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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shelf of SHAME - OMG Zappi paints!

Good morning! 

This post is link and picture heavy, because I know some of you got time at work... :D

I got up at 12:42pm after planning the next steps of the revolution until 7am in the morning ;) Time is an illusion. Bedtime doubly so. 

Yesterday evening I returned from my Holiday stay at Hotel Mom which I had extended for two days due to oodles of boardgame fun and favorite dishes served into my general direction. 

The center of my cullinary universe: ZWIEBELROLLBRATEN :D


And since everything happens for a reason, I met one of the most interesting conversationalists on my train ride back to Berlin. Definitely the most enjoyable train ride in my life. She truly inspired me to continue to go the crazy route we are heading towards... yay!

Be a better painter

2012 was a great painting year for me. At least the first half. 

When I returned from my beloved Japan, I painted for weeks without end. I even finished a few miniatures! 

And then the Revolution started. It's all about miniatures and painting - but I had no time to paint no more... One of my sacrifices for The Cause. 

So the Shelf of Shame grew. 

Finish the last miniature, before you buy a new one...

Yeah... RIGHT :D

I ask you to tell me, which mini I should finish next. Depending on your choice, I will even finish it this year. ;) 

Just tell me IN WHICH ORDER I should finish the Miniatures and WHY. The most creative entry will win a very special prize in 2013. Its more an 'honor' or 'recognition', not so much a tangible item, but me thinks you will like it ;) 

So here is the shelves with the candidates: 
  1. GW Mordheim Wizard Dood. Started 2007 at a Workshop with Bestienmeister in Dillingen
    (Picasa Album)
    80% finished
  2. GW Empire Captain - Started 2007 after my first Workshop with Jeremy(Picasa). So far 20+ hours of work and the first color still does not cover :D My 'homeopathic dilution delusion'
    20% finished
  3. GW Dark Elf Doodess. Started 2007 after one of now four Workshops with Georg Damm. (Picasa Link)
    80% finished
  4. JMD Melvin: Started in 2012. Awesome Bust.
    There are two early articles on this blog that I posted with regard to this miniature. I recommend both for you - I think they are helpful:
    1) Finding the right color scheme
    2) Find the right contrast
    70% finished
  5. Pegaso Spartan Bust - Sooo much fun. I am basically just missing the helmet to finish it... Recommended to anyone - every level. Here is the store.
    90% finished
  6. GW Daemonette with Bat Cave - my first Workshop miniature with Massive Voodoo's Roman. So I do the 'entry level' workshops last... Well... By now you know I think upside down :D (Picasa)
    50% finished
  7. GW Beastman - started in 2012 at my last workshop again with Georg Damm. I was so exhausted from my Revolution planning that I fell asleep twice, snoring ^^. And still got this finished to 90% in only two days ;) Its not aiming for a demon, but I learned a lot painting it.
So help me get my priorities right! Just write "paint #4 because I like the bust" or "This order: #7, #5, #6, #4, #3, #2, #1 because its my telephone number"

Do you have a shelf of shame?
- Tell us about it in the comments.
- How many unfinished minis are on it?
- How old is the oldest unfinished mini?

If you finish a miniature this year, send me a before and after picture to this email-address. I will post it with your name, website, blog, whatever you like ;)"


Friday, December 28, 2012

42 Giveaways Reminder

Hey guys, 

just a quick reminder over the Holiday Season - we are still giving away tons of cool shit (limited and OOP or just insanely rare stuff like swords) until January 7th.

Here again the table full of loot. "Loot ist Gut" as we Germans say. :D

#7 - 42 MASSIVE Giveaways

I am en route back to Berlin - so tomorrow we will resume our 'normal' operation. (As soon as we know what normal is anyways...)

Good luck! CRAZY giveaways are CRAZY. 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

REVOLUTION: Holiday Week Summary

Deutscher Text im Anschluss
Greetings everyone! 
A lot of you were offline during the Holiday Season - some of you are back at work, some on extended vacation...

But DON'T PANIC! Here is a quick summary of what has happened over the holidays. I think its important to 'keep up to date' on what we are doing here - because there is more to come and like often in life "context is everything". ^^


  • If you are new or have not watched our few mission videos yet, I recommend you head on over to this post. It also lists all of the 42 giveaways (I need to add 39-41 still). The giveaways run until JANUARY 7th - so there is not too much time left. 
  • You can access this page anytime by clicking on the REVOLUTION menu item.
  • We show you what I have been dreaming about for 14 years and what we have been working on since August 2012.
  • The shop is open. Come on in! :)
  • Thanks to all of those who already supported us with their trust and purchase! 
  • If your primary language is NOT English or German please comment in this post. We will work hard to add a subtitle for those Languages that people respond in. 
  • So far we have Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Bavarian scheduled :D
  • Your languages is not on the list? Make sure you comment in this post!
Good Question, Patrick!
  • I quite literally follow hundreds of blogs. 
  • Find a random selection of some of my favorite blogs of 2012. Its not complete, I know - the list would have been too long.
  • If you want your blog promoted, leave me a comment with your URL in this post.
  • Rollplayers know: "Don't Split The Party!". But the Blog will be split up soon. Find out why. 
  • Win a FULL D&D set: Red box, Dungeon Master & Player Handbook in the language of your choice. Good luck!
  • All you need to do is to let us know what YOU would want to change in the universe. I know EVERYONE has something they want to change. Comment in this post and win.
  • Response to Pins of War's excellent post on Kickstarters & Co. 
  • More to come on this subject in the next week or two. Stay tuned! 


Viele von euch waren Feiertagsbedingt nicht online - einige von euch sind wieder am Arbeiten, andere noch im verdienten Urlaub...

Aber KEINE PANIK! Hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Posts der Feiertage.
Ich denke es ist wichtig, 'auf dem Laufenden' zu bleiben, denn sehr bald kommt noch mehr - und die Zusammenhänge sind schon etwas komplexer ^^

#1 REVOLUTION Zusammenfassung

  • Wenn Ihr ganz neu hier seid oder unsere REVOLUTION Videos noch nicht gesehen hast, dann einfach mal hier reinschauen. 
  • Hier werden auch alle 42 Verlosungen aufgeführt (39-41 fehlen noch). Die Verlosungen werden alle am 7. Januar gezogen - es ist also nicht mehr viel Zeit.  
  • Diesen Post findet ihr übrigens im Menüpunkt REVOLUTION. 
  • We show you what I have been dreaming about for 14 years and what we have been working on since August 2012.
  • Hereinspaziert!. Die Regale sind gefüllt! :)
  • Vielen Dank an die Vielen unter euch, die uns jetzt schon mit ihren Einkäufen unterstützt haben! 
  • Wenn ihr andere Sprachen als Englisch oder Deutsch als subtitle unter unseren DVDs haben wolt, dann posted in diesem Thread.  
  • Derzeit planen wir Spanisch, Polnisch, Russisch, Japanisch und ...Bayovarisch :D
  • Deine Muttersprache ist nicht auf dieser Liste? Einfach hier in Landessprache posten ;) 
Good Question, Patrick!
  • Ich folge hunderten von Blogs. 
  • Hier findet ihr eine zufällige Zusammenstellung meiner persönlichen Highlights für 2012. Ist nicht komplett, das wäre zu lang geworden. 
  • Wenn ihr euer Blog auch hier promoten wollt, einfach die URL in diesem Post in die Kommentare schreiben.
  • Rollenspieler wissen: "Don't Split The Party!". Aber das Blog wird demnächst 'geteilt'. Findet heraus aus wie und warum. 
  • Gewinnen könnt ihr ein komplettes D&D set: Red box (4. Edition!), Dungeon Master & Player Handbuch in der Sprache eurer Wahl. Viel Glück!
  • Ihr müsst uns nur sagen, was IHR in der Welt/dem Universum ändern würdet, wenn ihr könntet. JEDER von euch hat sowas. Einfach hier einen Kommentar posten und gewinnen.
  • Antwort auf Pins of War's Post auf über Kickstarters & Co. 
  • Zu diesem Thema kommt in den nächsten ein, zwei Wochen was Neues von uns. 


Greetings, beings! 

A LOT of people that I told about our company vision (and I mean a LOT) asked me three things:

1) "When can I start to work for you?"
2) "How can I help?"
3) "WHY THE FRAKK are you not putting this on Kickstarter and Indiegogo? You could make a shitload of money!!!"

True. BUT
Let me ask you a question: "What is the main reason for a crowdfunding/fundraiser such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo? WHY would you support a product/startup?" 

Don't get me wrong - I support MANY MANY Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns myself (e.g., Massive Voodoo's awesome Artbook) but I also support independant campaigns (such as the Adrian Smith Artbook). 

In chosing my "investments", I TRY to support IDEAS over PRODUCT. I try to look at what the company will DO with the my MONEY more than at WHAT I GET. What is their VISION? How can I and others BENEFIT from it?

Like Reaper. They sold a bag of plastic miniatures at a great price. I recently held a few of their Reaper Bones minis and would not want to paint them (as a showcase painter). For roleplaying like D&D and stuff they are awesome. Reaper called this the "EVOLUTION of gaming" and made nearly 3.500.000,00$.

I was tempted. But I thought: First I am going to paint my 2000+ Rackham Minis and my 2200+ Games Workshop minis and rather invested the money in Dice Rings, and some art books (see above) for motivation and inspiration. 

I am in the process of writing a script for one of my next videos explaining my thoughts on crowdfunding. But coincidentally*, today I read on Zweischneid's awesome blog Pins of War about his take on Kickstarters. On the one hand, I share many of his ideas on the subject, BUT I also have a completely different view, another perspective on the subject.

Personally, I WANT to buy miniatures.  Miniatures that have the power to turn on the lights - everywhere - but mostly in the eyes of children worldwide.

I want OUR HOBBY to be the light that continues to shine where all other lights go out.  

"I will take The Ring to Mordor." (Frodo)
Looking for the Fellowship - the BRUDDHAHOOD - to help me get there.

Someone told me the Internet is full of mean people and trolls. In Today's World a lot of people would rather pay money to see a crazy German try to change the world and FAIL than to help. You know what? If that is your motivation, i will take your money, too :D 4.2cents from every troll, flamer and mean person in the world... Millions....

If you are interested in the subject of crowdfunding, hop over to pins of War and have a read on this awesome article. In a few days I will add my complete thoughts on this. Right now I am on vacation for one more day ^^.

Sorry - I don't wanna tease. I tell you this all in order to reduce stress and potential health hazards. :D Stress is not good for you :D

Please comment below: Have you bought anything on a fundraiser platform yet? What was your favorite one? What do you like about crowd-funding, what don't you like?

Please +1 posts you like on Google+ so more people see it.

Oh, and if you like this kind of discussion, I also invite you to my Google+ Community I created a few weeks ago specifically for my ideas on this. I will 'kick it off' at the beginning of January. For free. Oooops.

Stoopid Presman is stoopid...


P.S.: Read and comment on yesterdays article. It will give you a CHANCE to understand one of my future projects ;) AND a chance to win.

*The truth is, there are no coincidences

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Don't Split The Party!" - 2013 comments challenge!

Full Disclosure: 
- No need to read if you are 100% satisfied with your professional and personal life.

- Need to read and comment if you want to win an AWESOME 3-part prize!

Hey, hey! Hey, hoopy froods! Hey!

Have you ever played D&D? Have you ever listened to or watched live D&D programmes

I have. And I do it all the time... Again and again. For years now. I wished I still had my original first edition "Red Box" *sadpresman.jpg*

I just listened to season 1-4 (free iTunes Podcast) and watched season 5-7 of Acquisitions Incorporated's adventures for the umpteenth time... Again.

There are so many things you learn, such as "Don't split the Party!", +Wil Wheaton. Even Dimwit Bronzebottom +Scott Kurtz knows this ;) Unfortunately their party companions Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulic don't seem to have a Google+ page. Yet.
These guys raise millions for children with their organization "Child's Play" - and are among my role models and personal heros.

Buying our product at our store may not result in millions, but it will work with the same spirit. More on this in the next couple of days... 

You can help us roll a natural 20 on our mission.
We give to charity as a standard action.

Splitting the Party in the vicinity of Acid Pit Traps does not only result in a painful death even a roll of 18 won't get you out of. It is also VERY ENTERTAINING. 

You know that on December 21st we started our first of many companies. If you don't know why or how, check out this summary post.

I am going to split the party. Soon(tm).

Like the fabled planet Magrathea, which specialized in the creation of custom planets, we will create very splendid and worthwhile companies. Many of them. 

And of course, I cannot put it all in one blog. The 'place where we learn to be a better painter' has been too chaotic as it is already... ;) You KNOW what I mean.

So at the beginning of January I will clean things up a little. 

The first three splits will be this: 

  • (this blog): Will remain my personal blog and the 'place where YOU learn to be a better painter' - with event reports, painting tipps & tricks and some harmless entertainment. Minus some of the crazy stuff. Some. Not all :D 

    There will be a Google+ Community on paintingbuddha with a separate blog, too.

  • AUOPSLAOPTP: If you asked the question "WHY" at least once in your life, you qualify to join this Google+ Community (separate blog comming soon(tm)). Personally, if you follow ANY blog, I would recommend this one. This will eventually turn into the [j]th company, but at the beginning its just going to be awesome.

  • Funraiser 42: You have no job. You have a job you don't like. You have a job you like but would not mind to do something else. You want to create a company. You want someone to give you a company for free. You need inspiration for your own company.

    You want to live a fun and as a whole worry-free life. You don't necessarily want to become filthy rich.

    OR you want to watch someone who answered one of the above with 'yes'. Take that, Reality TV!

    THIS is the place to be in 2013. This will be the 2nd company I will start and it will be started BEFORE March 1st. Heartfelt congratulations, if you do not feel the need to follow this Google+ Community. Blog coming soon(tm).
If you do not have a google+ account yet, you can get one here for free. This link works WITHOUT having to create a gmail account! :) BAZINGA

If you have a Facebook account and do NOT have a google+ account because you don't trust google, you are DOING IT WRONG. We will explain all the awesome stuff Google is doing right now next year. Stay tuned - it is going to change your online life. For free. 


WIN a 4th edition D&D 'Red Box', a Dungeon Master Handbook (not in picture) and a Players Handbook (not in picture) by commenting below. In the LANGUAGE OF YOUR CHOICE (if available)

Today I would like you to tell me the THREE things that you would like to change in this Galaxy. If its more than three, I take it too :D

We are at 1960 comments now. The challenge is to get to 2013 with this post. So I need 53 of you :) Can we do it? Yes we can! :D

Stay tuned! 

Zaphod Beeblebrox*

*You cant spell Beeblebrox without x's and o's :) 

レボリューション: 上を向いて!


今年の四月からBerlinに住んでいます。今月21日に新しい会社をローンチしまして、とても忙しかったですが、嬉しいです。毎上を向いています、ツナミのように"My Way"を捜し求めています。



日本の友達に会ったらよろしく言っといてください。Share & Enjoy ^^www

このメッセージは間違いだらけですね... 頑張っています!m(_ _)m

世界 orz. 日本 orz. 日本人 orz. 友達 orz. ISI orz. ありがとうございます!

Michael "マイケル" Bartels


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vogon Poetry & Green Stuff - BLOG REVIEW 2012

Ode To A Small Lump Of Green Putty I Found In My Armpit One Midsummer Morning"
by Grunthos the Flatulent.

"Putty. Putty. Putty.
Green Putty - Grutty Peen.
Grarmpitutty - Morning!
Pridsummer - Grorning Utty!
Discovery..... Oh.
Putty?..... Armpit?
Armpit..... Putty.
Not even a particularly nice shade of green.

*lick* "

During a reading of the poem, 4 of his audience died of internal hemorrhaging and the president of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived by gnawing one of his own legs off. Grunthos was reported to have been "disappointed" by the poem's reception.

Greetings beings! 

Today just a hoopy links... Warning. Dangerous Poetry in Blogform inside. In the next couple of days I will put up some useful tipps for writers and readers of Blogs.

The list of blogs I post is not complete, because I follow over 100 or so (need to count later). Its not even the list of everything I 'STARed' last year - that would be way too much ^^

Let's gather up, come a little closer - BE the community! Subscribe to these hoopy froods who REALLY know where their towels are!

And I know that many of you are already bored with the socks and underwear they got from Santa, so here is something to occupy your time ;)

I highly recommend subscribing to these guys. If you want to help the REVOLUTION tell them that Zaphod Beeblebrox from brought you there :) Thank you!

If YOU have a blog that is NOT listed here, send me a LINK to your favorite article to this email address (SUBJECT "VOGON BLOG") and I will review and post them in the next couple of days! FREE ADVERTISEMENT GUYS!) :D

In the COMMENTS below, please post, how many Blogs you follow.

Artscale Imperial Fist Deathwatch

Tutorial checkout #2 colour decanting

Puppetswar - Zombie Korps Preview

The rocky road to creating a rock. Part 2

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