of the limited Hussar 2012 miniature determined!

Hey, we have a winner! 

The winner of the Hussar 2012 limited show miniature is: 


Apparently, Ethelie is a really talented tattoo artist :) Paint this lovely pet a nice Tattoo, will you? :D

Ethelie's blog can be found here. There is some really cool stuff on it, so check it out and subscribe to her! I just did! Like a boss!

@Ethelie: Please contact me at <<junkmail>> >at< beeblebrox <<DOT>> de with your shipping address. 

All other winners of the last Giveaways will receive their shipment as soon as I got Etelie's address. Due to me being sick this weekend, I could not send out your prizes as planned. My apologies!

Strengthen your Karma by congratulating Ethelie in the comments! 

Get all your friends and join today!
It WILL be worth it. Trust me.

DUZI / SMC links

Greeting everyone!

As you know, I was sick this weekend and could not visit either event. I feel really sad about this as I have lost an opportunity to meet more of you :) 

But I am doing great again and I feel full of energy for new things. As a matter of fact, it was quite a creative weekend on which I worked on my launch event for my secret mysterious project. Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE if you want to know more! It will be worth it! Guaranteed.

Scale Model Challenge

Anywho, my friend Philip took some awesome pictures at the SMC. 


The DUZI according to everyone I have heard of was dead. An utter disappointment. Half the vendors compared to the year before, very few miniatures in the competition. According to all sources this must have been the last year of DUZI. It is a pitty to see what happens to a once great event when no modern marketing tools are applied to it. A shame, really. 

I will post pictures, as soon as I find some. 

And IF YOU want to join the
on November 14th 


Hussar 2012 Report on Chest of Colors

Hello y'all! 

I am sure you know the site - and if you don't you should: Chest of Colors has been at the epicenter for some serious color explosions for the last couple of years and is one of the best painting sites out there. 

Check out their latest report on the Hussar 2012 on their website. Great pictures of all of the entries (yes, mine, too! :D) are available. My "work" is called "Ode to Raffa". 


Ihr kennt sie sicherlich alle - und wenn nicht, wird's Zeit: Die Chest of Colors war in den letzten Jahren im Zentrum einer wahren Farbexplosion und hat sich im Verlauf der Zeit zu einer der Besten Painting Sites entwickelt. 

Seht euch ihren Bericht zum Hussar 2012 bei ihnen an. Tolle Bilder von allen Werken findet ihr da - ja mein Meisterwerk auch! (Es heißt "Ode to Raffa"). 

Fights broke out at GD Italy 2012?

Dear community, 

I think I should have gone to the Italy Games Day 2012! I heard it was quite a "lively" show. Apparently there was some arguing about the judges rulings and people resorted to fighting amongst each other. 

The standard at Italian Games Days is always incredibly high. The slayer sword, btw. went to this great paintjob: 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14th

This is a mysterious puff of logic:

"We shape tings. Tings nu shape we." 

From November 14th the World will never be the same. 

Miniature Painting will be back - 

with a vengeance!


Very, very, very BIG things are to come. Trust me when I say:
You want to get everyone interested in advancing their painting skills to be part of this.
Share. Subscribe. Be a part of it!

Please meditate on what it might be that comes your way. 

Sehr, sehr große Dinge kommen auf uns zu. Glaubt uns bitte, wenn wir sagen:
Ihr solltet JEDEN, der auch nur entfernt an Verbesserung seiner Malskills
interessiert ist, zu uns bringen. 

Teilen . Subscriben! Dabei sein!

Und meditiert darüber, was es sein könnte, das da kommen wird.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nature's many levels of awesomeness

 Posted by Facebook: The Earth Story

Recommended Blogs

Hey y'all! 

Sitting at home and thinking what I will miss this weekend at the DUZI and the SMC brings me down. :( Lieing in bed one of the things I am doing (apart from writing) is reading all kinds of blogs. If you check google friend connect on my profile page you can see that I have quite an extensive list of blogs that I regularly read.

So I thought, why not share some of my favorite blogs with you guys. If you like this kind of  cross-promoting your blog with mine to grow the painting community please contact me! 

Today, I would like to recommend two blogs of some good friends from Poland to you. 

Slayer Sword winner speaks out

Deutsche Übersetzung unten.
By now, you know the drill :) 
Greetings, my most inquisitive readers! 

Now that I spend the weekend sick in bed (sniff), I got the time to write some more posts for y'all.

Karol Rudyk, the winner of the Golden Demon UK Slayer Sword 2012 speaks out.

I met Karol Rudyk at the Hussar 2012 in Poland - he is a terrific guy, a lot of fun to be around. At the Hussar he told me that he was very unhappy with the choice Games Workshop made for their Slayer Sword Trophy. He promised to send me a link to some further information and allowed me to report this as well. 

So here is my report, based on my conversation with Karol and what he told The Evandalist

Karol's incredible diorama.

First of all, let's establish some context here... Karol won the UK Slayer Sword 2012 with a terrific diorama. 

This year it was easy for the judges as Karol's entry clearly was a cut above all the rest. 

Since then, Karol has successfully sold his Slayer sword for 600$ on ebay. 

Why? Many people asked. As a matter of fact - and much to my surprise, this article was the third most read on my blog, ever and caused a ripple-effect throughout the internet. A lot of discussion around this subject started.

Always use protection!
Karol Rudyk saw his first slayer sword a few years ago, when these swords where still real, functional weapons. And he instantly knew, he wanted one.

If I remember correctly, at Games Day 2009, someone cut himself with the really sharp blade during the ceremony. 

The following years up to 2011, the same sword was handed out - with a protective chain link glove for the winner (which was good for a few laughs). The old swords were made by Raven Armoury in the UK.

The old, glorious Slayer Sword
But in 2012 things changed. Games Workshop replaced the awesome looking sword with a generic "made in China" piece of unfinished metal. Probably for cost reasons. 

"You can still see the cut marks from the blade-grinder" 

Karol, a passionate sword collector, who wanted to win a slayer sword since he first saw the old type a few years back is disappointed by the new model.  

"But when I saw the actual version of the Slayer Sword this was a sad time." Karol continues. "This sword does not even look good on the wall. It is a shame that Games Workshop would give the best artist of their prime event such cheap *$%§. The sword is just a cheap Chinese product. It was given to me in a "made in China" shipping box and looks really bad. The blade is just a dull piece of cut sheet metal and you can see still traces of the blade grinder."

So among such swords as Glamdring (museum collection) Atlantean sword of Albion (from Conan), Anduril (limited edition) and a fully functional Japanese katana, the cheap slayer sword had no place and had to go. With no sentimental value attached, 600$ are a lot of money for a piece of metal. And 600$ will get you a long way in a small town in Poland. 

I personally could not sell the sword - ever. But that is maybe because it is too unlikely for me to ever win one. I would be very proud to hold it - even it was the Japanese Paper version :D By the way - the japanese printout shows the old  version of the sword. Maybe the winner is lucky and can pick up the "old one" at Games Workshop in UK ;) 

"I hope now you understand my reasons. I don't need many but this sword does not fit my exclusive colection" Karol explains.

I can understand his reasoning. Can you?

Leave your opinion in the coments below!

Hallo meine nachforschenden Leser!

Jetzt, wo ich das Wochenende krank im Bett verbringe (schnüff), habe ich die Zeit, den einen oder anderen Artikel zu schreiben. 

Karol Rudyk, Gewinner des Golden Demon UK Slayer Sword 2012 redet Klartext.

Ich habe Karol Rudyk beim Hussar 2012 in Polen getroffen - er ist ein prima Kerl, mit dem man super viel Spaß haben kann. Beim Hussar sagte er mir, dass er sehr unglücklich mit dem Slayer Schwert von Games Workshop war. Er versprach mir, mir mehr Informationen hierzu zukommen zu lassen, über die ich dann berichten dürfe. 

Hier also mein Bericht, der auf dem Gespräch mit mit und dem Blog The Evandalist basiert. 

Karol's incredible diorama.
Erst einmal den Zusammenhang herstellen. Karol hat das UK Slayer-Schwert mit einem unglaublich guten Diorama gewonnen.  

Dieses Jahr war es wirklich leicht für die Jury, denn Karol's Beitrag war ganz klar dem Wettbewerb einen deutlichen Schritt voraus. 

Vor ein paar Tagen hat Karol sein Slayer Schwert für 600$ auf Ebay verkauft. 

Viele Leute fragten sich "Warum?" Tatsächlich war zu meiner Überraschung wurde mein kleiner Artikel zum dritt-meist-gelesenen Artikel auf meinem Blog und verursachte Schockwellen durch das Internet. Eine ganze Menge Pro- und Con-Diskussionen starteten.

Immer an Unfall-Verhütung denken!
Als Karol Rudyk sein erstes Slayer Schwert vor ein paar Jahren sah - als es noch eine echte Waffe war, wusste er sofort, dass er eines wollte. 

Wenn ich mich recht entsinne hat sich beim Games Day 2009 jemand während der Preisverleihung in UK mit dem Schwert in die Hand geschnitten. Im nächsten Jahr gab's dann unter viel Gelächter einen Schutz-Kettenschutz-Handschuh dazu (der saucool war). Bis 2011 wurden die alten Schwerter, hergestellt von Raven Armoury, UK, verteilt.

The old, glorious Slayer Sword
Aber dann änderten sich die Dinge. Games Workshop  ersetzte das begehrenswerte Schwert durch ein generisches "made in China" Stück unbearbeiteten Metalls. Ich denke mal, wegen der Kosten. 

"Man sieht noch deutlich die Spuren des Metallschneiders"

Karol, ein passionierter Schwertsammler war sehr enttäuscht von dem neuen Modell.

"Als ich die aktuelle Version des Slayer Swords gesehen habe, war ich sehr traurig." führt Karol fort. "Das Schwert sieht nicht mal an der Wand gut aus. Es ist eine Schande, dass Games Workshop dem Besten Beitrag seines größten Events so ein billiges Stück "§$%§$# gibt. Das Schwert ist eine billige China-Produktion. Man gab es mir in einem Karton mit der Aufschrift 'made in China' und es sieht wirklich schlimm aus. Die Klinge ist ein stumpfes Stück geschnittenen Blechs, an dem noch die Spuren vom Metallschneider deutlich zu sehen sind."

GW trollt Gewinner.
Unter so schönen Schwertern wie Glamdring (Museum Edition) Atlantean sword of Albion (aus Conan), Anduril (limited edition) und einer echten japanischen Katana hatte das Slayer Sword einfach keinen Platz und musste weg. Für Karol hing kein sentimentaler Wert an dem Stück und für etwas Blech sind 600$ ne Stange Geld. 600$ bringt einen in einer kleinen Stadt in Polen ganz schön weit.  

Ich persönlich könnte mein Slayer Schwert niemals verkaufen. Aber das ist wahrscheinlich nur so, weil es so unwahrscheinlich für mich ist eines zu gewinnen. Ich wäre stolz darauf, eines halten zu dürfen - selbst wenn es die Japanische Papierversion wäre :D Übrigens: Der Japanische Ausdruck zeigt die alte Version des Schwertes. Vielleicht hat der Gewinner Glück und kann sich die alte Version in England abholen. ;) 

"Ich hoffe, ihr könnte meine Gründe verstehen. Es brauchte nicht viel, das Schwert zu verkaufen - es passt nicht in meine Sammlung." erklärt Karol. 

Ich kann es irgendwie nachvollziehen. Und ihr?

Schreibt eure Meinung in die Kommentare!
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