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Saturday, May 25, 2013

PB Update: Happy Towel Day TEASER!

Happy Towel Day everyone! - Season 1 DVD Set Update

Don't PANIC!
Happy Towel Day!

Next: GPD6x7
As you may know from our earlier videos, I dedicate our company to Douglas Adams, the hoopiest frood to ever have worn a towel. 

Not even two months ago we had to announce that our miniature painting DVD Project "Season 1: Target Identified" had to be postponed quite a bit as we simply were not happy with the quality that we would have delivered. We started from scratch.

Since then, we have quite literally worked tirelessly and for the most part around the clock, aiming at providing you with an even better product in a quality that we as hardcore nerds would buy ourselves. And this day is drawing nearer now. 

Our DVD production is about 99.42% complete. Next week, so help us Murphy, we will send the DVDs off to production. That means, we are getting close to our release date. 

As of today, we don't know when we will receive the final product yet, BUT with this update we would like to let you know that in honor of Galactic President Day on June 7th(6x7, you get it?) we will announce our shipping date, all the extras you get in your package, some sneak peaks, trailers, and other fun stuff. 

PLUS, we will hold the drawing for our ongoing YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK giveaway. Until 6/7 I am sure, we will add a few more hot items to the swag stack :) Here to remind you, what the rules for this pan-galactic giveaway are.

21 is only half the truth

And since today is towel day, a day in celebration of the life of Douglas Adams, we decided to throw together a little 21 second teaser video for you. As we all know, 21 is only half the truth, so you know how long our release video on GPD6x7 will be, don't you?

Budget & Supporter Box

The Budget Box will be a no-thrills box which holds all the essentials you need to become a better painter: 6 full loaded DVDs in a beautiful DVD Collectors Edition and our Hero's Brad & Yanet (without the base) protected by a stylish metal box. And of course it had to be 42€!

But we are nerds, and we wanted more. So we stuffed all kinds of goodies into the deal and realized that - if we sold it for 42€ - we would be in the red. Not that red is a bad color, but hey,... A suporter box at 84€ is twice as hoopy as 42!

You wonder what kind of hoopy gifts we will put in the Budget and the Supporter Box?

All the goodies that we will put in the respective boxes will be revealed on GPD6x7.

Also, next week we will update our store, so no need to rush ;)

This post is full of win!

Just to recap, here's the plan: 

- next week our DVDs will go to production. 
- on GPD6x7 we will announce the shipping date of our DVD set
- shortly after GPD6x7 we will ship our DVDs!

And here is how you can win: 

SHARE & ENJOY this post on Facebook.

EVERY SHARE will count not as one ticket, but this time as TWO tickets for the drawing of YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK on GPD6x7! I will repost this again on Monday, so you can even QUADRUPLE your winning chances! 

Stay hoopy, guys, gals and beings!


*since no such day existed, I ruled that henceforth June 7th shall be a Galactic Holiday in celebration of Galactic President's Day - and I did so by the powers I vested in myself. =]


  1. That's awesome. One of the best movies and books. Can't wait to see the finished products, though no FB here, so can't help that way.

    Good job gents.

  2. Ok President! Once again, shared on Facebook and both Spanish and English versions of my blog. I want all my tickets for all those super awesome giveaways!!!!!! I WANT THE HIGH ELF CODEX!!! I WANT BEN'S MINI!!!!!!!!

  3. Ich habs auch mal geteilt. Und jetzt husch husch zurück an die Arbeit, ich will meine DVDs haben ;-)


  5. We still able to support you in this? Adding to the hoopy dreams of those creating this? If so, then I might have to break out the wallet and pick up the supporters box then!


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