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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Leaked Picture! Cease & Desist against!

It's alive! leaks its own pictures to the public! I will now send a Cease & Desist letter to myself and repent :D

DVD played in my PS3 on a 42" TV. What other size could it be? :D

The end is neigh! 

Warning: Sharing & enjoying leaked images of unreleased product will be punishable by the chance of winning awesome FREE STUFF in our YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK Giveaway. 

Next week we will update & pimp our shop

And don't miss Galactic Presidents Day on June 7th! GPD6x7 FTW!

SHARE & ENJOY to win! :)


Almost there.... almost there.


  1. It´s happening...Finally...:D... Can´t wait to hear what people say about this Baby...:)...

  2. They look like an old couple on the couch...looking forward to the release! See you next weekend!

  3. And shared again in Volomir's FB page. I lost the count of how many participations I am accumulating... but GOD I HOPE I GET IT!


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