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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faeit 212 Update: Back within the next few days!

Great News, people! 



Before I write what I wanted to write about, a quick little update about our upcoming giveaway ;) 

We wanted to post our new Giveaway yesterday, but did not quite finish a required  document in time last night. 

Today is a public holiday in Germany and Ben & Mati are not here. So we will finish the document on Friday (probably around early afternoon CET) and will post the info then. If you are a painter, gamer or just like looking at great art you do not want to miss it. Sorry about this, but we think the wait will be worth it ^^.

Update: Exclusiv Interview May 14th: Faeit back up end of may, interims site.

Faeit 212 to be back within a week!

The fight ain't over yet, GW! (Diorama: Rafael García Marín)
But now to the real good news! The last couple of days have felt like a total miniature information vaccuum. GW's not doing anything, FW's not doing anything... and a lot of people on my site are reading and waiting on Faeit 212 news. This subject has by far been the biggest news on our insignificant little blog EVAR. 

Naftka (Gary), the author of Faeit 212 has just released a video on his Youtube channel in which he talks about the current status and future plans for his new Faeit 212 site. 

Faeit 212 v2.0 will be bigger and better

Gary called the new site 'Faeit on steroids' - and I love that attitude. Having been taken down by our ever considerate GW Legal Department, and in my and many people's opinion unjustifyably so, the only response is to come back stronger. will host an independant blog (not a google blogger blog) which can be taken down rather easily through DMCA notices. So next time GW wants to fight Faeit212 they 

Be back soon

If everything goes according to plan, Faeit212 might be back as early as this weekend, maybe the beginning of next week. 

I will keep you posted as soon as news come in!

And here's the video you have been waiting for: 

Naftka explains his plans for the 'new and improved' Faeit 212 

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