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Friday, May 10, 2013

World Expo 2014 - July 11-13 - Stresa, Italy

Happy FRIDAY everyone! 

The World Expo is an event that only takes place every three years - and is probably the most important miniature show in our spiral arm of the Milky Way. 

Last time, the World Expo took place in Montreaux - I could not go as I was busy learning Kanji in Tokyo at the time ^^

This year's World Expo will be in Stresa, Italy, located right on the beautiful Lago Maggiore. 

The date is July 11-13th, 2014. Put it in your calendar. NOW. ^^

Maybe you could plan a romantic trip with your significant other and then 'happen to stumble upon this interesting event by pure coincidence'!

There is already a Facebook Event Page up, which you might consider joining. If you like, you could tell them that masterminis brought you there ;) 

Here are some links about the World Expo in Montreux in 2011 so you know what we are talking about: 

Hope to see you there!

And... Happy Weekend :D

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1 comment:

  1. Oooooh. Colour me interested!

    The timing is good as it's between Salute and the GDs. Plus, Italy is our favourite place in the world. If I had a choice, I'd go Lake Como, but I wouldn't say no to another visit to Lake Maggiore - a beautiful place!

    I think I might do as you say and book a romantic trip for me and my better half. I'm luck that my better half likes minis as much as I do!


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