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This is the summary of all relevant REVOLUTION videos and GIVEAWAYS until January 1st, 2013. 

Hier die Zusammenfassung aller relevanten Videos der REVOLUTION sowie aller VERLOSUNGEN bis 1. Januar 2013.

Note: We are working on translations of all giveaway pages to at least english AND german. We also want to create subtitles for our videos ASAP. Alas, we don't know how yet ;) Please stay tuned!

Revolution Videos

#1 - The Dream / Der Traum (2:42, english)
- A 14 year miniature hobby dream becomming reality and time reverses its relative direction.
- Ein 14 Jahre alter Miniaturenhobbytraum wird wahr. Und Zeit ändert ihre relative Richtung.

#2 - 42 & Magrathea (7:42, english)
- Minime talks about a planet that builds planets. And a company that builds company.
- Mini-Me spricht über einen Planet der Planeten baut. Und eine Firma, die Firmen baut. 

- Zaphod reveals the new Company Name
- Zaphod spricht über den neuen Firmennamen

#4 - Diff'rent Strokes (10:42, english)
- The company logo is revealed, also Zaphod talks about himself and all other types of painters.
- Das Firmenlogo wird bekanntgegeben. Außerdem spricht Zaphod über sich, und Typen von Malern.

- The infamous "GIVEAWHAT" is revealed. And our business philosophy. Its the same.
- Der berüchtigte "GIVEAWHAT" und unsere Firmenphilosophie werden enthüllt. Sie sind gleich.

- Zaphod and an undead Ginger-kid explain the revolutionary Corporate Structure and solves the Financial Crisis while he is at it.
- Zaphod und ein untotes Ginger-Kid erklären die revolutionäre Firmenstruktur und löst nebenbei die Finanzkrise.

- Seeing is believing. Become Zaphod's Little Helper and WIN!
- Sehen heißt verstehen. Werden einer von "Zaphod's little helpers" und GEWINNT fette Preise!

#8.42 - Season 1.1 - Target Identified
- Zaphod and a mystery guest will reveal what's going on. The Mayas were right after all!

SotR - Songs of the REVOLUTION


Here is a summary of ALL 42 REVOLUTION GIVEAWAYS with a short explanation of what you need to do to win and what you can win.

Hier folgt eine Zusammenfassung ALLER 42 REVOLUTIONS-GIVEAWAYS mit einer kurzen Beschreibung, wie man was gewinnen kann. Deutsche Beschreibung wirdnach Weihnachten aktualisiert.

#1+2, November 15th: 2x Limited Chaos Space Marine Codex, GIVEAWHAT?
  • Limited to 1000 worldwide!
  • 1x Codex - random winner: JUST COMMENT on the post.
    Anything. Preferably related to the GIVEAWHAT ;)
  • 1x Codex - IF anyone guesses the GIVEAWHAT right (a prize I will reveal next monday, if noone gets it) he/she will will the second Codex. If not, it will be given away randomly (very likely ^^)
  • You AND your friend can win a box EACH! Just bring a friend and tell me in the comments. :)
    "XYZ brought me here" is enough for both to win. 
#5, November 19th: 1x Forge World Primarch Angron
  • Post your favorite Forge World product in the comments for your chance to win. So easy!
#6, November 20th: 1x  Games Workshop Assault on Bleack Reach
  • out of production! Mint in shrinkwrap!
  • In the comments write your favorite Game System AND armies. Any system, not just GW.
#7, November 21: 1x ULTRA-RARE!!!! Black Library Collectors Edition Sword
  • It is the only one I have. It is very precious to me... You may opt to allow me to keep it :)
  • Write "YES" or "NO" in the comments. Thats all. You don't even have to know why...
    "YES" means you have something you want to ask me. A question about anything. LIFE, The Universe,... EVERYTHING.
    "NO" means you take the sword and need no answers.
    You may also write the question in the comments instead of just "Yes" or "no" which makes it more fun for me :D
  • Hoopy mystery prize ;)
  • Look at the button on the post. Did you try to push  it? Comment for a chance to win!
#10-#14, November 23rd: Win a pimpin' TITLE!
  • I can't tell you yet, why this is so cool, BUT you can CHOOSE your own title for the time AFTER the revolution.
  • Post your chosen title in the comments below.
  • I will chose (at least) 5 of the best titles. You WILL want them later, trust me :) 
  • The President got his heart broken by Games Workshop's IP department. AGAIN. 
  • Tell GW to love us in your comments for your chance to win :) 
  • If you have a blog or forum, post it in the comments below. I will create a list of ALL blogs later - so people can find you!
#16+17, November 28th: 2x Games Workshop SPACEHULK MINT WHAT? I AM CRAZY!
  • First chance: Please tell us your favorite in the comment and explain why. Mine is 42. I guess you know by now :D
  • Second chance: Send me an image of something with "42" in it to this email-address
  • I will post all pictures with your names. 
#18-22, November 29th: Win a CD by Aussie-Artist Pete Stark
  • Just post anything in the comments for your chance to win! 
  • How about: Your favorite music/bands/artists?
  • Watch the Version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by William Shatner on that post. 
  • Tell me in the comments, how much this has moved you for a chance to win :D
#24, December 1st: Romanes eunt domus! 1x Horus Heresy Board Game!
  • Create your own Revolutionary Slogan. 
  • Misspell it as badly as you can. 
  • You have to participated in ALL giveaways to have a chance to win this!
    (The board game is waaaay cool enough to allow this marketing heresy!)
  • Post it in the comments for a chance to win! 
  • Win an OOP limited Pink Floyd Pulse DVD Box
  • Chose your own revolutionary ID number (over 42)
  • Post anything you like. ANYTHING. For your chance to win.
  • Post anything in the comments. Maybe: Are you excited about "The Hobbit"? (Both movie and game)
  • Post in the comments:
    Guess shape #4 and #5 correct for an extra chance for a The Hobbit - Rulebook! 
  • Every person that participates has a chance to win the game! Even if you are wrong!
  • Shape #4 will be revealed on Monday 17th - it explains A LOT. ;)
  • Post below and let me know how many of the (so far) 28 giveaways you have entered and maybe which ones you have not entered (and why): 
  • Win 5x limited XXX 30 years GW limited Dwarf (1000points in games!)
    (mint in original carton and shrinkwrap!)
#33-34, December 13th: REVOLUTION video #1 - The Dream
  • Post a comment on the first video's YouTube page 
  • Win one of two limited "Steampunk Alice's" by Sebastian Archer's Guild of Harmony.
  • Comment on the Youtube Video (on the Youtube channel)
  • Win a copy of Douglas Adam's Biography "Wish you were here"
  • Create your own Gargleblaster recipe.
  • Win a copies of "CRUSADE ON FIRE" by Games Workshop
#38-41 PENDING (up to December 31st, DRAWING on January 1st!)

#42 December 17th: THE GIVEAWHAT!?
  • Zaphod gives you his Company as a present. WOW.
    42% of the profits go back to the community.
    42% go to Employees and new jobs
    16% go to Charity
  • Eligibilty: Forever. 


  1. 42% + 42% + 18% = 102%
    Wow you are really giving it away!!

  2. Is it sad that the thing I want to win the most is the Steampunk Alice?

  3. The strangest number relation I have is a friend of mine and he would regularly have the number 54 appear in his life. It was his sports jersey number, apartment number, license number had it, etc etc. He would keep having it appear again and again. It was very strange.

  4. I wasn't referred here by anyone. But I think the incentive for both entries is a very cool idea that I don't see very much. kudos!

  5. My favorites are some of the WH monsters, specially the Basilisk. Super cool mini and it could be used in any RPG too.

  6. It there is a button it will be pressed.... Guilty

  7. 1- Star
    2- Equilateral Triangle
    3- Circle
    4- Pacman eating a slice of Pizza
    5- Heart of Gold

  8. This appears to be one big distraction. Are you a magician waving around one hand in our faces while the other steals our pocket watch?

  9. Good luck! Looking forward to see how this develops.

    1. Hey :) You did almost everything correct. Except for you posted it all in the wrong sections ;)

      Every giveaway has to be commented in the section of the appropriate post. I cannot move your comments, so I would have to ask you to post your comments in the right blog posts (links are in the above text).

      Thanks for participating and sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. well this is 2014 so what are you doing now ?


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