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Friday, May 10, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Win a "Happy Monk" painted by Ben Komets!

Greetings my most motivated miniature maniacs!
YAG - Yet Another Giveaway? - where we learn to be a better painter? 

Well,... tons of giveaways, up-to-date rumors, love-letters to GW, international event reports - CHECK. Articles on becoming a better painter - ok, there were a few ^^...

So today I proudly present a downloadable step-by-step tutorial which Ben "White Rabbit" Komets has created especially for you. In this step-by-step, Ben explains how he created this little masterpiece. 

Ben is totally in love with it, Mati is totally in love with it, I am totally in love with it and I am sure YOU would be, too.

Here's the Coolminiornot link to Ben's "Happy Monk" diorama.

But you know me - crazy German giveaway dood.

Win this Happy Monk, painted by Ben Komets
Sculpted by Ernst Veingart
I can't 'just' give something out for free to all of you without creating the excitement of a very splendid and worthwhile giveaway. Since August last year we have given away stuff worth thousands of Euros - just because we love giving stuff away ^^. And we won't stop. Neither today, nor EVAR!

So here it is: You can WIN the shown Happy Monk, painted by Ben. 

A unique piece of art that even we have a hard time parting with. Something money can't buy.

One winner only? NO! FIVE awesome prizes up for grabs!

Drop-pods full of GIVEAWAYS! THIS. IS. MADNESS!
The first prize, of course, will be the "Happy Monk" that Ben has painted for our step-by-step tutorial - together with a unique Certificate of Hoopyness signed by all of us. 

The second and third prize will be an unpainted Happy Monk, special white metal limited edition - ONLY available from us. A 25€ value!

The fourth prize will be your choice of either a Games Day Germany Premium Ticket or - if you can't go or already have one - a Limited Edition Dark Angel Codex

The fifth and final prize will be a Limited OOP Edition Black Library novel "Brotherhood of the Storm" - where primarch Khan leads his White Scars to war.

How to win - "Season 1: Target Identified"
But wait! Don't order yet! :D
There will be even MORE in the set ;)
Winning is pretty easy. All you have to do is to head over to our Facebook Page, like it and SHARE the post about this giveaway on your timeline and/or page. (The post will say "SHARE & Enjoy for a chance to WIN!")

Every share can win, so if you post on your personal page and on your timeline, you double your chances!

If you have your own blog/site, you can even share it there. In this case, please also leave a comment below with the link to your post.

On the day we ship our first "Season 1 - Target Identified" instructional DVD Set (with Ben & Rafael "Volomir" García Marín) we will draw the winners. Unless Murphy turns up big time again, this will be in June! 

Please leave a comment!

I invite anyone to post a comment. Reading your comments makes us here at Manabu (, happy :) Like a monk :D

  • How do you like the Happy Monk? 
  • How do you like the step-by-step? Would you like to see more of them? 
  • How do you like the Giveaways?
  • Is there anything you would like us to do in the future?

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The happy little monk lives on this happy little stone
in a happy little riverbed located in a happy little
ancient and probably magically imbued amulet!
We would also be happy if you shared our blog and maybe - if you like to - we would be happy as a little monk if you subscribed and followed us.

The next couple of weeks and months to come will be VERY exciting for the international miniature community and I have the feeling that some of you don't really want to miss it ;)

And if that's not enough, we do give sh*tloads of stuff away :) Because we can :D

Have a GREAT WEEKEND and GOOD LUCK with the giveaway!

And always remember: SHARE & ENJOY!

Mati "Badsmile" Zander
Ben "White Rabbit" Komets
Michael "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Bartels


  1. Oh yeah...cant resist! :)
    A piece f bens work at home...awesome!

    The step-by-step is good, but I havent read it concentrated, only short look in it.
    I would wish, that we can read under the steps the used colors,
    for example for the robe base, highlight and shadows, the colorreceip.
    That helps a lot to learn technic, when yaou can only paint and havent to think about which colors you must use.

    Bad english, I know, but so have the international readers something to laugh about! ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Shared and Enjoyed...:D...

  4. Hi, i actually asked Ben a couple of weeks ago for this mini, i just love it! He could sell one to me but this is even better, painted would be super cool, but unpainted is fine since i like to paint it some day =)
    Cheers to you and Germany!
    Just shared on my personal and painting page =)
    Robert aka Rogland

  5. Great tutorial (at least, as far as I read it). The only thing I don't like about it is the typography/layout. Makes it harder to read than necessary. :-(
    Apart from a that excellent work.

    And by the way, you are crazy with those YAGs. ;-)

    1. I thought so too, but I am not an artist as my guys always tell me :D

  6. shared ! :D

  7. und geteilt....

  8. Segnior Präsident... das italienische Volk ist informiert! Mein blog:

  9. I would just be happy with an unpainted monk, but one painted by Ben, well. that would be...that would be...I cant find the words. :)

  10. Nice posted on my personal page lozach francois and on the tutofig page...... cross fingers.

  11. Shared on my fb profile ;)

    I have to say that I realy like the "pictures" showing the position of the brush while painting. And showing the direction of painting. It's quite enlightening.

    +1 for Zweigesicht and his remark about the background:
    "Makes it harder to read than necessary. :-(" I feel the same about it.

    You are crazy with this Giveaways :P I would like to win the painted monk, but the "clean" version would be nice though. Just try to paint it the same way according to the step-by-step tutorial... hmmm... dreaming ;)

    IMO it would be nice to try ones skills during some giveaways. I mean some tasks like converting and painting a plastic miniature. As a small diorama for example. Not GW, but any manufacturer, even Zvezda or Revel, Italieri ;)
    Just my "would YOU to do in the future".

    BTW I'm still waiting for the post about some translation help, any further info with that ? ;P

    Enjoy your weekend to everyone.

    Sorry for any mistakes.

    1. I can tell you that we are working on two of your ideas ;) Not telling which though :D

      Also, I just found out that if you read the PDF online, the graphics are pretty bad (google docs viewer), but if you download it to your machine, the graphics and text are much easier to see and read.

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Nice to hear :P I'm waiting anxiously :)

      I know that downloaded PDF looks much better that viewed by the GoogleDoc, but it is still hard to read at times.
      The background is very beautiful, but the letters should be more visible. Just IMO. Maybe just black, without the white frame ?

      But still the tutorial s perfect ! Thanks a lot !

  12. Shared :) What an awesome post all around! Brilliant SBS!!!! The picture of the paintbrush is really helpful.

    I personally would find it really helpful to have a picture of the paint on the pallette (as there's no information what the name of the paint is) because it can be a bit difficult to work out exactly what the paint should look like from a description/the computer image.

    1. Then you will like our upcoming DVD Set ;) We got a dedicated palette cam ^^

  13. Ah, too bad, that I don't like and won't support Facebook. Will the Monk in metal be available via your shop as well?

    1. There is a very high likelyhood for this, yes ;)
      IF so, it would become available in June.

  14. Yeah! Love the giveaways, and this one rocks! I've mentioned you over at the blog. Of course, all 10 of my followers probably already come here as well... :)

  15. Oops, forgot the proof:

  16. This is why I like :-D every morning news that makes me smile.

    I realy like step by step and after this post I'll devour the Happy Monk step by step. If I will win or not, I will try to paint this monk like the step by step as one of my "tutorial checkouts". ;-)


    How do you like the Happy Monk?
    - I like the idea using an old watch as base, that it is painted awesome nobody will deny.

    How do you like the step-by-step? Would you like to see more of them?
    - Step by step's are everytime a great idea. It's like a Tutorial dvd as a book. And also a perfect think for my "tutorial checkouts" ;-)

    How do you like the Giveaways?
    - Who dosn't like them? Oo

    Is there anything you would like us to do in the future?
    - mmhh... There is one thing I remember first when I read this question. As a commend of a tutorial by me a painter, Zab from canada, answered me that he like the tutorial but can't try it because the materials I used didn't sold in canada. Differend material packs for differend effects should be a nice ides? (not only for the followers outside germany ;-) )

    Ps: nice pic of the Season 1, every DVD label is a artwork by it's own. Great job.

  17. Wow - that's a great Step-by-Step! Thanks a lot!

  18. Thanks for the great Step-by-Step.
    Only thing to criticize would be that the contrast of font and background makes it sometimes hard to read. And Google Docs messes up the graphics it seems.
    And surely we want more of this stuff! :)

    To your questions:
    - How do you like the Giveaways?
    They are cool and your are completely nuts! Giving all this stuff out to your readers... :)

    - Is there anything you would like us to do in the future?
    Stay as you are. Your writing style does most of the tim cast a smile upon my face. Should have follow you much earlier.

    And YAG is shared:
    Hope some of my followers will have a look here.

    P.S: I'm really curious of this DVD set. Maybe this will be the first painting DVDs I'll buy :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Paradox0n!

      If you download the PDF, the graphics will be crystal clear - if you view it within Google Docs its all kinda blurry due to compression.

      Also thanks for the share on your blog - got you a new reader :D (Me!)

    2. Ah thanks you're right. The PDF is much better! And thanks for following :)

  19. wow, a chance to win Ben's miniature. Now this is something big!
    shared, and enjoyed:)
    And a great tutorial, thanks for that!

  20. I really like how you guys are taking your company, and looking for ways to expand the hobby scene. This is a great example.. taking something that can be both a model for those in the scene, but also something that could be set out by those not because it is art! The model is one that easily lends itself to being placed alongside other pieces on ones mantle ( if one does such things ) or can be placed along side other display pieces of personal or other fame.

    Love it, would love to win it, and have shared it already! Looking forward to this and other projects to be undertaken by you and your crew!

    Mr Lee!

  21. SHARED & Enjoyed for a chance to WIN!
    Coloured Dust

  22. shared and still enjoying

  23. Finally you have made the impossible possible....I entered the big FB^^ Great projects you got on your site. I am really looking forward to your upcoming minis and boxes. Keep on rocking. I will be with you!!!
    Additionally I shared and enjoyed your post^^

  24. Dear Michael Bartels aka Mr. President:

    I am taking this GIVEAWAY VERY SERIOUSLY.

    I have posted/shared this post in the following sites:

    1. Volomir's FB page:
    2. Rafael García Marín's page:
    3. Volomir's Blog in English:
    4. El Blog de Volomir (Volomir's Blog in Spanish):

    I have tatooed myself "I WANT A MINI FROM BEN KOMETS" on my skin by carving it with a blade on my ass (and now mein asche ist in Flammen).

    I will also cut my balls and become a eunuch if necessary. May the dark gods be with me in this one.

  25. This is so very generous of you to do. I shared it on my Facebook and will mention it on my blog tomorrow with a link back. I'll provide you with that information upon posting.

  26. Shared my friend. :)

    Also via Facebook, but you see it ;)

  27. Hi m8, I also share about this giveaway on my wall, and already saw +1 like from my friends so goal is neer by ;)

    PS: I don't know I shared the right post :P but hope still counts ;)


    1. Every post on any article you share on FB will be a 'ticket' for the drawing.

      And this is the 42nd comment here. Just sayin' :D

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