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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Forgeworld & Horus Heresy: The next releases (many pics!)

Hey fellow citizens under the Throne of Terra!

Also: Share & Enjoy this first picture of the Full Fulgrim!
And: Tons of awesome pics of the event on this blog 

Just before I hit the hay I wanted to share these pictures with you. They were taken at the latest Forge World "Insider Weekend" and show the next releases for the Horus Heresy line. 

First of all, I want 10 of these: 

I mean, come on! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!. I want 10 of them to paint, and one built for traffic in Berlin. Oh, that would be sweeeeet! 

UPDATE: Loken, the owner of Apocalypse40k send me this comment: 
"Please take down MY photos. I was authorized by Tony Cotrell from Forge World to post those and you took them without asking.
The proper way to do this is to post ONE photo and then send people to my site"
As a long time subscriber of Apocalypse40k I will gladly comply, even the use of news & pictures posted on a public blog falls under fair use. 

I was not aware, that the GW Legal Department also held a lecture at those Horus Heresy Weekends. How dare I post community news and then even link to the source of those articles to SHARE & ENJOY! My bad.

Visit the awesome Apocalypse40k blog for all of the pictures. Or just look at one of the dozens of other blogs that posted them without linking back to them. 

About use of my pictures and videos on

SHARE & ENJOY policy

If I ever post pictures - be it from events, tutorials, reviews etc, you guys can share them on FB, g+ or your blog as much as you like. 

All I kindly ask is to put a link with the source into your post.

Simple policy. 

I will now stop shrugging my shoulders because I got better things to do.

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  1. Please take down MY photos. I was authorized by Tony Cotrell from Forge World to post those and you took them without asking.

    The proper way to do this is to post ONE photo and then send people to my site. Like Tim here did:

    Alec Peters

    1. This is a sad day for miniaturists...
      A blog turns into the GW Legal Department.

      I guess the reason you found this is that I posted the source link and not like 20+ blogs that put those pictures up on their blog without the source...

      Although the use of news pictures posted on a public blog falls clearly under 'fair use' I will comply, because otherwise I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief.

  2. It's bizarre how people take 'ownership' of photos they put on somewhere... um... *public*, like the internet.

    I recently found a German website which used photos of a mini that I'd painted (photos which I had taken great pains and time to produce) in the actual *logo* / heading for one of their website pages.

    I could go all 'GW' and complain, but you know what, it's a home-spun fansite for a particular game and I'm really flattered that they saw the image I'd made and the miniature that I'd painted and thought it would be awesome for their site - so I let it slide.

    I'm tempted to ask for a credit somewhere on their site, but I probably won't. I might just thank them for using it...

    Keep up the good work, my friend - and fight the good fight.


    1. Well, in a way Alec is right, he does have the copyright to those pictures. Of course, once used as news they kinda lose that protection.

      He has got an awesome blog which I follow for a long time. That and only that is the reason is why I took his pics down. Respect. If it was GW who sent me a C&D, I'd go to court. Got everything lined up for that delightful day already :D

    2. Actually no he doesn't, UK, US and international Copyright law starts the when a person reads/views and artist work, the reader viewer acknowledges the creators ownership of said works.
      Is this modern age, the instant a device had read the data from the work (even before its displayed on the screen) you have auto acknowledged his ownership!
      It only becomes free to use if he has posted a CC licence (or other similar) or stated its free to use.)

      He could have just called a lawyer and issued a C&D order to the host and the poster but then that is a bit heavy handed.

  3. These days, it's the ultimate badge of honour to have GW try to shut you down! :D

  4. First, thank you for taking down my photos.

    Second, you linked to my photos on my photobucket account (which I pay for) and thus used MY server to host the pictures on YOUR site. That is just bad Internet etiquette. Basically I am paying to host photos for you.

    Also, using a photo for news doesn't eliminate the copyright protection. Although you are correct GW doesn't have the rights it claimed in the Faeit case. But two different examples. If the NY times pays for a photograph, the Washington Post has no rights to reproduce that photograph.

    Rather than posting about this, you could have emailed me to work this out. Rob Baer of Spikey Bits emailed me and asked if he could use my photos, and I of course said yes and we worked out how. Heck I even rewrote the article for Larry from BoLS. Lots of ways to work with each other if you communicate and observe some basic Internet etiquette.

    But the reason my traffic was so strong yesterday (4x its previous best page views) was I was the only one with my photos. Interestingly, someone on Dakka posted my photos and my traffic from Dakka was 25% of that from either Warseer or BoLS. So letting others post my photos wholesale, hurts my blog's exposure.

    In the interest of good relations send me an email and I will send you some exclusive photos you can post that no one will have.....until someone rips them off. ;-)

    alec (at) propworx (dot) com

    1. Yup, you are right. Sorry for breaking etikette, I should have realized you hosted those pics.

      Other than that: You got mail :)

    2. I dont understand how someone can link to your photos and thus use your server. Please note that im in no way denying what your saying it just seems like there should be a safeguard against that. But I am not wise in such academia ;) Anyway great comments thread! Im gonna check out Loken's site now.


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