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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Games Workshop - New Eldar Dreadknight! (PICS?)

The new Eldar Release is comming!

Update: We decided to share all leaked pics on our FB account!

Please be aware that this post is classified as news and therefore falls under 'Fair Use' as protected by international press law. 

GW is positioned for one of the most awesome releases that have hit the shelves since... Well, since the Tau, because they were awesome, too :D

Kinda sad, that one has to be afraid to be excited about these kind of things.

As always, someone somewhere took a picture of something and posted it on the internet. And even though Faeit 212 was taken down due to a similar story about the High Elves, our legal representation advised me that posting pictures that were taken by someone other than GW clearly fall under 'news' and are protected by 'fair use'. Should they file a DMCA against me, they could be held liable and will face a counter DMCA for purgery. Our legal war stash is filled and insurred.

However, since we are still in discussion with our lawyer, we are not taking any chances until we have everything we can and can't do in writing.

On the odd chance that GW takes down Warseer for posting unreleased product in this post and just to be on the safe side, I removed the link. 

Update: Warseer has taken the post down already! I will follow suit later I guess.

The whole world is posting these pics on FACEBOOK and I would love to see how GW shuts them down...

Let 'em take that blog down.

All I can say is that I am very sad that GW stifles the excitement in the community by their erradic behavior. I'd rather write about how awesome I think the new release will be instead of shivering with fear from the legal inquisition. If they really want to, they can take down ANY miniature painter's blog or site, no problems... Even the ones that love them.

I still will buy one of those Wraithknights because they are awesome. And there are tons of good people working at GW. Just not in certain departments...

Aaaand I exported my blog, just to be on the safe side ;)

If you have missed all of that hoopla outfall over GW's Legal Department: 

And don't forget:


  1. Ah come on, don't be such a Pu**y and post the damn thing. Here a Link Nobody posts just a gif of the Spanish inquisition.
    But seriously it was so much fun, when one could show/see the releases of the next 1-2 maybe even Three months or at least teasers to build up the expectations - and I'm not talking lousy YouTube videos, GW!!!!

    1. Putty? Purry? Pully? :D
      I have an appointment with an IP lawyer in a couple of weeks and we have all kinds of questions about what we can or can't do and in particular what GW can or can't forbid us to do.

      Before that I will lay low as roadkill.

  2. Don't like it. Looks like a Barbie doll with armor. Why the hell do they try to make something "new" when they have perfectly good Phantom/Forge World kits to base things off of. I know they're trying to compete with WM/Hordes and the "colossal" figs for the menial price of $80-100 ea, but this one they missed the mark.

  3. I stand corrected - $115 for one fig... Nope.

  4. Updated due to new info:

    I'm just looking for the rules. The Wraithguard are getting the "Necron Immortal" treatment - in that they got a new gun you can't convert with your older models "buy more now!".

    Not excited about super barbie at $115, despite the rules - because you know GW is going to give it awesome rules, make their money back, and errata it to death and make it negligible - I've just seen this too many times. With as tall as it is, they'll probably be a rule it can catch fliers out of mid-air!

    $50 suppliment? GW - did you really look in the mirror and say this is a great idea? Isn't that what White Dwarf is for? This is just setting folks up for the Great Space Marine debacle - you can have your individual cults/chapters at $50 piece after you buy the Original Codex.

    The upgraded sniper character sounds cool if it is not competing for other spots. I'm full at Elites (as I'm sure all of the Dragons/Harlies/Scorpions will be here) and Heavy (as I run wraithlord and war walkers). The only slot I have open really is FA - and they flier should fit in nicely there unless as posted above, it is a wonder woman version.

    I've heard Dire Avengers may be boosted, which is fine as I have 2 squads there. Jetbikes for troops as well and I will not buy more wraithguard unless the warlock/10 squad still counts as troops. We shall see...

    Overall, from what I've read and am hearing I'm not impressed but it's just one man's opinion and maybe I'll be surprised. Sorry to rant.


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