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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday giveaway WINNERS and more giveaways!

Greetings y'all!

We had a very exciting and productive day at our side of the business today. We are closing in on getting our first DVD set ready and so far it looks quite... spectecular :D

I spent some time with our printing company last weekend and we even added more cool stuff to the box. We want it to be perfect. We want it to be so good that we would want to buy it ourselves ^^. 

So good for you that we are total nerds :D

Other than that, no big news today - GW's Legal Department seems to be on vacation and no exciting products have been released, so I can jump right to the giveaways. As always, I used to determine the winner.

'Perfect' Finecast miniature. 

This would not be chosen
for our winner skywatcher ^^
In one of the most discussed articles since this blog began, 62 of you commented and thus entered the giveaway for a 'perfect' finecast miniature. I will pick it myself, the winner just needs to let me know whether it should be from the 40k or WHFB universe ;) 

Let's see whether GW stores have 'perfect finecast' on hand... I think I got my work cut out for me... 

The lucky winner of this giveaway is: skywatcher!

Slayer Sword Workshop

Next, we gave away a FREE Workshop with UK Slayer Sword Winner Karol Rudyk here in Berlin. Not quite as many participants as the winner needed to be available from June 7th-9th and able to come to Berlin. 

As random as is, the winner turned out to be our good friend Baphomet. Congrats, dude! We are looking forward to having you as our guest ;) Make sure your Bavarian Visa is still valid. 

So Baphomet & Skywatcher - please contact me. You can use this email address to claim your prize.

This week's Giveaway. 

Now I would like to announce something extremely spectecular as our next giveaway. Details will be revealed tomorrow or on Wednesday. You will be able to win a unique and one-of-a-kind price that money can't buy. And it is so spectecular that even I want to participate soooo badly... (alas, I may not :()... 

Stay tuned & tell your friends about this - you do NOT want to miss this...

Ooooh, I be a-teasin' again!

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  1. oh man this is awesome :D thanks a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. The next giveaway has BOTH things going for it. Its extreme. AND spectecular :D

  3. Congrats to the winners. And Zaphod - you're a tease!

    1. OMG. We just looked at the finished giveaway 'prize' and want to keep it to ourselves! :D

      But now we can't no more as we announced it ^^

  4. Hey, it is wednesday already!

    1. Hey :D

      You are right! But we did not quite get our very splendid and worthwhile document ready, missing a few hours work... ^^

      Today is a public holiday so we will have to finish this Friday morning. Sorry about that - but it will be worth the wait to anyone who likes miniatures ;)

  5. Sweetness! Totally awesome guys. 40k universe for sure. Bubble free, if I can get it ;)

  6. Thank you White Rabbit, Badsmile and mr Painting Buddha himself. I just received my prize finecast model. Model detail looks great, he will be a pleasure to put together. And thanks again for the great blog. Keep it rollin!


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