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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Faeit 212 is back - and other quick updates

Good morning everyone!


We are in the home stretch for our DVD Set Season 1 at - I think we can now safely use the Term 'soon(tm)' that Blizzard so beautifully used on such major releases like Starcraft II or Diablo III. 

We are quite literally working around the clock and - if I may say so myself - the final product will be quite awesome. :) 

Stay tuned, as the next few weeks will be full of news, updates, sneakpeaks and celebratory giveaways!

Stretchgoal Giveaway

I am sure every one of you has seen our YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK giveaway by now. If not - check it out! 

The second stretchgoal level - 555 likes on Facebook - is literally around the corner. And once we hit that, we will add the Limited Edition High Elf Army Book (limited to 1000 worldwide) to the already awesomely big prize stack.

Should you have missed it: You can win the 'Happy Monk' painted by Ben Komets!

And yes - sharing this post on Facebook will also enter you in this Giveaway! :) 

Faeit 212 is back - temporarily

Being so busy with our own little project, I almost missed that Gary from Faeit212 has launched a temporary site at The launch of his new site is still a little bit away, as he explains on his YouTube channel. 

I love what he put as a tag line for his blog: 
"We live in the End of Times, Besieged from every direction, and Our Existence is on the brink of Annihilation. Mankind has reached its boiling point, but Fear Not, Faeit is at hand, and it is I who shall uncover the secrets of our deliverance."
Check out his temp blog - and I am sure you will not miss when he Faeit 212 is back for good - with a vengeance!

Have a great day everyone! 


  1. You know that Faeit's tagline was on the old site?

    1. Actually I didn't :D So he can see into the future! :D

  2. and I thought that you were using the term "when its done (tm)", made famous by 3d realms .....

  3. Mr. have been shared:

    1. Thanks Tyr :) I feel both emotions right now. Shared AND enjoyed ^^


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