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Friday, May 3, 2013

Faeit 212 to be back soon!

Great news, people! 

Faeit 212 to be back soon!

Gary/Natfka whose Google blog 'Faeit 212' suffered an Exterminatus attack from GW's Legal Department stated in a recent interview with Blue Table Painting (at the Valhalla event). I am not gonna post the whole video here, as the relevent news is only about 30 seconds long (starting at 75s). If you still wanna watch it, here is the link

In order not to suffer an 'easy' Google take-down again and be more flexible with his site design, Gary will put his Blog on his own domain/server. The domain he will be using is

Right now there is just a wintery picture up there, but Gary promises to work on getting most of his Google Blog content back and up on his new site. There will be a big Valhalla spread as soon as he is back - and I am convinced that the information value in comparison to the old blog will be little to no different from the 'good old days' before GW ran amok. 

I will let you know, as soon as Gary has his new site up - I for one can't wait. 

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  1. Yay! Nerd rage FADING, Fading, fading...

  2. Between Faeit 212 getting taken down, and spikeybits not selling bits anymore I was beginning to think that this was the hobby end times. Good to hear at least part of it will go back to normal!

  3. for me it makes no sense to cuddle a ANACONDa with a stick...

    nuff said

  4. Gary also said on a YouTube video that he has received no word from GW on what specific post violated any laws (one post in particular breached an IP Address). So, by setting up his own website blog GW will be forced to deal with him directly. It is a smart move on Gary's part.

    I hope he has a donation link- I'd donate to help him maintain costs...

    1. With the number of hits he gets a day i strongly doubt that he will be out of pocket, though id chuck in a few dollars too.

  5. He is using Go-Daddy, so he is not that safe. They will pull stuff at the drop of a DCMA notice.


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